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1.Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, known as the Chinese great astronauts, finished the second lesson of "Tiangong Classroom" successfully on March 23rd, 2022. We're proud of ______.
  • A. us
  • B. them
  • C. you
2.It's reported that COVID-19 might not disappear soon, so it's everyone's responsibility to ______ and control the spread of it at present.
  • A. prevent
  • B. protect
  • C. remain
3.—Congratulations, John! You can skate so well and you must have a great ______ in sport.
—No. Only love and keep on practicing it.
  • A. treat
  • B. talent
  • C. trade
4.—The Chinese language is more and more popular.
—So it is! It's becoming a ______ skill in the international community.
  • A. successful
  • B. traditional
  • C. necessary
5.When choosing whether to read a new book or not, a better way is to first look through the introduction of it to know ______ its general meaning.
  • A. quickly
  • B. politely
  • C. seriously
6.We learned Zhang Shundong and Li Guoxiu's stories from Touching China. ______ the couple only share one hand and two feet, they help each other to live a happy life.
  • A. Because
  • B. Although
  • C. Since
7.—Dale, I hear that old houses in our hometown will be ______ next year.
—Sure, our hometown needs to change in order to become better.
  • A. pulled down
  • B. cut down
  • C. turned down
8.—After watching the movie The Battle at Lake Changjin, I was strongly moved by Chinese soldiers.
—______, we must value our peaceful life today.
  • A. All of a sudden
  • B. To be honest
  • C. To my surprise
9.With the coming of the important exam, my parents ______ me. They are in agreement that I should spend more time on my study rather than social activities.
  • A. are strict with
  • B. are thankful to
  • C. are friendly to
10.—Since May 31st, 2021, China has allowed all families to have up to three children. Can you tell me ______?
—To deal with the challenge of a rapid aging (老龄化) population, China Daily reported.
  • A. what the population of China is
  • B. why the government did it like this
  • C. when the families might have three children
11.Hi, my friends! (1)      
Hi, Luke. I'm writing about myself in the future.
Really? What do you want to be?
I guess Brain wants to be a computer programmer. He is good at thinking.
No, Tim. (2)       His achievements have greatly influenced the whole physical world.
It's too difficult! (3)      
By studying harder.
You can also join the physics club.
I've been interested in the physics club since last term.
If both of you join the club, count me in.

A. Sounds good.
B. I don't want to give up.
C. What are you doing now?
D. Let's join the club together.
E. How will you make your dream come true?
F. Could you please tell me more about the club?
G. Actually, I want to be a physical scientist like Yang Zhenning.
12.  I stood there listening to my father shout loudly, "Which one of you did this?" We all stared down at the step. There was child's handwriting in chalk there. Would he guess it was me? I was so (1)      . When he asked me, I lied, "Not me, Dad." The other two denied (否认) it as well. Of course, we all knew that one of us (2)       have done it. But as the youngest and smallest of the three, I just couldn't find the (3)       to tell the truth.
  To (4)       who had written on the step, father gave us each a piece of paper and a pencil. "I want each of you to write down what you see on the step." I tried my best to write the words (5)      . I didn't want Dad to be able to tell it was me. He gathered up our pieces of paper and looked at them. "Since none of you will admit (承认) to have done it, then I will (6)       you all. You're not allowed to go out for a month." I stood there and said nothing. "I did it." My sister stepped forward and said she had done (7)       she hadn't. Finally, she was not allowed to go out for a month.
  I didn't tell my dad it was really me (8)       many years later. I always felt sorry because of it. That was the last time I let anyone take the blame (承担责备) for me.
13.  The end of the year is a good time to remember. What's the most memorable thing that happened to you in 2021? What wishes will you have for the new year? Let's have a look at those of the following students.
Liu Xingyue
Nanjing, Jiangsu 
In 2021, I worked as a volunteer in the Nanjing Yuhuatai Martyrs
Memorial Hall (烈士纪念馆). As a tour guide, it was difficult to remember
2, 000 words of introduction for the place, but I did this job well. In 2022,
I hope I can do more meaningful activities like this. 
Li Zhouzi
Xi'an, Shaanxi 
This year 2021, I was excited to become a writer for TEENS. I succeeded
writing something to encourage people when they are upset. That gave
me a lot of confidence. In 2022, I'll write more stories and share my
thoughts with others. 
Li Yijia
Wuxi, Jiangsu 
Looking back on 2021, the biggest event in my life is from the "Double
Reduction" Policy (政策). Instead of spending my weekends attending
after-school classes, I began to plan my own weekends. I hope the policy
continues in 2022, and my life can be even better. 

