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Opening hours and term dates
Harrow on the Hill Campus:
●Mon/Wed/Fri: 08:30﹣16:30
●Tues/Thurs: 08:30﹣19:30
●Saturday: Closed
Harrow Weald Campus:
●Mon—Fri: 08:30~16:30
●Saturday: Closed
Autumn Term 2021/22
●Term dates:lst September﹣﹣17th December 2021
●Half term break:25th October﹣29th October 2021
●Winter Break:20th December 2021﹣3rd January 2022
●Bank Holiday:3rd January 2022
Spring Term 2022
●Term dates:4th January﹣lst April
●Half term break:14th February﹣18th February
●Spring break:4th April﹣18th April
●Bank Holiday:15th April
●Bank Holiday:18th April
Summer Term 2022
●Term dates:19th April﹣15th July
●Half term break:30th May﹣3rd June
●Summer break starts:18th July
●Bank Holiday:2nd May
●Bank Holiday:2nd June
●Bank Holiday:3rd June
The College is closed on all UK bank holidays.
For a full 2021﹣22 college calendar, please click here
2.  Paca's life changed the day she watched TV for the first time. It was a rock concert and Paca was fascinated (着迷的) not by the music, but by the singers' long hair.
  "Oh! That's just what I want! Something that shows I'm special!" But Paca was only a frog. She didn't even know that frogs don't have hair. She thought that her hair would grow if she gave concerts. So she began to perform. In fact her croak (呱呱叫声) didn't work with rock music, opera or pop, but she carried on performing everywhere she went. She went to towns and cities, to the sea and mountains, into streets and gardens until one day she gave a concert in a hairdresser's.
  While Paca was singing, without anyone knowing that there was a frog there, the hairdresser was cutting a customer's hair. A large piece of hair fell into Paca's head, and seeing herself with so much pretty hair, she thought that her dream was finally coming true.
  In her excitement, she sang so loudly that she woke up Fredo, the hairdresser's cat. Seeing the pile of moving hair, Fredo caught it, mistaking it for a mouse. Because Fredo didn't like the cold touch and slippery feel of Paca's skin, he freed her as soon as possible. So, in that way Paca learned that being a frog also had its good side.
  From that moment on, Paca studied all the advantages of being a frog and the best way to use them. Paca started a school for frogs, where she produced the most talented and happiest frogs.

3.  Many of us spent our childhoods dreaming of becoming astronauts. However, only a few would make it. But does that mean you'll never get the chance to work in space?Not necessarily.
  In fact, some of the space jobs are not only for astronauts and they all sound just cool. One of the most interesting space jobs is "chief sniffer (嗅探员)". NASA has already had a sniffer named George Aldrich, whose job is to smell materials before they are used in spaceships.
  Using your nose at work might sound a little strange, but the job is actually important. A spaceship is of small size and high temperature, which makes smells inside stronger. And once a spaceship is sent, astronauts have no ways to run away from unpleasant smells. More importantly, smelling objects can help find things that could do harm to astronauts' health.
  Another job, the "space tour guide", may seem a little ahead of its time — after all, there aren't any tourists there. But now, many companies are starting to provide space trips and some rich space lovers have ordered the tours. It may not be long before space becomes one of the top travel destinations (目的地).
  Being a space tour guide requires rich knowledge to help passengers get the most out of their journey. Space tour guides also need to be excellent storytellers so that passengers can experience the true beauty of the space travel.
  Astronauts often spend long time in space with the same group of people, which is why a "space psychologist (心理学家)" is also needed to help astronauts overcome bad feelings. "We're crossing the boundaries (界限) between science fiction and reality," said Rohit Talwar, director of the US company Fast Future Research, "Things we've seen in movies are now becoming reality!"
4.  Have you ever met someone who "looks like" their name? (1)       Scientists are suggesting that humans are likely to connect people's names with their looks and can even guess someone's name based on how they look.
  Researchers at the Hebrew University in Israel collected thousands of photos of people's faces. (2)       Then, they asked volunteers to guess which of the four names was correct.
  (3)       It seems that certain things can give humans information about someone's name, Reader's Digest reported.
  (4)       Volunteers were also not as good at guessing the real names of people who use joke names. This shows that a person's appearance is changed by their name only if they use it often.
  Studies before have shown that gender (性别) and race stereotypes (刻板印象) can change a person's appearance. The researchers believe there are also similar stereotypes about names. For example, people tend to think that men named Bob should have rounder faces because the word itself looks round. (5)       They expect them to be attractive just like the flower they are named for.
根据材料内容, 从下面五个选项中选出能填入文中空缺处的最佳选项, 使文章意思通顺、内容完整.
