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1.  When I was a little girl, all I wanted was to play every day. Sometimes I even forgot to do my homework. Of course, my class teacher wouldn't turn a blind (1)      to this. At that time, I wondered how she could spend so much time on (2)      . Didn't she have anything else to do?So my biggest wish then was to become a (3)      , for it seemed that a teacher never needed to do any work.
  But later, I took more notice of my class teacher's life. To my great surprise, she was much (4)      than I had thought. Whenever I saw her in her office, she would be busy (5)      . Sometimes she was (6)      our homework, sometimes she was having a heart-to-heart talk with a student, sometimes she was preparing for her lessons. It seemed that she (7)      had time to take a rest!
  I felt curious (好奇) why my teacher was always able to be energetic (精力充沛的), though she was busy all day long. Gradually, I realized that teaching was a meaningful (8)      . It brings a teacher a sense of satisfaction to be able to nourish (培育) many young minds.
  (9)       being a teacher can be tiring (劳累的), I still want to be a teacher. Perhaps I have a long way to go, but I won't (10)       my dream.
2.  Chile is a long and beautiful country with ocean to the west and mountains to the east. Some of the villages are a very long way from the city, and some of the schools are very small.
  It is difficult for some small schools to teach science because they don't have enough teachers or equipment (设备). This is why the Science Bus Project wants to help them. The bus brings special science teachers, new ideas and equipment to schools in different parts of the country. Sometimes the children go inside the bus for science lessons or clubs. Sometimes the teachers even bring the equipment inside the classroom for the children to do experiments (实验).
  The goal of the Science Bus Project is to bring science to children all over Chile. Since 2012, the bus has visited lots of schools in Chile and hundreds of teachers have learned how to make their science classes fun and exciting.
  Science is important to all of us, as it helps us understand our world better and we can learn about it inside or outside of the classroom.
阅读短文, 判断下列句子是否与短文内容相符, 符合的写(A), 不符合的写(B).
4.  A man named Jack came home from work and found his three children outside. They were still in their pajamas (睡衣), playing in the mud (泥). Toys were lying all over the garden. The front door to the house was wide open.
  Walking in the door, he found an even bigger mess. In the living room, the TV was turned up loud. There were toys and clothes all over the places.
  In the kitchen, there was a broken glass under the table and dishes filled the sink (水槽). Breakfast food was still on the dining table. The door of the fridge was open. In the bathroom, the bathtub was full of water. Soap and toilet paper were on the floor. Toothpaste (牙膏) was all over the mirror and walls.
  He quickly went upstairs, looking for his wife. He was worried that she was sick or that something bad happened.
  As he ran into the bedroom, he found his wife in bed. Still in her pajamas, she was reading a novel. She looked up at him, smiled and asked how his day went. He looked at her and asked, "What happened here today?"
  She smiled again and answered, "You know every day when you come home from work and you ask me what on earth (究竟) I do all day...?"
  "Yes," he replied.
  She answered, "Well, I didn't do it only today."
5.  Foreign reporters have been seen carrying bags from the 2008 Summer Olympics as they work for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics inside CNCC (国家会议中心). This seems to be a coincidence (巧合). In fact, these bags have appeared many times in the past 14 years. And this has got lots of attention widely. And many people speak highly of the products made in China.
  "I carry the bag from the 2008 Summer Olympics every time I report sports competitions. A bag is a very important object for a photojournalist (摄影记者) like me, and this bag is of high quality (质量) and its design is useful," an Iranian reporter says.
  "I carried the bag with me to London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020." says Fernando, a Spanish reporter.
  Besides the bags which are given to media (媒体) workers, the gold medals from the 2008 Summer Olympics also showed a high level of quality. For example, a Russian athlete, found that the gold medal was not broken after a fire.
  For the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, media workers from around the world has received a new media bag and there are objects like a cup, paper-cutting, Chinese knots (中国结) and other gifts in the bag .
  The center can hold over 1,700 reporters from all over the world, so the popular bags become a beautiful scene (风景) .
6.  Nowadays, many of you want to do sports, but you often complain that you are too busy to go to gyms or stadiums (体育馆). Actually, there's no need to go to those places if you really want to exercise. (1)      Here are some suggestions.
  First, it's not a good idea to sit in a chair all the time. (2)       If you don't want to use a standing desk, you can leave your chair and have a rest. You can also walk around for a few minutes.
  Second, take the stairs (楼梯) instead of using lifts. (3)       Maybe your answer is that "I take the lift". Why not take the stairs?Going home on foot is a good way to exercise your body.
  (4)      You can skip (跳绳) in the hallway. And you can do yoga (瑜伽) at home. You can also run if there is a yard.
  What's more, take a walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or driving a car when you go out. (5)      
  All in all, no matter what kind of sports you choose, it's much better than just sitting. It can make your body healthier, it also makes you feel relaxed and happy. Let's take action now.