Ma Miyang
Zhengzhou, Henan 
The year 2021 was a difficult one for people from Zhengzhou. A heavy rainstorm broke everything. I went to the community volunteer service station to work
with other volunteers. In 2022, I want to take on more social responsibilities
instead of only my studies. 
14.  We all know there is a problem with plastic pollution. Five trillion (万亿) plastic bags are used every year. One million plastic drinking bottles are bought every minute.
  In 2019, McCartney's UK-based company built the world's first plastic road in Scotland. The plastic waste was made into grains (颗粒) and then mixed with bitumen (沥青). The road looks just like any other road. But it has improved strength (强度) and is more stretchy (有弹性的) thanks to the plastic.
  "Our technology can not only help solve the problem of plastic waste but also produce roads that deal better with changes in the weather, reducing cracks (裂缝) and potholes (路面的坑洼)." McCartney told the BBC. McCartney's idea came from a trip to India. "I saw people in India would put plastic waste into potholes and burn it. The plastic would melt down (熔化) and form a seal (封口) in the hole," said McCartney.
  "I knew that there must be some similarities between the plastic and bitumen, which both come from oil. That's how I started to think about mixing them," he said. After lots of testing, McCartney found the best recipe. The most important thing is the materials can be reused to build new roads.
  "We're just a small part of ending the plastic problems, but it's nice to be part of it," McCartney said.
15.  On the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed train, Wu Yifan, a member of the "Snow Dream" team, is welcoming passengers from different countries in different languages during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The passengers are traveling between Beijing, Yanqing and Chongli. (1)      
  "For this big event, we have been taking all kinds of classes since two years ago. The classes ran from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (2)       We were busy like students." said Wu.
  (3)       For example, they practiced their smiles and standing posture (姿势). And they provided the passengers correct information about the Olympics. To deal with "ear popping" (耳鸣 ), the crew made a six-step exercise. Passengers can learn it from the screens. (4)       Press it, and the crew (乘务组) will come to help them.
  The most enjoyable thing is that it's a hi-tech travel. (5)       There were large screens with 5G technology broadcasting (转播) the Olympics live on the way. All in all, the Beijing Winter Olympics gives the world so many surprises and a complete success.

A. Sometimes there were even night classes.
B. All the efforts are made to offer the best service.
C. As everyone knows, they are the three main hosting places.
D. We'll welcome the Winter Olympics with the greatest warmth.
E. Even people with special needs can also find a call button (按钮).
F. Some of the trains along the line are smart enough to drive by themselves.
16.  Do you experience a change in feelings as it turns to winter? Many people do. It is reported that for about 5% of people in the northern half of the US, cool temperatures and shorter days may be the sign that Seasonal Affective Disorder (季节性情绪失调) or SAD begins.
  SAD is a kind of feeling that usually arrives in autumn or winter. It usually starts with an increased appetite (食欲) for food like ice-cream and potato chips, the strong wish to sleep longer hours, and difficulty in getting up every morning.
  The exact cause of this disorder remains unknown. But the good news is that people can predict and prevent it, because SAD has to do with seasons. Lots of studies have shown that light therapy (疗法) helps a lot since about the 1980s. Norman E. Rosenthal, the psychiatrist (精神病学家), he and his research team discovered and named the disorder in the 1980s. He also suggested getting outside often to enjoy the sunshine. "Walking outside for even 20 or 30 minutes each day can make a huge difference," he said. Also, it's important to choose food that can cheer one up, such as dark chocolate, fish and fruit, instead of eating too much sugar.
  Too nervous to enter winter? Take it easy and you'll feel relaxed! Remember, SAD is seasonal. If winter comes, can spring be too far behind?

