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1.Painters wanted
Posted in: Jobs Wanted in British Columbia, Canada
Posted: 10th March, 2022
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Job Information
Job type: Full-time
Industry: Construction (建筑)
Location: BCV82 3 RI, City of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Salary:$25. 00 to $30. 00/hour (depending on experience)
Notes: 8 persons wanted. Permanent employment (终身雇佣), full-time (30 to 40 hours/week)
As soon as possible. Employer doesn't cover cost of traveling. 
Job requirements
Language: English
Education: No degree needed
Experience: More than 2 years
Physical requirements: No fear of heights; ability to tell colors; ability to bend and crouch (蹲) Major work area:Building sites
Special work details: prepare and clean surface to be painted;repair cracks (裂缝) and holes; set working stages
Weight handling: up to 23 kg 
How to apply (申请): click here to fill in the form 

2.  When I was a boy, I had the craziest bus ride to school every day.
  First I had to get up early, eat my breakfast and walk across a wooden bridge. Then I waited for the bus to arrive. When it got there, I got on. I was always one of the first ones on the bus. Even though I lived only four miles from school, my bus ride would last about 45 minutes!
  First the bus went to the opposite direction for six miles, parked and waited for another bus, which we would then board, the new bus started up a long mountain road, stopping at every house to pick up more children. Finally, it arrived at the high school to drop off the older children before going to my school. I didn't go straight there, but went down another road to pick up even more children. I usually got to school just before the first class bell rang.
  Luckily, the ride home was different. This time, the children who were picked up last were the first to be dropped off. Since my house was along the way, I got dropped off after just 10 minutes or so. I remember I would run across that I old bridge because I was so happy to be home again.
  Looking back now, I can see my whole life here has been one long bus ride. I has been full of stops, starts, twists (曲折) and turns. Some of the passengers are mean, but most are kind. Sometimes the scenery has been beautiful and sometimes not so much. Sometimes the road has been smooth;other time it has been rough. Through it all, though, I know that one day I will be going home again. Do your best to enjoy the ride his life gives you.
3.  We all know there is a problem with plastic pollution. Five trillion plastic bags are used every year. One million plastic drinking bottles are bought every minute.
  What if we could use plastic waste to build roads?This is exactly what Toby McCartney has done.
  In 2019, McCartney's UK-based company, MacRebur, built the world's first plastic road in Elgin town, Scotland. The plastic waste was made into grains (颗粒) and then mixed with bitumen (沥青). The road looks just like any other road. But it has improved strength and is more stretchy (有弹性的) thanks to the plastic.
  "Our technology can not only help solve the problem of plastic waste but also produce roads that deal better with changes in the weather, reducing cracks and holes," McCartney told the BBC.
  McCartney's idea came from a trip to India. "I saw people in Indio would put plastic waste into holes and burn it. The plastic would melt down (熔化) and form a seal in the hole," said McCartney.
  "I knew that there must be some similarities between the plastic and bitumen, which both come from oil. That's how I started to think about mixing them," he said.
  After lots of testing, McCartney found the perfect recipe. And now his company has built many plastic roads around the world, from Australia lo Europe. A one-kilometer road uses about 684. 0000 plastic holes or 1. 8 million plastic bags. The road itself can be recycled at the end of is lifespan. The materials can be reused to build new roads.
  "Were just a small part of ending the plastic pollution, but it's nice to be part of it," McCartney said. "I just don't want my daughters to live in a world where there are more plastic in our oceans than fish."
4.  Two baby pandas born in a French zoo have finally got names! (1)       Olympic gold medal winner Zhang Jiaqi announced their names alongside French soccer star Kylian Mbappe at a special event on Nov 18, 2021.
  The names were chosen from an online vote (投票). (2)       The names stand for friendship between France and China, as well as a wish for the babies' good health.
  Giant pandas usually have two names, a nickname and an official name. The nickname is for panda babies. This way, they can be told from each other. In case of twins, the older baby gets a nickname with the character "Da" and the younger gets a nickname with the character "Xiao". They mean "older" and "younger" in Chinese. For example, the panda "Jinging" gave birth to twins. (3)       If there is a third baby, it will be nicknamed with "San"("three"). Some pandas get their nicknames because of physical characteristics, while others are named after their birthplaces.
  Once they get their official names, nicknames are no longer used. This is because the pandas go into a special database (数据库). (4)       The pandas also get a unique code (独一无二的编号) to prove their ID, just like our ID card numbers. All of these help with scientific research.
  (5)       For example, the Chinese government will name a panda before giving it away as a gift to other countries.

