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1.The year 2021 marks ______ beginning of China's 14th Five-Year plan period.
  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. /
2.Don't be afraid of difficulties. Remember: kites rise highest ______ the wind, not with it.
  • A. against
  • B. above
  • C. across
  • D. along
3.Wu Xinhai, a stay-at-home dad, said "I want my kids to have a different childhood from ______."
  • A. me
  • B. mine
  • C. myself
  • D. I
4.My sister has no sense of ______. She always gets lost in the city streets.
  • A. shame
  • B. duty
  • C. direction
  • D. humour
5.—In China, many students have to stay up late to do their homework.
—No worries. The government has realized the problem. I'm sure there ______ be good news soon.
  • A. can
  • B. should
  • C. must
  • D. need
6.According to China Daily, 40 percent of the ______ in our country will be vaccinated (接种疫苗) by June this year.
  • A. pollution
  • B. population
  • C. position
  • D. production
7.—______ terrible weather!
—Yes, many people in Suzhou were badly hurt that day.
  • A. What a
  • B. How a
  • C. How
  • D. What
8."Clear water and green mountains are ______ mountains of gold and silver", said President Xi, who calls on us to go green.
  • A. as much as
  • B. as well as
  • C. as good as
  • D. as many as
9.—Are your parents angry with you about your English?
—Oh, ______ of them is angry. They just told me to get better grades next time.
  • A. none
  • B. both
  • C. neither
  • D. either
10.—Wechat has changed people's life in many ways.
—______. We can use it to communicate with others easily.
  • A. Completely
  • B. Exactly
  • C. Probably
  • D. Possibly
11.All of us had a good time during this year's May Day holiday because we ______ five days ______.
  • A. had; off
  • B. took; off
  • C. put; off
  • D. turned; off
12."81192", the number of Wang Wei's plane, ______ up on many Chinese media outlets to remind us of our hero on April 1 every year.
  • A. showed
  • B. showing
  • C. to show
  • D. shows
13.We can learn from the notice that ______.
School Farewell Party
School Hall 19 June 3.30 p.m.
Grade 9 students & teachers
Get your talent shows ready if you like
Say thanks and goodbye to each other 
  • A. all the students and their parents can attend the party
  • B. the party will last for 4 hours
  • C. it is a welcome party
  • D. the party will be held in the school hall
14.—Could you tell me ______, Tom?
—Very pleasant and comfortable.
  • A. how do you like the new SRT in Yancheng
  • B. what the new SRT in Yancheng was like
  • C. what you think of the new SRT in Yancheng
  • D. what the new SRT in Yancheng looks like
15.—I prefer to chat online. I've got to know many friends on the Internet.
—______. Few of them would become your real friends.
  • A. I can't agree more
  • B. I'm pleased to know that
  • C. That's for sure
  • D. That's not the case
16.  More than 70 years ago, a young man travelled far away to take an entrance exam for a famous music school. (1)______ the examination, he tried his best, but the examiner didn't let him (2)______.
  The young man had little (3)______ , so he could only make a living (4)______ playing the violin on the street. He played (5)______ well that a lot of people stopped to listen and put money in his violin case.
  A hoodlum (6)______ some money at the young man's feet. The young man bent down to pick up the money. Then he (7)______ it to the hoodlum and said, "Sir, your money fell on the ground." The hoodlum took the money, threw it at the young man's feet (8)______ and said, "This money is already yours, so you must take it!" The young man deeply bowed to him and said, "Sir, thank you for your (9)______ !When you dropped your money, I picked it for you. Now my money is on the ground. Can I (10)______ you to pick it up for me?"
  The hoodlum was (11)______. Finally he picked up the money, put it in the young man's violin case, and (12)______ in disgrace (丢脸的).
  The examiner was quietly watching the young man among (13)______ onlookers (旁观者). Then he decided to give him a second (14)______. He brought the young man back to the school and finally enrolled (录取)him. After several years' hard work, the young man became a (15)______ musician.
  So when we have difficulties, we shouldn't accept the food handed out in contempt (轻视).
17.  Yancheng lies in the northeast of Jiangsu Province and owns the largest area, which has been rich in advantaged land, sea resources and wetland resources. We can travel around by bus, by train, by car or by plane.
  Now, let's enjoy some places of interest in Yancheng.
  New Fourth Army Memorial Hall
  The New Fourth Army was set up in 1937. In order to commemorate the honorable army, New Fourth Army Memorial Hall was built. This "Iron Army Monument", with its touching stories and beautiful environment, has become an important tourist attraction and patriotic education base in Yancheng.
  China Sea Salt Museum
  China Sea Salt Museum is the only thematic museum in China that reflects the history and civilization of sea salt in China.