  Many people experience a change in feelings when winter comes. According to a report, about 5% of people in North America think cool temperatures and shorter days mean the (1)       of SAD.
  What's the feeling of SAD? For example, people strongly want to eat more junk food and sleep longer hours or even they don't want to get up every morning. (2)       these changes in their body and mind happen, SAD may arrives.
  Though it's still unknown what (3)       causes this disorder, it's possible to predict and prevent it. Research shows that light therapy is (4)      . And people should walk outside to enjoy the sunshine for 20 or 30 minutes each day. Besides, it's important to choose food that can cheer them up instead of eating too much sugar.
  So, people should (5)       themselves when winter comes. Remember, SAD is seasonal. It won't last for long.
17.  Among China's 764 traditional crafts (手工艺品), more than half of them are in danger of disappearing. Luckily, many crafts are now kept alive by more and more young craftsmen (手艺人).
Dough figurine Lang is a kind of folk art. It was created by Lang Jiaziyu's grandfather Lang Shao'an. He once traveled to the UK and another 11 countries to spread his art. 

  Born in 1995, Lang Jiaziyu became interested in dough figurines (面人) at the age of five and learned it from his family. Over the past 20 years, he has enjoyed turning whatever he sees into little figures. Some of his dough Figurines are from popular cartoon characters and some are about famous people.
Lang is trying to introduce the art form to more people with the help of pop culture. To teach more people about more art forms, Lang also makes short videos of the crafts and shares them online.
Yuhang in Hangzhou has been known for making oil paper umbrellas since 230 years ago. Umbrellas here need over 70 steps and it takes at least a week to make an umbrella. 

  Liu Weixue is a master of making oil paper umbrellas. In 2015, Liu gave up a well paid job to learn the traditional art from his grandfather. After mastering the skills, Liu opened a studio (工作坊) and worked with local umbrella-making masters. He improved his umbrellas to win young people's hearts. Two years later, Liu opened an online shop to sell umbrellas. Now it has more than 80, 000 followers.
Liu hopes the art can be passed on. So he goes to some schools in Yuhang to teach students and shows up at events and activities in different places to show more people the art.
18.high; sudden; below; take; that; car; see; child; she; jump; while; he
  Last August we were on vacation at Diana's Baths, a place famous for waterfalls.
  Sitting on the rocks with my husband, I watched some parents nervously guarding their (1)       away from the rocks' edges (边缘). At that time, my 8-year-old son, Wyatt (2)       between the rocks, too. I said from time to time, "No running and stay away from the edge."
  (3)      , I saw Wyatt sit down between two rocks in the running water. Before I shouted at him to get out, he disappeared over the edge.
  "Help my son!" I cried out over and over. But I only heard a (4)       voice from a woman, "That boy just went over the waterfall!" She shouted at (5)       husband, "We are leaving!" They walked away, not even looking back (6)       whether our child was OK.
  By the time I climbed down to the rocks (7)      , my husband had pulled Wyatt out of the water with the help of a young woman. She first said, "I'm Lisa, a nurse. I'm not leaving you." (8)       she was looking at me deeply, I could almost feel she was trying to take a bit of energy in her body and pass it on to me. I held on to that energy like a rope (9)       could pull us to safety.
  Wyatt (10)       to the hospital at once. After we spent a sleepless night there, we were told Wyatt was going to be OK.
  Meeting Lisa has made me understand how we need help from people we don't know. I know we are two strangers who are less strange.
19.中国女足在亚洲杯决赛上,克服一切困难,再次获得金牌。在我们的成长过程中,也会遇到各种各样的困难。学习、运动和人际关系等的困难与同学们息息相关。事实上, 克服困难是青少年成长必备的优良品质,是我们的必修课。

请根据以上内容,结合图片信息, 写一篇英语短文。
1. 从以上提示中选择某一项困难,谈谈你对它的观点;
2. 围绕以上观点,描述你曾经经历过的一件因克服困难而获益、成长的事情;
3. 这次经历带给你的思考。
1. 词数不少于 80 词;
2. 提示仅供参考;
3. 文中不得出现真实的人名、校名。
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