【2022年黑龙江省牡丹江市中考英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2022年黑龙江省牡丹江市中考英语试卷.PDF
1.China's Gao Tingyu, from Mudanjiang, described ______ as "gelu". His word amused (逗笑) many fans.
  • A. myself
  • B. yourself
  • C. himself
2.Recently, A Herbalist's Manual(《本草纲目》) by Jay Chou is______again and lots of people can't help dancing to it.
  • A. popular
  • B. quiet
  • C. strange
3.—Dierdre, why do you enjoy reading?
—One______is that reading brings me joy and happiness.
  • A. report
  • B. reason
  • C. question
4.—Angel, I have moved near People's Park.
—Oh, it______be very convenient. You can exercise there any time now.
  • A. must
  • B. might
  • C. could
5.Nancy was______told to meet her grandpa so she left in a hurry without saying goodbye to her friends.
  • A. slowly
  • B. politely
  • C. suddenly
6.We are supposed to______ some of the world's animals because they are in great danger.
  • A. hurt
  • B. protect
  • C. catch
7.一Mom, I'm leaving for summer camp.
一Dear, ______ yourself. Have a good time.
  • A. look after
  • B. look for
  • C. look up
8.—Look! The United Nations (联合国) issued (发行) a stamp of the Grand Canal (大运河).
—Great! It is______in the world.
  • A. long
  • B. longer
  • C. the longest
9.As we know, ______Su Bingtian faces many challenges, he never gives up.
  • A. although
  • B. unless
  • C. after
10.We should______our friends for their support. They often help us during the hard time.
  • A. be strict with
  • B. be thankful to
  • C. be angry with
11.—Your watch is so cool! When did you get it?
—On my 12th birthday. I______it for 3 years.
  • A. bought
  • B. have had
  • C. have bought
12.The world's largest astronomy (天文学) museum______on July 18th, 2021 in Shanghai.
  • A. built
  • B. is built
  • C. was built
13.—I wonder ______ Dr. Li will be at work tomorrow, sir.
—I'm not sure. He is volunteering in a community.
  • A. how
  • B. if
  • C. why
14.—Jeff, what are you watching?
—A short video about Zhang Guimei______stories move me deeply.
  • A. who
  • B. whom
  • C. whose
15.—Kevin, please help me repair the alarm clock.
—No problem! ______
  • A. It's a piece of cake.
  • B. I don't think so.
  • C. It serves you right.
A. OK, I will try.
B. What did she do next?
C. Did you have fun?
D. What's wrong, Markus?
E. Did you say sorry to her?
F. Anyway, you're good friends.
G. I made her wait for about an hour. 

