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Bear details
International Polar Bear Day is Feb 27. Climate change hams polar bears because they rely on sea ice to hunt, breed (繁殖) and travel. Every decade, the arctic sea ice has declined (减少) at a rate of 13%.
Over 2/3 of the world's polar bears are found in Canada. 

Polar bears can walk more than 3, 000 km each month. An adult male can weigh over 600 kg. How can we help polar bears?

Reduce your carbon footprint. It helps to reduce climate change's CO2 effect on polar bears.

Support action groups that protect polar bears Learn more about the difficult situation of polar bears.

Support eco-friendly tourism to polar regions to see polar bears.

Support eco-friendly tourism to polar regions to see polar bears. Of the 19 sub populations (亚群). 4 are in decline. SOURCES WWW. ARCTIC. WWF. POUAR BEARS INTERNATIONALPHOTOS 6 Y TUCHONG CRAPHICS BYLI PING 
2.  Do you like listening to music?If there was one singer who could best communicate between "two﹣dimentional space" (二次元) and China's popular music industry, It might be Zhou Shen.
  At first, Zhou disliked talking. He was always laughed by his classmates because of his voice as a girl. However, Zhou chose to make full use of his voice instead of giving up on himself. Later , he went to foreign countries to learn music and singing. After he came back to China, his creativity and special voice caught people's attention and won him the chance to sing theme songs for ACGN ( animation, comic, game and novel) works.
  The 28-year-old boy started his music career in 2010 by covering (翻唱) songs from ACGN works. He enjoyed great popularity among young people in China. Zhou has his own "two-dimensional space" name-Kabule. He started his own show on Bilibili in 2013. Now he has more fans than before. He posted a cover (封面) of Let It Go that he sang in nine different languages , including Ukrainnian, Russian , Italian and Polish.
  The latest work from Zhou is his performance of Da La Beng Ba. It features (……为主演) roles differently. It's a song by virtual (虚拟的) singers Luo Tianyi and Yan He, meaning a computer actually gives a "human" voice to it. But Zhou sings the song himself in five different voices.
  The famous musician Cao Xiaosong once said, " Whoever and wherever you are, just be yourself!"
3.  Every now and then you may see news of satellites sent into space. On Feb 21, for example , US company SpaceX took 46 satellites into orbit (轨道). On Feb 27, China sent 22 satellites into space.
  Why do we need so many satellites?What do they do out there?
  At present, there are more than 3,000 active satellites moving around the Earth, according to Statista, a German company working on market data. Satellites do all kinds of work, from transmitting (传送) TV signals to giving you directions on the road to helping scientists do research. For example, the 22 satellites China just sent up are part of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System. Shared bikes that use BeiDou chips (芯片) can have more accurate positioning, making them easier to find.
  Drones (无人机) can also use BeiDou to fly.
  Before satellites, TV signals didn't go very far. Mountains or tall buildings would block them. Phone calls to faraway places were also a problem. Setting up telephone wires over long distances is difficult. With satellites, TV signals and phone calls can be sent directly to a satellite and back down to different locations on Earth. SpaceX's Starlink project is trying to go further. It plans to use satellites to provide internet in the future.
  Satellites can also provide information about clouds, oceans, land and ice. They help scientists predict changes in weather and climate. By monitoring wildfires and volcanoes , satellites help emergency workers deal with natural disasters. Farmers can use satellite images to decide the best time to water their fields.
  Some satellites fly near other planets. 'They may look for water on Mars or take close﹣up pictures of Saturn's rings (土星环). In 2020, video website Bilibili sent a satellite into space. Is job is to look at other planets and share the pictures and videos with Bilibili's users.
  What happens to old satellites?
  Like any other machines , satellites do not last forever. When they die , they can go either of two ways. Satellites in lower orbit (轨道) are made to fall toward Earth. They then burn up in the atmosphere. Satellites in higher orbits are sent further from Earth. 'They become space junk. Someday we may need to send"garbage trucks" to clean them up.
4.For a Friend (Du Fu)
North and south of my cottage winds spring water green;
I see but flocks of gulls coming from day to day.
The footpath strewn with, fallen blooms is not swept clean;
My wicket gate is opened but for you today.
Far from market, I can afford but simple dish;
(1)      To drink with my neighbor if you wish ,
I'll call him over the fence to finish the cup. ( Translated by Xu Yuanchon)