  After more than two thousand years of history, Yancheng has been developing a strong sea salt culture. There you can know about the process of making salt.
  Dafeng Milu Nature Reserve
  The nature reserve is located in Dafeng, being the world's largest wild breeding base for milu. Other herds of animals can also be found in it, including swans, ernes and roes. Furthermore, delicious food and comfortable hotels may greatly ease visitors' stay there.
  Yancheng Nature Reserve
  This nature reserve was set up for rare birds, especially for the red-crowned cranes. Every winter, the natural reserve waits for the arrival of the red-crowned cranes and other rare birds. There is also a moving story about Xu Xiujuan who devoted her life to saving the lost red-crowned crane.
18.  Chinese people are angry. Since March, some Western companies, including H&M and Nike have come under the spotlight. They said they will stop using cotton from Xinjiang.
  They said they are following industry requirements set by the Better Cotton Initiative. It is a Switzerland-based cotton organization with 21,000 members worldwide, including famous brands like Nike, Adidas and Burberry.
  Recently, the BCI said forced labor (强迫劳动) might be used in Xinjiang.
  This is a complete lie, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The so-called "Xinjiang Uygur question" is nothing but way for the US to weaken China from the inside, said Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on March 26.
  Many BCI council members are from the US and Europe. Member fees are the main financial source for BCI, so brand members from these countries have great influence.
  In fact, China is protecting human rights in the region, China Daily noted. The government has been organizing jobs for offerings for cotton field owners in Xinjiang, as well as improving local people's lives. The region's cotton and textile industry has created jobs for more than 600,000 local people.
  China is world's second-largest cotton producer and Xinjiang accounts for (对……负有责任) nearly 90 percent of the country's cotton output. However, the increase in China's cotton production and the growing textile industry are making some in the US and the West nervous. "It's time to end the drama from the US side," Hua noted.
19.  For most people, graduation is an exciting day. But my graduation day was not.
  I remember that weekend two years ago. Family and friends had travelled to watch our class walk across that stage. But like everyone else in my graduating class, I had watched the economy turn from bad to worse in my fourth year of university. We had degrees (学位), but very few job chances. I knew that the next day I would no longer have a place to live in.
  I knew my small university town couldn't offer me any chances, so I drove to southern California to find work. But what I thought would take a week lasted for two weeks, and then four weeks, and I found myself in the same situation as I was in before.
  You know that feeling when you wake up — you are full of fear.
  So, what did I do to stay calm? I wrote. Something about putting words on a page made everything a little clearer and a little brighter. Something about writing gave me hope. If you want something enough...sometimes a little hope is all you need!
  I turned my scary feelings into a children's book — about a surprising hero who simply refused to give up his dream.
  Then one day, without a writing degree or contacts in the writing world, just a lot of hard work, I was offered a publishing deal for my first book! After that, things slowly began to fall into place. I was offered a second book deal. Then, a few months later, I got an interview with a big company and got a good job.
  It takes time, but just hold on — things can change when you don't expect it.
20.  Sir Henry and Captain Good were exhausted and weak from loss of blood. I, too, was more tired than I could remember ever being. We rested, therefore, for many days before we even thought about the future. Then, when we were strong enough to travel again, I said to Ignosi, "You promised me diamonds if I helped you to become king."
  "I did." he said. "I will keep my promise. But, only Gagool knows where to find them, and I must kill her and the other witches."
  "There has been enough killing," I said. "Tell the old woman that if she will lead us to the diamonds, you will spare her life."
  Ignosi thought about this for a long time, and then he said, "I will speak to the woman and tell you what she says."
  Ignosi was as good as his word, and he persuaded Gagool to guide us to the diamonds. Three days later, Sir Henry, Captain Good, Foulata — the girl who owed her life to Captain Good and Infadoos were climbing the mountains called the Three Witches. Some warriors carried Gagool. She screamed and cursed continuously, but she knew where the diamonds were. And at last, we came to a deep hole in the ground. It had sloping sides and was not a natural hole. It was the work of miners.
  Huge statues guarded the mine. I remembered that King Solomon worshipped some strange gods. "Could these be statues of those gods?" I asked Sir Henry who knew much about ancient history. "It is possible." he said. "The Phoenicians were great merchants and builders. They built King Solomon's Temple. Perhaps they dug this mine for him." "We want to go into the mine," I told Gagool, "It is the Place of Death," she said, "but if you want to enter, then I will lead the way."
21.  At night, you fall asleep while listening to beautiful music. In the morning, you are woken up by the singing of birds outside. You can enjoy all of these things because of one important organ — the ears.
