【2022年湖南省岳阳市中考英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2022年湖南省岳阳市中考英语试卷.PDF
1.Gu Ailing is _________ excellent sports star who made a great success in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.
  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
2.Even if we are in Grade 9, it's necessary for______ to go to bed early and get up early.
  • A. we
  • B. us
  • C. our
3.So many young people regard _________ as the most delicious drink.
  • A. salad
  • B. porridge
  • C. milk shake
4.I will return it to the library _________ I finish reading Little Women.
  • A. no longer
  • B. as soon as
  • C. so that
5.With the development of 5 G technology, our daily lives have become _________.
  • A. more and more convenient
  • B. the most convenient
  • C. convenienter and convenienter
6.The Monkey King is not a normal monkey, he can _________ himself _________ different animals and objects.
  • A. turn... off
  • B. turn... up
  • C. turn... into
7.Many students practice _______ in the morning because of the P. E. exam.
  • A. run
  • B. running
  • C. ran
8.The Communist Party of China's 20th National Congress (中共二十大)_______ in autumn this year.
  • A. was held
  • B. is held
  • C. will be held
9.They wonder _______.
  • A. if robots will think like a human in 25 to 50 years
  • B. if will robots think like a human in 25 to 50 years
  • C. when robots will think like a human in 25 to 50 years
10.—Long time no see, Angela. How's it going?
—_______, thank you.
  • A. It doesn't matter
  • B. The same to you
  • C. Pretty good
11.  FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sports events in the world. It (1)      every 4 years. The first World Cup was in 1930. It has a history of over 90 years. During the World Cup, (2)      fans watch the games and cheer for their favorite teams or players. We have known some famous football players from the football competitions, such as Beckham, Messi, and Figo. They have excited football fans for many years. The World Cup(3)      the best chances for football players around the world. The winners can get not only(4)      but also respect(尊重).
  The 2022 World Cup will start on November 21st and(5)      on December 18th. The competition is going to last(持续)(6)      days. To avoid the high(7)      in Qatar(卡塔尔), the games will come in winter(8)      summer. Gianni Infantino, FIFA's president(国际足联主席)said, "This is a good decision, the(9)      temperature in Qatar is up to 45℃. It's too hot for players to compete. "The true spirit of the 2022 World Cup is "Where there is life, there is struggle(奋斗). "It's sure that every football player will try(10)      best to achieve their goals.
  If you have time, if you love soccer, why not come to Qatar to enjoy the exciting football event?
APPs Functions (功能) Launch (推广) Time 
AlipayAlipay Network Technology CO. , LID *Paying for bills (账单)
*Shopping online
*Booking (订购) tickets 
In 2004 
WeChatTencent Technology Company *Chatting (交流) with others
*Sending red packets (包)
*Sharing locations
*Making voice or video calls 
In 2011 
HimalayaShanghai Himalaya Technology CO. , LTD *Listening to many radio programs*Listening to audio books (有声书籍) In 2013 
Spring EquinoxThe 4th termMarch 20th ~ April 5th Grain in EarThe 9th termJune 5th ~June 20th Beginning of AutumnThe 13th termAugust 7th ~August 22nd Greater ColdThe 24th termJanuary 20th~ February 2nd 
Everything begins to grow and flowers come out. Some birds fly back to the north. People always fly kites and go climbing. It's a long period of continuous (持续不断) rainy and cloudy weather. Farmers are busy sowing (播种) and working in the fields. The leaves of trees start to fall, as the saying goes "one leaf falls, autumn arrives. " People can feel that the wind is getting cool. It is snowy and cold. People wear thick clothes to keep warm. Children often make snowmen and do some winter sports like ice skating. 
14.  There are three characters on everyday stage. I'm the main character COVID-19 vaccine (新冠疫苗), you are my partner nucleic acid test (核酸检测). We have an enemy, his name is COVID-19 (新型冠状病毒).
  Nowadays, COVID-19 is spreading around the world. He is very tiny but harmful, people can't see him with their eyes. He can spread from one person to another easily and quickly. People are afraid of him because he can make them sick and have a fever. That's why people stay at home and hide from him.
  Then I'm coming, my name is vaccine, everyone needs me because there is no special medicine to treat COVID-19. I can help people to stay away from the virus (病毒). People can get me for free, if they get me twice, they will have green health codes (健康码) with a needle (针) hat. Now people are supposed to get me a third time in the hospital. This can lower (降低) the risk of getting virus. With the third vaccine, people's green health codes put on a shield (盾牌), it's also a passport to enter public places.
  You are my best partner, nucleic acid test. People just need to stand there and open their mouths to take you. Doctors and nurses are working hard to check whether people have COVID-19 or not. They all think you are the most useful way.
  So far, you and I have performed pretty well on this stage. Thanks to our strong country, we will pull together to make sure people can live a normal and safe life.
15.  "A child with a mother is like a treasure." (1)      .
  When you were a baby crying all night, your mom sang to you and stayed by your side. When you were tired, (2)      When you fell and hurt yourself, she gave you a hug and lifted you up. When you didn't get what you wanted, when you were sad, when. .. your mother was always there to help you. She is a mother who is common and wants nothing in return at all.
  Among all the mothers, we are deeply moved by the two mothers. Wang Yaping is the first Chinese woman to live in the Tiangong station and the first female (女性) Chinese spacewalker (太空行走者). She is also a 6-year-old girl's mother. Before setting out, she promised to pick a star for her daughter. Six months later, Wang Yaping came back and told her little daughter, "Mom has returned after reaching for the stars. "(3)       She is an inspiring (鼓舞人心的) and unusual mother. Zhang Guimei is the headmaster of Huaping Girls High School in Lijiang, she went out of her way to raise money so that she set up this school. (4)       Over the past 13 years, she has sent 1, 800 girls to university. Zhang Guimei's effort and love have changed their lives. (5)       she is a selfless (无私的) mother to these girls.