A. How do you usually go home?
B. How often do you play soccer?
C. You can try using a standing desk.
D. You can exercise in your daily life.
E. Third, you can dance in the living room.
F. It is good for your body and meaningful to the environment. 
7.  Brandon Collins-Green is a man from Canada. He is interested in Chinese poems. He spends nearly ten (1)      (hour) a day translating Chinese poems into English. He (2)       (translate) more than 1, 000 Chinese poems since six years ago.
  After translating a Chinese poem into (3)       English one, Collins-Green often writes it down on a piece of paper with a brush pen. He also draws a picture beside the poem to help show the (4)      (mean) of the Chinese poem. He connects Chinese and foreign cultures (5)      his paintings, and writes the poems in English, so his readers can have a better understanding about Chinese poems, even Chinese history (6)      culture.
  Brandon Collins-Green is studying for his doctor's degree (博士学位) in China now. He wants (7)      (learn) another foreign language if his Chinese is good enough, but that day hasn't arrived yet. He has found there's always new knowledge to learn in Chinese.
  Collins-Green(8)       (have) a small workshop (工作坊) near his university. The place is small, but he likes (9)      (they) very much because he can pay attention to his translation work in his workshop.
  Collins-Green hopes that his works can help (10)      (many) western people know China than before, and come to see how fast it is changing and enjoy the beauty of is culture by themselves.
8.A: Hi. Alice!I called you last night, but you didn't pick up. (1)      ?
B: Oh, I was looking after my mother.
A: (2)      ?
B: She had a fever and a sore throat.
A: (3)      . Is it serious?
B: No, she is feeling better now. By the way, why did you call me?
A: Because I'm going to visit the Old People's Home. (4)      ?
B: Yes. I'd love to. But what can we do for them?
A: (5)      . And we can also tell them stories and so on.
B: Good idea. See you then.
A: See you.
9.  Tom and Annie lived a little far from a town. They used to spend half an hour going to school on foot every day. (4)It was a happy walk for them because there was a very beautiful lake beside the road.
  When the ice was thick enough, they walked across the lake. However, their mother didn't allow them to walk on the ice unless there was an adult with them. One day she said to them, "Don't go across the lake today, children. It's beginning to melt (融化)."
  When Tom and Annie came to the lake, the ice looked hard and safe. (5)汤姆忘记了妈妈所说的话. He told his sister, "The ice hasn't melted. It is not dangerous at all. Don't worry. Let's enjoy ourselves on the ice."
  So they stepped (踩) on the ice, and started to go across the lake. They had not gone far before the ice broke, and then they fell into the water. Luckily, a man heard the children shouting for help. He quickly jumped into the lake to save them. Tom tried to get to the shore (岸) without any help. However, poor Annie wasn't able to swim. She couldn't get to the shore by herself. At last, the man saved her from the water successfully.
  Tom got a bad cold after the accident. He remembered the lesson (教训) as long as he lived.
10.俗话说:"技多不压身, 功到自然成".假如你是李华, 中考即将结束, 某英语网站委托你做一项关于你校初三学生暑期技能学习计划的问卷调查.请根据下列图表中的数据, 用英语写一篇调查报告, 并谈谈你的计划及看法.

学做美食 学做手工 学会游泳 学一门乐器 其他 
35% 25% 20% 15% 10% 

参考词汇: 做传统手工make traditional handicrafts
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