  You may wonder: how do the ears work? The ear has three different parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear is the part you can see. It collects sound around you. The sound then travels down to the middle ear, the inner ear and then to your brain.
  Your ears never stop working, even when you are asleep! Your ears continue hearing sounds, but your brain just ignores (忽略)them. That's why you might sometimes wake up suddenly in the middle of the night —your brain heard something but you don't know what it was since you were asleep.
  But ears do more than hear. They help you keep your balance, too. In the inner ear, there are organs that are filled with liquid (液体) covered in small hairs. When you move your head, the liquid and hairs move, too. They send messages to your brain about the position of your head.
  More surprisingly, ears even help with tasting food. Of course, you don't actually taste food with your ears. But there are nerves (神经) running through the middle ear that connect the tongue to the brain. If something wrong happens to your ears, you might have a hard time telling different flavors apart according to People's Daily.
  The ears are truly important organs with many functions. Everyone should make sure to protect their ears as well as they can.
How do our ears work? 
(1)             of the ears The outer ear: It (2)             sound around you.
The middle ear: Sound travels (3)             it.
The inner ear: Sound travels down it and then to your brain.  
Hearing You hear with your ears.
Your ears work while you are sleeping, but your brain pays (4)             attention to the sounds. 
(5)             balance There are organs that are (6)             of liquid and covered in small hairs.
They tell your brain the (7)             of your head. 
Tasting food There are nerves running through the middle ear that (8)             the tongue to the brain.
If your ears don't work (9)            , you might not be able to tell different flavors apart. 
The ears are so important that everyone should make sure to protect them as well as (10)            
22.  In the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre, 13,000 fans of China's women soccer team cried burst into cheers and applause. The team members hugged each other and cried tears of joys as they won the game.
  On April 13, in the second leg of the Asian Qualification playoffs (季后赛), the Chinese team finished their match with a 2—2 draw against South Korea. Along with their score in the first leg, they won 4—3 overall and got a ticket to this summer's Tokyo Olympics.
  The win didn't come easily. In the first half of the second leg, Team China was still 2—0 behind. Luckily, player Wang Shuang scored two goals later.
  "We never gave up, even when we were 2—0 down, and we always believed we could come back," Wang said. "We deserved the victory because we've run over 10,000 meters every day and trained together for over 100 days. The harder we train, the luckier we can be... We had to fight to the last time."
  The fighting spirit has always been a tradition for the team. It won them the nickname "Steel Roses" in the 1990s, when they won runner-up at both the 1996 Olympics and the 1999 World Cup.
  The team struggled a bit later during the global development of women's soccer. However, the girls never gave up and their latest victory bodes (预兆) well for them in Tokyo.
23.Fear comes from uncertainty of the              things. It happens to all of us. (未知的)
24.President Xi spoke              of Mao Xianglin who brought great changes to the poor village. (高度地)
25.For your own             , please remember to wear a mask in public places. (安全)
26.Prince Philip passed away on the morning of April the             , 2021, at the age of 99. (九)
27.Four soldiers have devoted themselves to protecting our motherland and we will remember these              names. (英雄)
28.It's unhealthy for us to drink              water. (pollute)
29.Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest             in the world. (act)
30.The more books you read, the              you will be in mind. (wealthy)
31.Tianwen-1 reached Mars in March       ! Our dream of exploring Mars has come true! (success)
32.It's everyone's duty to create a green network environment. We are all against       (spread) other people's personal information on the Internet.
33.  The CPC is short for the Communist Party of China. It was founded a (1)c             ago. That period was a (2)d             time in China's history. The first Party members wanted to save the country and give Chinese people a (3)b             life.
  The CPC led China to realize the goals of national independence and people's liberation during the revolutionary times before 1949. It has led the Chinese nation to (4)s             up, become prosperous (繁荣的) and grow strong while leading the people to (5)a             many "Chinese miracles (奇迹)".
  Now the CPC is the largest party in the world with over 91 (6)m             members. Members of the CPC must wholeheartedly serve the people and be (7)r             to devote their lives. They are from all walks of life. They (8)m             be your parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents or teachers.
  But when danger comes, they stand out and (9)f             for the people. You can get to know them through their actions. In the battle against COVID-19, CPC members fight on the frontlines. They put the interests (利益) of the country and people above their (10)o            . They take on great duties just as the older generations did.
34.你们学校网站正在开展以“How to be an excellent student”为题的征文活动,请用英语写一篇短文投稿。
Why do you want to be an excellent student?
How can you be an excellent student?
(1)词数:100 词左右 (文章开头已给出, 不计入总词数);
  Every student wants to be an excellent student. I want to be an excellent student, too. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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