(Ellie, Markus and Leo are talking on WeChat. )
Fighting (3)
Ellie : @Markus @Leo
Ellie :
Leo: (1)      
Markus: I drove Candy mad this morning.
Ellie: Really? What happened?
Markus: We were going to meet for an outing in spring (踏青) at Jiangbin Park at 5:30, but I was late because of the heavy traffic. (2)       She was very angry.
Leo: Waiting for long always makes me crazy, too.
Ellie: Um... that's not very nice. (3)      
Markus: Not yet. I know I should, but it's not easy.
Leo: If you're too shy to say sorry face-to-face, you could leave her a message on WeChat.
Ellie: (4)       Maybe a heart-to-heart talk would help.
Markus: (5)       Thanks for your advice. @Ellie @Leo
17.A: Hello, Lost and Found. (1)      ?
B: I lost my sports bag!I must find it.
A: (2)      . We can help you. Tell us more about it, please.
B: Well, I left it on bus No. 10 this morning.
A: (3)      ?
B: It's black and white.
A: (4)      ?
B: I got on the bus at Xinhua Bookstore at about 7:30 a. m.
A: What about your destination (目的地)?
B: Wanda Plaza. I always do sports there.
A: Oh, I see. (5)      ?
B: Sure, my phone number is 426-0529.
A: OK. We'll call you as soon as we get any information.
18.  One day, I was so angry with my parents that I left home. I said that I would (1)       return. I was upset because my parents refused to buy me a (2)      .
  But in my anger, I didn't even realize that I had taken my father's shoes and his wallet. As I (3)       my way to the bus station, I felt some pain in my (4)      . I noticed that the shoe had a hole in it.
  There (5)       no buses around at that time. Not knowing (6)       to do, I looked in my dad's wallet. I was (7)       shocked. There wasn't much money inside. I also found a note (8)       was from his manager. He told my father to wear nicer-looking shoes to the office.
  I remembered my mother asking him (9)       a pair of new shoes, but he said that his current (现在的) pair of shoes should last (10)       another six months.
  I started to walk home. All of a sudden, I remembered something. (11)       I left home, my dad's motorbike wasn't there. Maybe he had sold it. I felt ashamed (羞愧). I started feeling (12)      in my legs and wanted to cry. I ran home as fast as I (13)      .
  When I got home, my dad (14)       for me there. I hugged him tightly (紧紧地) and said, "Sorry, Dad. I don't need a bike."
  I understood (15)       pain and hardship (苦难) our parents go through sometimes, and how great their love for us is. Everyone should do a good job of remembering this from time to time.
Choose the best choice from A, B or C according to what you read.
19.A. A big sports center. We have patient trainers. We can offer you fantastic swimming and skating classes. Our center is clean and peaceful.
B. Welcome to our singing class. Our famous singing teacher, Mrs. Black is good at all kinds of music. She is nice and friendly to her students.
C. You can have classes in Mr. Brown's big laboratory. You can not only enjoy the wonderful experiments (实验), but also learn how things work.
D. If you want to learn teaching, our class is a good choice. We have many experienced teachers in teaching. Your teaching level will be improved soon.
E. This is a ping pong class. We have two ping pong courts (球场). We have different groups for people of different ages. Our coaches are very skillful. Join us!
F. Everyone likes to cat delicious food, but can you cook?Come to our class!There are great cooks who will teach you how to cook Chinese food and Western food.
Match the information according to what you read.
(1)      Panos is a primary school student. He is crazy about ping-pong. He is a big fan of Ma Long. He wants to be a ping-pong star in the future.
(2)      Rafael is a clever boy. He is interested in science and physics. He expects to be a scientist like Tu Youyou to serve the country.
(3)      Billy is 15 years old. He enjoys cooking delicious food and he can't wait to learn to cook. His dream is to be a cook after graduation.
(4)      Diana is a 13-year-old girl. She is talented in singing. She always says singing makes her happy. She is going to be a famous singer when she grows up.
(5)      Claire is a kind girl. She is good with kids. She volunteers in a village school now. She plans to be a teacher when she finishes college.
20.  About five years ago, my grandma came to Australia from the Netherlands (荷兰) to live with us. She loved cooking and collecting different kitchen things. She didn't use all of them, but she loved seeing her kitchen with all kinds of nice cups, glasses, and plates. Before she came to Australia, she had to make hard choices. She stood in the kitchen and didn't know what to bring with her and what to leave behind. She spent many hours looking at everything and in the end she made a decision to take a set of plates made of china (瓷).
  Then she came to Australia with the beautiful plates. Several weeks later, a new friend invited my grandma to have dinner in her house and asked her to bring a plate. My grandma was confused (困惑的), but her English was not very good at that time and she couldn't ask clearly what her friend meant. On that day, she picked out her most beautiful china plate and brought it to her friend's house. She was sure everyone would like it. When she arrived at her friend's house, she was proud and put the plate on a table. Around her empty plate were plates filled with different kinds of food. "There must be something wrong," she said to herself. Her friend smiled when she saw her empty plate. "'Bring a plate' means 'bring some food' in Australia, " her friend said.
  Grandma learned a good lesson that day. Since then, she has never brought an empty plate to anyone's house again.
Judge the following statements true (T) or false (F) according to the passage.
21.  A few days ago, a friend gave me a restaurant gift card, and I picked a sunny Sunday afternoon to use it. It felt good taking my family to a nice restaurant. The meal was delicious, and we all had a good time together. The gift card covered almost all of the check (帐单). I reached into my wallet to get enough cash (现金) to cover the rest. I saw two bills (钞票) inside, a smaller one and a larger one. The smaller one would only cover the rest of the check. The larger would also cover a nice tip (小费) for the waitress. I decided to pick the smaller one.
  At that time, my mind went back to 30 years ago. I was working as a cleaner in a restaurant much like this one. It was long hours of hard work for low pay. I always worried about how I could pay the rent (房租).
  I blinked (眨限睛) and was back in the present again, with my fingers touching the smaller bill in my wallet. I smiled, put it back and picked out the larger bill. I handed the gift card and the larger one to the waitress. "You keep the change (零钱)," I said with a smile and a happy heart.
  We are all one family in this world. Do your best to be kind. Do your best to be a good person.
Choose the best choice from A, B or C according to the passage.
22.  "Every day, we see the sunrise 16 times. Do you know why? Well, we circle the Earth every 90 minutes!" (1)       On June 20, 2013, Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping gave a science lesson in space. Sixty million schoolchildren and teachers across China listened to it. (2)      
  On October 16, 2021, she and two other Chinese astronauts set off for the Tiangong space station. Wang became the first-ever woman to work in Tiangong. (3)       That made millions of people very excited.
  Wang's space dream began when Yang Liwei became China's first man in space in 2003. "(4)      " she thought to herself. Wang was then a fighter (战斗机) pilot. Because of her excellent performance, in 2010, she was chosen to train as an astronaut. (5)       And she became the first Chinese woman to ever complete a spacewalk on November 8, 2021.
  This time, Wang and her team stayed in space for 183 days. We also heard the first-ever Chinese New Year's greetings coming from space.
Choose five sentences out of the six in the box to complete the passage. Each choice should be used only once.