  Mother plays an important role in our lives. All the mothers have one thing in common:Full love in their eyes, bright light in their hearts.

A. she gave you warm arms to sleep in.
B. She succeeded in achieving her promise.
C. However, Zhang Guimei raised money for her own child.
D. This song shows that mother means the whole world to her child.
E. Although she doesn't have her own child,
F. This song brings friends closer together.
G. It has offered free education to girls in the mountains.
16.  Recently, a father called Daming and his son Dongshun's photos became hot all over China. In the photos, while they are working on the boat on Dongting Lake, lots of fish are jumping into the fish bin (鱼舱).
  Dongting Lake is the second freshwater (淡水) lake in China, it's home to nearly 400 kinds of fishes. But in the past, people threw litter and factories put waste water into the lake. Even worse, a large number of fish were caught by fishermen. Because of pollution and overfishing (过度捕捞), the Yangtze River was in great danger. For example, the Chinese paddlefish (中华白鲟) disappeared 2 years ago. Daming used to make a living by fishing near Dongting Lake. However, life was gradually becoming difficult for Daming and other fishermen. The more times they went to fish, the fewer fish they could get.
  In January, 2020, the government called for a 10-year fishing ban (禁渔令), covering 332 conservation areas (保护区) in the Yangtze River. Dongshun has worked with his father as a lake ranger (巡湖员) for almost 3 years. This job helps him understand how important it is to protect Dongting Lake. "I think this job is meaningful." he said, "As the wind is blowing gently, fish are swimming happily. What a beautiful scene!The fishing ban will lead Dongting Lake to a better future."
17.  How does the tea plant grow?This term, some students got their answers in the school's rooftop (屋顶) garden. Many schools have built small gardens on their teaching building's rooftop. Some students planted tea plants there. While taking (1)      of tea plants, they also did experiments to learn more about tea.
  How to (2)       egg soup and sandwiches?Some students learned to cook in an after-school cooking club. To parents' (3)      , their kids could cook some simple dishes in a short time.
  In the past, Chinese children were sometimes busier after school (4)      they had to take so many after-school classes. Now, students join all kinds of clubs. Why do students have free time to (5)       up their hobbies?Because China has introduced the "double reduction" policy(双减政策). It hopes to ease (减轻) students' learning burden (负担)(6)       reducing homework and after-school classes.
  Students' lives have changed a lot since the policy was carried out. On the one hand, their homework is clearly (7)       than before, they aren't encouraged to buy workbooks (练习册) any more. Teenagers have more chances to get knowledge from the real life. This is a much better way than just hitting the books. On the other hand, students spend more time (8)       after-school clubs, they get lots of life skills from these colorful clubs and have enough time to relax and think for (9)      . It's believed (10)       the "double reduction" policy makes a difference to students' lives.
18.阅读下面的短文, 将文中的划线部分译成汉语或英语.
  Different Chinese festivals have their own special foods. Dumplings, mooncakes, zongzi and sweet dumplings(汤圆)are the most popular.
  ※Zongzi (1)Zongzi is the typical food of the Dragon Boat Festival . On that day, people often make zongzi by hand. They put pork, red dates (红枣), beans into sticky rice(糯米). There are boat races in Miluo River every year. Some old people put zongzi in Miluo River to honor the ancient poet (诗人) — Qu Yuan.
  ※Mooncakes (2)月饼是满月的形状。On the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon rises in the sky, mooncakes and fruits are laid out in the garden. All the family sit around a table, admire the bright and round moon, enjoy mooncakes, listen to the traditional folk stories and pray(祈祷)for family's happiness and peace.
  ※Dumplings Dumplings are China's traditional food and local snacks. They look like gold or silver ingots(锭). They can be boiled, steamed(蒸)and pan﹣fried(煎). It's a traditional custom that family members make and eat dumplings on the Spring Festival. People always hide a coin in one of the dumplings. (3)吃到有硬币的饺子的人是一个幸运儿。
  ※Sweet dumplings Sweet dumplings are a must-have on the Lantern Festival. We always make sweet dumplings good﹣looking, just like small balls which give us a big smile. We usually eat sweet dumplings and guess lantern riddles(谜语)on this festival. (4)Most of us like sweet dumplings because they remind people of many soft and sweet memories.
  No matter how far away they are from home, the food is like a bridge between family members. The taste of food means the taste of home. (5)Chinese get a strong feeling, there is "no place like home."
19.某英语网站开展关于 "How to Improve Myself" 的征稿活动, 倡导同学们提升自我, 努力成为"终生运动者, 责任担当者, 问题解决者, 优雅生活者", 请根据以下图示内容积极投稿.
Voices from "YES" Word Bankbe responsible fordepend ontake uprun away frombe in the face ofbe interested in. .. Voices from "NO" 
每天锻炼一小时对家庭, 对自己负责任直面问题兴趣爱好广泛…… 待在家里玩游戏过于依赖父母逃避问题对任何事情毫无兴趣…… 

1. 词数80~ 100;
2. 请根据以上提示信息, 结合实际情况叙述, 可适当发挥;
3. 文稿中不得出现真实的人名、校名;
4. 字迹工整, 语言流畅, 表达正确, 逻辑清晰.
How to Improve Myself
  Life is really a long lesson, so I have to improve myself. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________