【2021-2022学年山东省烟台市海阳市八年级(上)期末英语试卷(五四学制)】-第1页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年山东省烟台市海阳市八年级(上)期末英语试卷(五四学制).PDF
There is no reason to carry the sadness of the past with you into today.
Today is a whole new day, full of chances to make your life what you want it to be.
Today is the day that you should make good use of to find the power and ability you need for a better life. 
If you'd like to win but you think you can't, it's almost an easy thing you won't.
It all depends on your mind;
If you think you're excellent, you are;
You'd be confident in yourself before you can ever win a prize.
The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can! 
If you can't be a pine (松树) on the top of the hill, be a little tree in the valley (山谷) — but must be the best one by the side of the river.
Be a bush (灌木) if you can't be a tree.
If you can't be a bush, be a bit of grass.
It isn't by size that you win or you fail.
Be the best of whatever you are! 
Sugar Figure (糖人)
In the olden times, you could always find people making sugar figures at the school gate. First, the maker takes a little maltose (麦芽糖) with a small spoon, and then shapes the soft maltose by hand, blowing gently, using his hands to make a figure, such as Sun Wukong, White Dragonet, and so on. It was not expensive, only 1 yuan for one. If one child bought a sugar figure, many other children would crowd around and admire it. 
Dada Bubble Gum (泡泡糖)
Almost every kid is fond of bubble gum. They also gather together to see who gets the largest bubble. I still remember that my cousin once blew a big bubble and the bubble broke, covering her face with gum!It was cheap. I could get 2 for 1 yuan. 
Baby Face Ice Cream
We prefer to call it snowman ice cream. It has a milk chocolate flavor (风味) and tastes very delicious. It was rather expensive;I remember the price was 2 yuan per piece, which was not easy for me to buy them in those days. 
Malt Sugar Candy
Malt sugar candy is usually called Tangguar in northern China, and is offered during a few days before the Spring Festival. It's cheap and you can get five pieces for 1 yuan. It's very sticky and delicious! 
3.  What is the most beautiful music in the word? For 15-year-old Gulzeper Muhtar in Xinjiang, it is the sound of konghou, a traditional Chinese plucked string instrument (拨弦乐器).
  Gulzeper Muhtar was born in Qiemo, a small county in Xinjiang. Only a few people there know how to play konghou because the price is high (over 30, 000 yuan) and it is difficult to learn.
  For her, konghou was her love at first sight. She was impressed (使留下印象) when she first saw it being played in 2015. A famous player was invited to show local people this beautiful traditional Chinese instrument that can play both Chinese and Western music.
  At first, Gulzeper Muhtar's decision to play konghou was not backed up by her parents. They concerned that it might steal her study time. "I signed a contract (合同) with them, agreeing to stop playing if my grade falls." she said, laughing.
  She managed to reach a perfect balance between practicing konghou and studying, getting her parent' trust at last. In 2018, she and her teammates played a popular TV series theme song in Zhejiang Province and won national art performance prize the year after.
  Gulzeper Muhtar hopes to become a konghou cultural ambassador (大使) in the future. "I feel I am connected with it, and I want it to be heard by more people at home and abroad."
4.  Imagine that your body is like a factory. It takes in "materials (材料)" and puts out "goods(商品) ". If you start with poor materials, it's likely that your goods won't be very high-quality (高质量的). But if you use better materials, your goods will come out much better.
  What does this mean in real life? It means getting the right amount of sleep, eating food that is good for you, and exercising. You might not think about this much as a student, but believe me — as you get older, it becomes very important.
  It's good to start building a better "factory" at a young age. Getting into the habit of living healthy can help you in many ways. If you get enough sleep (not too little, not too much), you'll be able to focus better on your studies. Eating healthy food helps your body grow strong and fight off sickness. And exercise can help you stay fit both physically and mentally (精神上).
  This sounds like a lot to do. So start small-try to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time as well. Find time to eat a single apple each day — they say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Try to exercise just a little bit each day, even if it's only for 10 minutes. Doing these life things will help you build a great "factory".
5.  I've always been learning quickly. When I was 14, I get tired of all the classes because I was reading two grades ahead of my classmates. As my knowledge increased, so did my arrogance (傲慢). (1)      
  I knew more than them, and I couldn't help showing off my talents every chance I had.