A. Were you one of them?
B. Do you still remember these words?
C. When will our country have a space woman?
D. She is the only Chinese woman astronaut who has been to space.
E. Ms. Wang gave her "Lesson Two" with her workmates on December 9, 2021.
F. After lots of hard training, the excellent woman achieved her space dream in 2013. 

23.  The traditional Chinese lunar calendar (阴历) divides the year into 24 solar terms(节气). Lichun, the first of the 24 solar terms, lifts the curtain (窗帘) of spring. After that everything turns green and is filled with energy. People clearly see that the daytime is becoming longer and the weather is becoming warmer. Here are some things you might not know about Lichun.
  As a solar term, Lichun entered people's lives in the Spring and Autumn period. At that time, there were eight solar terms. According to some experts, the 24 solar terms were used for the first time in books during the Western Han Dynasty, when people set Lichun as the Spring Festival.
  Wearing fabric swallows (织成的燕子) is a custom in some areas in Shaanxi. Every Lichun, people like to wear a swallow made of colorful silk on their chests (胸部). The swallow is a sign of spring and a symbol of success, wealth and happiness.
  In China, it is said that the egg can be set upright on the first day of Lichun. It is believed that if someone can make the egg stand on the first day of Lichun, he will have good luck in the future.
  In many parts of China, people follow the custom of "biting the spring" on the first day of Lichun. They eat spring pancakes, spring rolls (春卷) and so on.
Complete the chart according to the passage with only one word for each blank.
Facts It is the (1)       of the 24 solar terms of the year. Everything turns green and is (2)       of energy. The daytime is becoming longer and the weather is becoming warmer. 
(3)       It appeared in the Spring and Autumn period. It was (4)       as the Spring Festival during the Western Han Dynasty. 
Customs People like to wear a swallow made of colorful silk on their chests. If someone can set the egg upright, he will be (5)      . People eat spring pancakes, spring rolls and so on. 
24.The Double Ninth Festival (重阳节) is in lunar       (九月).
25.In fact, there are differences       (介于……之间) two countries' culture.
26.Guochao (国潮) is        (广泛地) known among young people these days.
27.The Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature are       (值得) reading.
28.Let's       (讨论) whether teenagers should play live action role playing (剧本杀).
29.Sally cut out her pictures on DingTalk by mistake just now. (改为否定句)
Sally        out her pictures on DingTalk by mistake just now.
30.Shenzhou XIV has stayed in space for about a month so far. (对划线部分提问)
       has Shenzhou XIV stayed in space so far?
31.Su Yiming is very hard-working on the road to success. (改为感叹句)
       Su Yiming is on the road to success!
32.As Gen Zers (Z世代), we will never miss the development of our country. (改为同义句)
As Gen Zers, we will never be       the development of our country.
33.When will our class watch The Battle at Lake Changjin?I wanted to know. (合并为一句)
I wanted to know       our class       watch The Battle at Lake Changjin.
34.  Look back at Beijing 2022. As the first city to ever host (主办) (1)       the Summer and Winter Olympics, Beijing has left the world with some wonderful memories. The Closing Ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games (2)       (hold) in Beijing's Bird's Nest.
  The Chinese team was the (3)      (three) on the medal (奖牌) list, with 9 gold medals and 15 in all at the Games, (4)       (good) than ever. The Chinese people take pride (5)      the great improvement in winter sports. Sui Wenjing and Han Cong (6)       (final) got the last gold medal for China, making the Chinese team have a happy ending.
  Many people (7)      (do) a lot for the Games in the past few years. During the Games, volunteers from across China helped the players and (8)       (visit). Doctors, workers and reporters also worked hard. They all worked for the success and (9)       (safe). "It's one of the safest places on the planet, if not the safest place on the planet, and this is (10)       great achievement," said Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee President.
  Chinese President Xi Jinping's idea "one world" becomes one of the Olympic spirits. A stronger China shows itself to the whole world.
35.为确保广大居民疫情期间的生活物资供应, 本店现提供"平价蔬菜包"订购服务.请根据图示写一则广告.词数在50词左右, 开头已给出, 不计入总词数.
提示词: package n. 包
Big Sale 
土豆4个 西红柿3个 胡萝卜2根 卷心菜1棵
价格优惠, 总计18元.免费配送!
联系人: 王先生
订购电话: 125﹣0526 

  Our store provides fair-price vegetable packages. All the vegetables are ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
36.随着义务教育"双减"政策的实施, 学校的作业少了, 课外辅导班叫停了.作为政策的亲历者, 你的课余生活发生了哪些变化?你如何看待这一政策?现你校英文报刊就"双减"这话题开设专栏, 展开讨论.请根据思维导图以"Changes after the 'Double Reduction' Policy"为题写一篇短文, 向该栏目投稿.
提示词:the "double reduction" policy" 双减"政策
(1)内容全面, 语言流畅, 层次清晰, 可适当发挥:
(2)词数不少于90词, 至少含有两个复合句, 开头已给出, 不计入总词数.

Changes after the "Double Reduction" Policy
  Since the "double reduction" policy was carried out, my life has changed greatly. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________