【2020-2021学年江西省南昌市校际联盟八年级(下)期末英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2020-2021学年江西省南昌市校际联盟八年级(下)期末英语试卷.PDF
1.Ms. Yang felt so tired that she fell asleep_________she lay down on the bed.
  • A. as soon as
  • B. unless
  • C. ever since
  • D. even though
2.—I'm afraid I might forget to buy the bread after work.
—Don't worry. I will ____ you then.
  • A. notice
  • B. allow
  • C. remind
  • D. promise
3.Allen always remembers he went for a picnic with his parents when he was young. That's his sweet_______.
  • A. laughter
  • B. memory
  • C. progress
  • D. condition
4.If you want to take part in our program, you can_______call us and join us.
  • A. simply
  • B. actually
  • C. differently
  • D. especially
5.—Did you know that Qomolangma is the mountain in the world?
—Yes, I did. It's much than any other mountain.
  • A. highest; higher
  • B. higher; highest
  • C. higher; higher
  • D. highest; highest
6.—Where are the Greens, may I ask?
—Well, they aren't at home. They_______England for holiday.
  • A. have been to
  • B. are going to
  • C. have gone to
  • D. were in
7.Tom looks so_______that we all take his story as truth.
  • A. brave
  • B. satisfied
  • C. honest
  • D. relaxed
8.—Are you a basketball player in your school?
—Yes, I______the team 3 years ago. I______in it for 3 years.
  • A. joined, was
  • B. was joined, am
  • C. have joined, have been
  • D. joined, have been
9.  Have you ever been to an amusement park?There is a(n)(1)      park in the center of my city. I think it is wonderful (2)       exciting.
  I visited the amusement park with my parents this summer. I (3)      it was a sunny day. A long line of people were waiting to buy tickets. Most people brought (4)       with them, because they wanted to take some photos. Inside of the amusement park were many wonderful rides (5)      water rides, a roller coaster (过山车) and sightseeing trains. My parents (6)       sightseeing trains that carried passengers around the amusement park. (7)      felt very relaxed. I liked water rides. You can't imagine how excited I felt (8)       I traveled through the water. The roller coaster was very (9)      with adults and kids. A lot of people were waiting to get on. But some of them (10)      stand up after getting off the roller coaster!
  It was 12 o'clock and my mother said it was (11)       for us to go back home. (12)       my father and 1 asked my mother to let us stay there longer, At first, my mother didn't agree but(13)       my mother agreed and we could have lunch in the park. The food there was delicious.
  We had a (14)       day and I would love to visit the amusement park again. If your family are free, why not go there to have fun?It will be a perfect way to spend your day with your (15)      .
enjoy; so; bed; share; good; spend; we; quiet; brother; special; around 