  I didn't realize my arrogance until Ms. Smith came along. She was a new teacher in our school. And soon I became a trouble maker in her class. (2)      
  One day, I played tricks on her once again in front of the whole class. (3)      . Then she said "Knowledge is meant to give you power, not pride. Today you are one of the top students in the class, but this doesn't mean you will still be the best tomorrow. (4)       Everything that you have learned will all be for nothing if you don't learn the lesson of humility (谦虚) ."
  (5)       They reminded me of the fact that there will always be someone who is better. Humility is helpful in self-improvement. By living a humble life, I recognize (意识到) the areas of my life that need to be improved. Only with humility can I speed up my growth.
A. Her words impressed me deeply.
B. You are the best if you work hard from now on.
C. At the end of the day, she called me to the office.
D. However, instead of getting mad at me, she just smiled.
E. I often questioned what the teachers said and made fun of my friends.
F. There will always be someone much smarter and more hardworking than you. 
6.  On February 17, 2021, 64-year-old Zhang Guimei was given the title of Touching China's 2020 Person of the Year. She is the first person in China to set up a free senior high school for poor girls.
  Zhang Guimei was born in 1957 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province. In 1974, (1)       travelling more than 4, 000 kilometers, she reached Yunnan Province and began to work there the next year. In 1983, she became a school teacher. She found her job and worked very hard. She was (2)       but nice to all her students.
  While Zhang Guimei was working in Huaping Country, she noticed that many girls from poor families couldn't go to school. So she came up with the idea of starting a free school for them. (3)      , many people thought she was crazy at first, because they believed that starting a school was difficult and needed lots of money. In order to raise money, she had to ask for help everywhere and (4)       every coin at the same time. (5)       the help of the local government, she did start Huaping Senior High School for Girls in 2008. The school (6)      not only free education but also necessary daily items for its students.
  Zhang Guimei has been so busy that she can (7)      have any time for a good rest since her school was started. She loves her students and there is a special teacher-student (8)       between them. Her students all (9)       her" Mother".
  After years of hard work, the school has made great (10)      . In the past twelve years, as many as 1, 800 poor girls from the school have entered universities or colleges. As a result, their future has been changed.
7.  Nowadays, many people leave the countryside to search for work in the cities. But some people still live in their hometowns. Mr. Zhang is among them. He (1)            (live) in his village since last century. He is working in a car factory close to a railway station. As a worker, Mr. Zhang is a hard-working man and always encourages others to work (2)            (hard).
  Last week, Mr. Zhang held (3)             yard sale. He cleared out many old things from his bedroom, such as soft (4)            (toy), a scarf, a bread maker, a toy bear, a board game and many old things he owned. To be honest, Mr. Zhang felt sad to part (5)             certain old things. He regarded them (6)             his favorite. He thought they could give him some sweet (7)            (memory), especially his childhood. So he checked them out again and again before (8)            (sell).
  According to him, his home is not far from a junior high school. It's a shame that he couldn't read or count because he had no money (9)            (go) to school when he was young. So he (10)            (consider) holding the yard sale and he wants to give away all the money to the school. He wants to help others to achieve their dreams.
  What a kind man he is!
8.  Jinggangshan is known for both red and green resources. It's China's first rural revolutionary base (农村革命根据地), but it's more than that. Jinggangshan is rich in forest resources, which also attracts (吸引) many tourists. Located in Jiangxi province, 86 percent of the city is covered by forest. In 2021, it was named as the fifth batch (批) of national forest and grass science base.
  Gutian, a village in Jinggangshan, is close to many red tourist sites, but has developed its own type of tourism. Research and Tourism Base Project offer students chances to get a taste of farming life while learning about red culture.
   The number of students coming for research tours (研学旅行) in Jinggangshan keeps growing. And people aged 20 to 39 accounted for 57. 3 percent of tourists on red-themed tours. Known as the birthplace of China's revolution, Jinggangshan has become a famous tourist site. In the tourism industry, Mao Haofu, a young man in Jinggangshan, found his place years ago. He finished studying in Britain and returned his hometown Jinggangshan. After working as a museum tour guide for years, he opened his own tourism studio (工作室). "Every family here has a red story, everyone here is the successor (接班人) of the Red Army." said Mao.
9.中学生外研社杯征文比赛面向全国中学生征稿,征稿主题"My Hometown — the_____Place in My Heart"。假设你是李华,请写一篇英语征文,向组委会投稿。
1. 家乡的美味、特产、发展情况等;
2. 讲述家乡发展的一个小故事以及你从家乡故事中收获的感受或领悟的道理等。
1. 请先将横线上的词补充完整;
2. 书写规范,表达流畅;
3. 词数约100词左右。