A. The volunteers were able to guess the right name 38% of the time.
B. People may think that women named Rose are beautiful.
C. However, this only works when we're looking at names within our own culture.
D. What does this mean, exactly?
E. They marked each photo with four names.
5.  Jing Baoshan, 69, lives a quiet life in Pinglu County, Shanxi Province. Jing's given name, "Baoshan" (1)       "protecting the mountains", something he seems to have been doing in his life.
  In 1970, the then 17-year -old (2)      the army and became a soldier. After 17 years, Jing (3)       to his I hometown in Pinglu and worked as a forest ranger (护林员). He worked there for 25 years until he retired in 2012. (4)       his 25 years of service, he worked alone most of the time and met a number of (5)      situations. Fighting forest fires was one of them.
  In 2000, he was patrolling (巡逻) when he found one fire. He called for (6)       from the closest village. As more firemen made their way, Jing and five farmers were (7)      the fire when the wind suddenly changed direction. Four of the farmers (8)      . Jing and the surviving farmer were (9)      hurt. He felt very sad for those farmers' deaths and that was one of the reasons why he decided to devote (奉献) the rest of his life to the forest.
  On October 1st, 2019, Jing was invited to the ceremony (10)       the 70th anniversary (周年纪念)of the founding of the People' s Republic of China. He said he would (11)       forget it for the rest of his life.
  Now, Jing continues to (12)      the forest as a volunteer at least once every two weeks. Smart GPS plays a very important role in keeping the rangers (13)      today. Jing believes the (14)      show the country's development. More importantly, he said that people are now coming to (15)       the importance of a well-protected environment.
two use how before dream spend they than reach happy 

  After circling Earth for six months, Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, members of Shenzhou XIII, returned home on 16th April, 2022.
  "I am feeling very good. Thank President Xi for his care and attention. Thank all the Chinese people for (1)      support and encouragement. I am proud of my great motherland," Zhai told CCTV.
  Wang, the first Chinese woman to live in the Tiangong station, said that she is very (2)      to return to the motherland and wants to tell her little daughter that"mom has returned after (3)       for the stars".
  Zhai and his teammates (4)      183 days in Tiangong station, where they carried out two science lectures(讲座) for Chinese students. In those lectures, the astronauts showed (5)      they live and work inside the space station. Wang (6)      a Bing Dwen Dwen toy, the popular mascot (吉祥物) of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, to show how objects fly in weightless environment. The, lectures were to popularize space science and encourage the young to follow their science and space (7)      .
  Wang first gave the nation's space based lecture to more (8)       60 million Chinese students during Shenzhou X mission (任务) in June 2013. That lecture made China the (9)       country, following the United States, to have given a lesson to schoolchildren from space.
  Several days (10)       their return, Zhai and his teammates recorded a video in which they answered questions from students across the United States who were curious about their life and tasks.
7.  Mike and Dave are walking through the woods one day when they find a big, deep hole. Mike takes a look at (1)       and says, "Wow!That looks deep." They throw some pebbles (鹅卵石) and wait. There (2)       no sound. Then Mike sees a big log (木头). He gets (3)      idea. "Help me carry that log," he says to Dave. The two of them pull the heavy log and drop it in. Still, no sound.
  Suddenly, a goat shows up, running like the wind. It rushes toward the two men (4)      then right past them. Suddenly it leaps (跳跃) into the air and down the hole. Mike and Dave look at each other. "What just happened?" asks Dave. Before Mike can answer, a farmer comes. "Hey, (5)       you guys seen my goat?" Mike says, "You bet we did!Craziest thing I ever saw. It came running like crazy and jumped into that hole!"
  "Nah," says the farmer. "That couldn't have been my goat. My goat was chained (被链条拴住) to a big log."
8.A: Hi, Rebecca!Haven't seen you for a week. (1)      ?
B: I had a 7﹣ day home quarantine (居家隔离) back from Zhengzhou.
A: Oh, what a pity!The Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse. (2)      .
B: You are right. But my mom had an eye surgery (手术) in a hospital in Zhengzhou, and I had to take her home.
A: Sorry to hear that. (3)      ?
B: Much better. Thank you.
A: Hope she can get well soon. (4)      ? By the way?
B: By car. We should try to avoid public transportation during this special period, you know.
A: Did you drive yourself?
B: Yes. And it's my first time to drive on an expressway.
A: Wow! (5)      !
B: Thank you.
9.书面有如今这个多变的世界.你认为什么技能是重要的?请以"What skill(s) is/are important in the changing world"为题, 根据以下要点和要求, 用英语写一篇短文, 参加学校的英语主题征文比赛.
1. 你认为什么技能重要;
2. 你认为它(们)为什么重要;
3. 它(们)会给你带来哪些影响.
1. 文中不要出现所在学校的校名和师生姓名;
2. 词数100左右.
What skill(s) is/ are important in the changing world
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