  Having you ever heard the saying :Home, sweet home. "This is just another way of saying that it's nice to be at home!A lot of the people and things (1)      love are at home. What do you like (2)      about being at home?Maybe you like to play with your (3)      and sisters. Maybe you (4)      staying with your Mom and Dad. Maybe you have a pet you like to play with. (5)      time with your family is one thing that makes being at home special.
  Your bedroom is another thing that makes home (6)      . Your toys, your books, and your favorite things are in your bedroom. (7)      consider what you like best about your room. Is it how it looks?Is it your nice (8)      that you sleep on?Maybe you like to have a (9)       place to read a book or to think about your day.
  Mealtime can be a special time at home. Families sit (10)      the table to eat the food Mum and Dad has prepared. It is a time (11)      interesting stories about your day.
NO. 28 Middle School Library
Date 3/3/2021
To Peter Li,
Just remind you that you have 3 overdue (逾期的) books.
Title (书名) Author
Little Women Louisa May Alcott due 22/2
Tom Sawyer Mark Twain due 23/2
Harry Potter J. K. Rowling due 25/2
Please return the books tomorrow. Other people may be waiting to borrow them.
Librarian:Mrs. Josie JonesNote:You may not borrow any new books until these books have been returned. 
12.  Oak Island (橡树岛) lies off the east coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Some people say that lots of gold is buried (埋葬) there. Others say it's the hiding place for the lost jewels (珠宝) of a former queen of France. Most people who have heard of this place think that it may hold some kinds of treasure.
  The legend (传说) of the treasure first stared in 1795, when a teenager named Daniel McGinnis noticed strange marks on a tree. The marks led him to think a rope had been tied to the tree and used for lowering a weight into a hole. The next day, McGinnis and his friends dug into the ground and uncovered a layer of stones just two feet down. After that was a barrier (屏厚) of woods every 10 feet.
  Years later, McGimnis returned with some workers. They found a stone tablet (碑) with symbols that appeared to be a secret (秘密) code. Those workers continued to dig, but the deep hole filled up with water and they had to give up. According to the legend, the stone tablet was later translated. It is said that a treasure lay 40 feet below it!
  Since then, others have taken up the search. Around 1970, a team sent a video camera down into the deep hole, but the images were not clear. Divers also looked for clues (线索), but the water was too dark and cloudy. Maybe one day we will know if the legend of the Oak Island treasure is true.
13.  Thanks to the hybrid rice (杂交水稻) that was discovered by Yuan Longping, the hunger problem of thousands of Chinese people was mostly fixed in the 1980s.
  On September 8th, Yuan, together with two other scientists, won China's 2018 Future Scientist Prize, for his continuous research on rice. Even on his 88th birthday on September 7th, he took part in the International Development Forum of Rice Production in Hunan province. Although he was recovering (康复) from an illness at the time, he was happy to talk to reporters about his latest work on sea water rice.
  Yuan has been researching on rice since he was at college. In 1964, he discovered a natural hybrid rice plant in Hainan. Since then, he has focused on developing high yield, hybrid rice varieties (多样性). In 1973, he became the first to successfully cultivate (培育) a type of hybrid rice species in the world. With the hard work of Yuan's group for about ten years, the production of the rice was increased. (From 150 kg per mu (亩) to 500 kg per mu and more. ) These varieties now take up about two thirds of China's rice crop, according to China News. So, it's no wonder that he's known as the "Father of Hybrid Rice" .
  And because of China's Belt and Road (一带一路) initiative, Yuan's hybrid rice is helping to solve food problems around the world. Indeed, according to Xinhua News Agency, hybrid rice plants in Kenya produce four to five times more rice than the country's usual rice plants . With a rising fame all over the world. Yuan gave a speech in English at the 9th Shandong High﹣level Talents Forum in Qingdao last year. His speech made him an internet sensation (轰动).
  Beginning with "I speak broken English", his 20-minute speech turned out to be a huge success, with barely any pauses or mistakes. The humble Yuan was simply being modest (谦虚的) during his speech. But in spite of his great knowledge, Yuan understands that even the wisest people should still be open to learn new things. "The farmers of the country possess rich experience in planting rice," he told Xinhua. "We should learn from them."
14.  Music is an important part of our life. We may feel bored without music. But recently, to cut the spending, some US schools have given up music classes. Chicago public schools fired (解雇) more than 1000 teachers. Ten percent of them taught art or music. In fact, that is not just a problem in the USA. In other countries, such as China and Britain, music isn't thought so important as science, math or history, either. That's because music isn't seen as a very important life skill, and students usually needn't take any exams in music. Many students are busy with schoolwork, so they choose to care about subjects that are tested often.
  However, learning music is useful in many ways. According to an early childhood music development program, performing music isn't as simple as        looks. When performing music, people need different abilities(能力)to work together. While playing the piano, they see music notes and use their fingers to make sounds. They need to deal with all these things at the same time. They need attention and coordination(协调) of man senses. Music is also connected(联系)with science closely. As we all know, many scientists are good at playing music. For example, Einstein played the violin well, and German physicist Max Planck was interested in playing the piano, cello(大提琴) and pipe organ(管风琴).
  Would you like to learn music?The most important thing music does is to enrich your hobbies and bring you lots of pleasure.
15.  Even today, the British novelist Charles Dickens is loved by readers all over the world. Dickens created some unforgettable characters. You must have heard of or even read some of this novels:Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Our Mutual Friend and A tale of Two Cities. A Tale of Two Cities has sold more than 200 million copies. Since 1897, there have been more than 300 film and TV adaptations (改编) of Dickens' works. A Christmas Carol has had nearly 50 TV adaptations.
  Natalie Mcknight is a literature professor who studies Dickens and his works. She explains why the novelist has remained so popular. One important reason, she says, is that Dickens wrote from his heart. In his works, he paid special attention to the little man at the bottom of society in the UK. A Christmas Carol, for example, was written to make every reader think about how they could make a difference to their society. Our Mutual Friend uses waste as a symbol of England society.
  People always enjoy works that make them laugh, cry and think. Many other 19th﹣century novelists wrote        works. However, few of them worked as hard as Dickens to touch the readers deeply.
  Dickens wrote about situations and emotion (情感) that still interest people today. His works led to many important social changes.
  This year marks the 150th year of Dickens' death, It's another chance to remember this great writer. Will you read or re﹣read some of his famous works?
16.  Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, located about 480 kilometers east of Southern Africa. In real life, Madagascar has no lions, giraffes, zebras, or hippos. (1)       There are many things in Madagascar that you can't find anywhere else on Earth!
  Lemurs (狐猴) are the most famous among Madagascar's special animals. (2)       There are over 30 different species of lemurs that live in Madagascar and they can travel up to 25 feet in one leap!Madagascar also has flying foxes, bee-eating birds and huge tortoises. Almost all of the reptiles (爬行动物) and half the birds on the island are not found anywhere else.
  (3)       Among them, the baobab tree (猴面包树), the national tree of Madagascar, is the most unusual. Many tourists coming to the Madagascar called the tree another name —monkey bread tree! (4)       Why does Madagascar have so many special animals and plants?Madagascar used to be connected (连接) to Africa. (5)       The animals and plants in Africa changed over time, but on Madagascar they didn't change as much. The animals and plants have been away from their ancestors (祖先) for millions of years.
  Many of Madagascar's special animals and plants have already disappeared. It's necessary for us to protect what is left.

A. The animals in Madagascar are the same as those in Africa.
B. However, it is famous for its special animals and plants.
C. There are many different kinds of baobab trees on the island.
D. Besides that, Madagascar has many strange and unusual plants.
E. They are a kind of monkey, and have closer relation with humans.
F. There are so many travelers choosing to spend their holidays in Madagascar.
G. But about 165 million years ago, it broke off from Africa and was driven away. 
17.Lily: Cindy, do you like the story of Cinderella?
Cindy: Yes, I like it very much.
Lily: (1)      
Cindy: She is so beautiful and very kind to others. I like her very much.
Lily: I like her, too. (2)      
Cindy: She is too bad. She doesn't like Cinderella and asks her to do all the housework.
Lily: (3)       She is really bad and her two daughters are as bad as her.
Cindy: Yes. They don't like Cinderella. They ask Cinderella to help them make dresses and cut Cinderella's dress with scissors.
Lily: (4)      
Cindy: What is it?
Lily: It's about the crystal (水晶) shoe. (5)      
Cindy: En. Don't be too serious. It's just a fairy tale.

A. I agree with you.
B. I have a different idea.
C. What about her stepmother?
D. What do you think of Cinderella?
E. But I have a question about the story.
F. We have read the stories many times.
G. I don't know why so many girls can't wear the lost crystal shoe.