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1.  Claire had always been a perfectionist. No matter what she did, whether it was organizing(1)      own birthday party or working on a science project, everything had to be done(2)      to the last detail (细节). If her work did not turn out well, she would get very(3)      for days.
  When Claire heard about the singing(4)      organized by the community centre, she was very excited to(5)      it. Claire made up her mind to win the first prize. She had never come in second before in any of the competitions she joined, "It must be a(6)      experience!" she thought. As usual, Claire made sure she was well﹣prepared. Not only did she spend a long time choosing a(7)      , she also put in a lot of effort to sing each note correctly.
  At the beginning of her performance, Claire was doing perfectly fine. (8)      , when she got to the chorus (副歌), for some reason, she could not(9)      a whole line of the lyrics. Not knowing what to do, Claire just passed over that(10)      completely. She was very upset with herself and nearly cried. "What a silly(11)      I made!" she thought. In the prize giving ceremony, when one of the judges announced that she had taken the second place, Claire burst into tears on stage.
  Claire's mother comforted her(12)      the ceremony. She said, "It's perfectly all right to make mistakes. That's (13)      we learn. " Claire had never thought of it that way. She dried her tears and agreed, "Maybe it is not that bad to(14)      . "Back home, she put up the plaque (奖牌) on the wall in her room. If would(15)      her how mistakes could help her to learn and improve.

How to Become
A ChampionA True Tale of how ChristyReaches the Top (Second Edition)Elizabeth A. Conardwww. xlibris. comHardback |Paperback|E﹣book$27. 99 |$13. 99|$3. 99Christy's dream is to become the best junior rider in America by winning the top annual national horse riding championship, the McClay medal. From age three to eighteen, she has to learn to deal with all kinds of horses, training kills, choices of trainers, troublesome weather, and horse showing challenges. It takes bravery, patience and determination to become a superb rider, but she keeps trying. Read about her journey and see if she succeeds as she wishes. 

From Dusk to Dawn
The Vicissitudes of LifeHenry Krausswww. xlibris. comHardbock| Paperbook|E﹣book$26. 99 | $18. 99 | $3. 99We all face challenges in life, like the boat in the sea on the book cover. From Dust to Dawn shares a collection of poems that vividly paints a picture of how people overcome illness, war and emotional stress. 