根据材料内容, 从下面五个选项中选出能填入文中空缺处的最佳选项, 使文章意思通顺、内容完整.
A. They were named Yuan Dudu and Huan Lili.
B. Online votes are not the only way to name the pandas.
C. Their names will carry information about their family relationships.
D. More than 122,000 people chose the names from five different pairs.
E. The older one would be nicknamed "Jingda", while the younger would be "Jingxiao".
5.  Five years ago, my younger brother left his world. 1 will never forget him. I couldn't even if I tried.
  I (1)       my family, but didn't get to visit them often. My husband and I shared three growing children. Life was (2)       and travel was costly. His daughter Jessica and I have kept in touch (3)       emails and Facebook, but it had been too (4)       since we had an in-person talk last time.
  So (5)       she wrote to say she and her family were vacationing near us, we planned to meet for brunch (早午餐).
  Our husbands sat at one end of the table. The kids sat between us, eating pancakes and behaving well. Jessica and I talked (6)       for almost two hours. We caught up on family news and shared what our lives were like during the pandemic (疫情). And we talked a lot about her dad and all the (7)      , wonderful things he did.
  We could have exchanged (8)       about him until the cows came home. How he liked to pick wildflowers for her and her mom and leave them in their cars to (9)       them. How he comforted me and my children after our dad died, and even made us (10)      .
  But there is never enough time to tell all the stories about (11)       you've loved and lost. We all hugged each other, said a long goodbye and (12)       that the next time they come to California, they'll come to see us.
  These days, for many of us, it's too expensive or too hard to (13)       in person. So we try to keep in touch by phone calls (14)       and videos.
  People leave, but love remains. We can't see them face to face. But we tell stories that (15)       us long-distance. And we keep forever close heart to heart.
6.阅读短文, 从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空, 使短文通顺意思完整.每空限填一词, 每词限用一次.
Smile because work village sad she recent difficult of love 

  If you have only one eye, will life be full of darkness? (1)       an empty is praised by thousands of nelizens. A post-90 teacher, tells us her answer with her own life experience — life is not so (2)       with one eye.
  Chen Xiaoting was born in a small village in the west part of Guangdong. At the age of 9, her right eye was cut off (3)      had a serious illness. But she never felt self-abased (自卑的). Instead, she (4)       very hard and entered her ideal university. After she graduated. she decided to go back to her small (5)      and continued her career as a history teacher.
  Kids regards (6)      as a big sister and sometimes they have fun playing together. Then she becomes the "king" (7)       the kids. She cares about her students. Once she heard that a student she used lo teach didn't do well in study. She worried a lot and traveled a long distance to help him.
  When students were asked whether they like Miss Chen, big (8)      appeared on their faces. "Yes, she is kind and selfless," "Miss Chen is beautiful and lovely," said one boy.
  "If you don't know me, you might feel (9)      about me. But actually, lie is a process of accepting yourself, admiring yourself and (10)       yourself. Even though there might be some defects (缺陷) , we should accept and love ourselves. In this way, we can live a better life," she said.
7.阅读短文, 根据要求填空, 使短文通顺, 每空一词.
  There was once a king who wanted to have a qianlima. This special kind of horse could run 1, 000 li a day, but within three years, nobody could find such (1)      horse for him.
  One day, a man told the king he could help within three months, he heard about a qianlima. He rushed to look for it, but the horse (2)      dead already. Still, he bought the bones of the horse with 500 pieces of gold (3)      gave the bones to the king.
  Of course, the king was very angry. But the man was calm. He said, "you are willing to pay a high price (4)      a dead horse, let alone a live one." This show people you truly wish (5)      buy the horses, just wait and the horse will come very soon.
  As the man expected, many qianlima owners brought their horses to the king within a year. The king finally bought one he wanted.
8.A: Hello, Tom. (1)      
B: Yes, what's up?
A: Shall we go to watch a movie? A new movie is on now.
B: (2)      
A: Me and My Winter Games. It was produced to meet the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic winter games.
B: I am afraid I can't go. I have seen it already.
A: (3)      
B: I saw it last weekend with my mother.
A: How do you like it?
B: (4)      
A: I am looking forward to it. By the way, could you tell me which is the best cinema to watch the movie?
B: The Oscar Cinema. It's not far from here.
A: (5)      
9.时光荏苒, 我们在一天天地长大.总有那么一些让人开怀或者忧愁, 也有许多往事令人回味悠长.请以"The day I will never forget"为题, 根据以下要点和要求, 用英语写一篇短文.
The day I will never forget
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