What Is A Home?
Alena Hraicwww. xlibris. comPaperback | E﹣book$13. 99 |$3. 99This children's book describes what the author has learned about the meaning of "home". Through her own experience, the author created a story that allows you to talk to your children about immigration, displacement, housing insecurity, and homelessness. 
3.  If you fancy a fun and free activity at the weekend, then a Parkrun event is great for you, your family and friends. More than 2. 5 million people in about 750 places around the world have run, jogged, walked or used a wheelchair to complete a Parkrun since it started 18 years ago.
  Some people treat it like a race but most enjoy just being outside, getting exercise and having a nice time with others. Parkruns and Junior Parkruns are set up in safe open places such as beaches, fields forests and parks.
  Parkruns happen on a Saturday and there are often special Parkruns on Christmas and New Year's Day. A Parkrun covers a distance of 5 km and runners must register (注册) once online before going for a run. Registering gives you a barcode(special printed numbers readable by a computer), which means your time is recorded when you do a Parkrun. Parkrun is fun for all ages, but if you are under 11, you must run with an adult.
  Junior Parkruns happen on Sundays over a distance of 2 km and you need a registration and a barcode for those, too. You must be aged between 4 and 14 and you don't have to run with an adult. Although adults can run and support you, they are asked not to run across the finish line. After completing 11, 21, 50 and then 100 Junior Parkruns, you can get a different coloured wristband to mark your achievement.
  A teen runner Ralph says, "Junior Parkrun at the park in my neighborhood is a weekly highlight. I love all sports, but I find doing Parkrun every week builds up my fitness and energy. Run, jog or walk — Parkrun is a free, fun and friendly activity. It's great meeting up with my friends and running the 2 km every week together."
  With the help of an adult, head to tinyurl. com/ TWJ﹣parkrun for information and to find a Parkrun that takes place near you.
4.  When you, as a child, first picked up a crayon, a line might have been the first mark you make. You use lines to write numbers, symbols, and the letters of the alphabet. The lines on a map help you find the best route from one place to another. You use lines to draw pictures.
  ____▲___You can see lines in the grain (纹理) of a piece of wood or in the cracks on a sidewalk. You can see lines outside a building or in the field. Lines are used to create words, numbers, and symbols. They are also used to create art. In drawing, line is an element (要素) of art that is the path of a moving point through space.
  Artists use lines to lead your eyes through a work of art. They create lines in many ways. A line can be drawn on paper with a pencil or scratched into wet clay with a stick. Depending on its direction, a line can express different ideas or feelings. This is why line is an important element in the language of art.
  Lines are used to express different images in Chinese calligraphic drawing. The word calligraphy means beautiful handwriting. In China, calligraphy is used to form characters (汉字) that represent the language. However, characters are more than just a letter of the alphabet. They are like pictures. They can represent an idea, an object, or a verbal sound. Calligraphic lines are usually made with brushstrokes that change from thin to thick in one stroke. To make a very thin line, artists use the tip of the brush. As you press on the brush and more of it touches the paper, the line becomes wider. (See the painting on the right, the long, flowing leaves of the orchid [兰花] plant in the rocks are made with one flowing brushstroke. )
  Now practice making calligraphic lines with ink or watercolor paint. Use brushes, both thin and thick, to draw a leaf or a vegetable with lines.
5.  When she was 14 years old, Remya Jose's life was turned upside down by a family crisis (危机).
  Remya, who lived in a small village in India, learned that her mother was ill and her father would have to spend his time caring for her. As a result, she and her twin sister had to do most of the housework — including washing clothes. To make things even more difficult, the Jose family couldn't afford an electric washing machine. Instead, the two girls would have to do the washing all by hand in the local river, and then carefully carry everything back to their home a task that took several hours.
  Being a good student interested in engineering, Remya wanted to make a washing machine which could be used without electricity. She started studying electric washers to learn how they worked. Remya then designed (设计) a machine that used bicycle pedals (踏板) and chain. To find those items, she and her father went to a local auto shop. Workers there not only gave her the parts, they helped her make the machine!
  Here's how the machine works:Remya used a cylinder (圆筒) to hold the clothes and put it in a cube (立方体). Next, she connected the bicycle pedals and the chain to the cylinder. As Remya pushed the pedals with her legs, the cylinder cleaned the clothes just like a regular washing machine.
  Remya's invention worked!She had created her own human-powered washing machine — and now a task that used to take several hours took only 30 minutes. Remya's washing machine was chosen from among 25, 000 entries as India's best innovation! She was given India's National Award and honored by the nation's former president.
  The story of this young woman's creative invention spread around the world.
  "Remya Jose made a difference," said Jeanine Thomas of The Borden Project, "Her invention saves time and money for the world's poor. Her story shows that with creativity, one individual can improve the lives of many."
cost polite safety whose look up 
7.  Finland, a small country located in Northern Europe along the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, is a beautiful place to (1)      (参观).
  Winter is the most popular season in Finland. The (2)       (太阳) disappears for months in the northernmost part of the country. People have to wear very heavy (3)      (外套) to keep warm. The white snow, bright moon and stars, and — if you are (4)      (幸运的) enough — the colorful Northern Lights, create the (5)      (著名的) and surprising light and magical scene. One of the best ways to experience the scene is to sleep in a (6)      (玻璃) hut, surrounded by nature. You can just stay (7)      (在……里面), warm and comfortable, looking at the night sky and waiting.
  The air quality in Finland is the best in the world according to the data from WHO. As 75% of the country is covered by forests, people can connect with nature (8)       (容易地). Finnish people often enjoy the small things in (9)      (日常的) lives, like just sitting quietly by a lake. So if you have the chance to Finland, just take a deep breath, hike in the forest or simply (10)      (休息) on a smooth rock by the sea.
8.  Lance almost ran home after school. His older brother Nathan had promised to take(1)       (he) to the new skate park today. Lance was so excited(2)      he got everything ready when Nathan got home. "Who's that?" Nathan (3)      (ask), pointing out the window. Lance looked out and found his friend Haley waiting (4)      (quiet) in front of the mailbox. "What is she doing here?" Lance thought (5)      a while and remembered that he promised Haley to work on their science project today, before Nathan's promise. Skating with Nathan was certainly a (6)      (good) offer than working on the project. He could learn some new (7)      (skill) with the help of Nathan. It would be (8)       exciting experience. But if he canceled on Haley, he could imagine how disappointed she would be. Lance decided to work on the project (9)      Haley and told Nathan everything. "Good for you," his brother said. "And ask Haley if she wants (10)      (go) to the skate park after you two finish the project." Lance couldn't believe his ears, "Really? You'd take us?" "Of course, I promised. " Nathan nodded." And a promise is a promise."
9.Tom是校英文报的一名编辑, 请你阅读下面材料.帮助Tom完成任务.
Editor's note (导语:编者按):
  The jobs of today may not be the jobs of the future. (1)
  Teleport Specialist:Imagine walking onto a teleport station. Immediately you disappear, and then suddenly you reappear at the place you want to go. There will be no more cars and no more auto mechanics (机械师). Instead, the teleport specialist will help you move from place to place.
  (2) Dirigibles (飞船) may change life in much of the world. They're relatively cheap to operate and don't require expensive airplane runways. They can stop in mid﹣air to drop off passengers or deliver goods. Skilled dirigible pilots will be in great need.
  (3) More and more people will be taking leisure trips to space and they will need tour guide. One company has already begun a space program with trips costing about $200, 000. In the future, these high prices should become more affordable, and more space guides will be needed.
  Robot Mechanic:The robots available now mostly clean carpets or mow lawns. Someday these machines will become cheaper, and more families will be able to buy robotic personal assistants companions. Some people will work as robot mechanics to take care of the mechanical problems of these robots.
www. sunshineschool. englishnewspaper. com. cn
10.假如你是李明, 你的美国朋友David向你了解暑假社会实践活动的计划, 请结合下表内容写一封邮件向他介绍你的计划.
Social Practice Plan 
What to do Why to do so 
●volunteer to do. .. ●make a survey about. .. ●have a graduation trip to. .. ●. .. ●be helpful, ●learn more about. .. ●open one's eyes, . .. ●. .. 

1. 文中必须包含至少两项活动的内容要点, 可适当发挥;
2. 文中不得出现真实姓名、学校等信息;
3. 词数:80~ 100;邮件的开头与结尾已给出, 不计入总词数.

Subject: Social practice plan 
From: Li Ming 
Dear David,
Glad to share my social practice plan with you.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Looking forward to your reply.
Li Ming