  (2)       But for pursuing dreams and better lives , people sometimes have to separate from their friends. Then what will they feel when they see each other again?For Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu (712 ﹣ 770), it's great happiness, which is supported by his poem For a Friend. After moving to Chengdu, Du lived a relaxing life. (3)       He felt lonely sometimes for what he often saw was nothing but flocks 群) of gulls (鸥). So when he knew a friend would visit him. (4)       Being far from a market, he could only prepare simple dishes. Being not rich, he only had old wine to offer his friend. When drinking happily, he would like to invite his neighbor to drink together. These lively descriptions help readers learn Du's joy of meeting any old friend with hospitality (好客). Actually, hospitality is not only a trait of Du's, but also of China's. Chinese President Xi Jinping has more than once quoted the Confucian proverb "(5)       " in international ceremonies. As Beijing became the world's first "dual (双的) Olympic city", the sentence is also on the lips of all Chinese people to show their warm welcome to people across the globe.

根据材料内容, 从下面五个选项中选出能填入文中空缺处的最佳选项, 使文章意思通顺、内容完整.
A. Du felt excited and tried his best to treat the friend.
B. Isn't it a delight to have friends coming from afar?
C. Though his surroundings were beautiful.
D. Friends are important in our lives.
E. Being not rich, I've only old wine for our cup.
5.  It was Monday. Mrs. Smith's dog was (1)      , but there was not any meat in the house.
  Thinking that there was no (2)      way, Mrs. Smith took a piece of paper , and wrote the following words on it:"Give my dog half a pound of meat. "Then she gave the paper to her dog and said gently, "Take this to the butcher(" person who (3)       meat). And he's going to give you your (4)       today."
  (5)       the piece of paper in its mouth, the dog ran to the butcher's. It gave the paper to the butcher. 'The butcher read it(6)       , recognized(认出)that it was really the lady' 's handwriting and soon did it(7)       he was asked to. 'The dog was very happy , and (8)       the meat at once.
  'The dog came to the shop again at noon the next day. It gave the butcher a piece of paper again. (9)       reading it, he gave it half a pound of meat once more.
  On Wednesday, the dog came again(10)       at noon. And(11)       , it brought a piece of paper in the mouth. This time, the butcher did not take a look at the paper, and gave the dog its meat, for he had (12)       the dog as one of his customers.
  But the dog came again at four o'clock. And the same thing happened once again. To the butcher's more surprise, it came for the (13)       time at six o'clock, and brought with it (14)       piece of paper. 'The butcher felt a bit puzzled (困惑的). He said to (15)       "This is a small dog. Why does Mrs. Smith give it so much meat to eat today?" Looking at the piece of paper, he found that there were not any words on it!
6.阅读短文, 从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空, 使短文通顺、意思完整.每空限填一词, 每词限用一次.
you , wild, if, meet, explain, common, time, neither, make, example 

  A video from the Beijing Wildlife Zoo has gone viral (走红) recently. It shows a dog playing with big cats four to five (1)      its size! Many people might wonder (2)      this dog has a death wish, but it seems that the dog and the big cats are good friends.
  The dog was actually raised alongside the lion and tiger cubs (幼兽), (3)      up a strange but loving family, according to zoo officials. If you think this is a bit too (4)      , just remember that cross﹣specials friendship has been (5)       for centuries. People have raised and trained many animals, and formed bonds (联系) with them as pets. Perhaps you even have a pet (6)      .
  There are many other (7)      of cross-species friendships in captivity (圈养).
  At an animal sanctuary (庇护所) in Santiago, a kitten and a piglet formed a friendship after they both came to the park. As (8)      animal had a mother , sanctuary staff said they instantly bonded when they (9)      . The kitten had been rescued from a slaughter house (居宰场) while the piglet had been rescued from the street.
  One possible (10)      for these friendships is the environment of the zoo. Animals don't hunt for their food and don't need to worry about marking their territory (领地) in the way an animal in the wild would.
7.阅读短文, 根据语篇要求填空, 使短文通顺、意思完整.每空限填一词.
  On May 31 , 2021 , China introduced a new policy , allowing all families to have up (1)       three children.
  The three-child policy (2)       expected to fight the drop in the nation's birthrate and deal with the challenge of a rapidly aging population , China Daily reported.
  However, not all people have shown their support for this new policy. Some couples complained (3)       the rising costs of raising a child. An internet user named Qinfeng said, "The high cost of education and (4)      the physical and mental exhaustion (疲惫) stopped me from having more than one child. "Also, many women are unwilling to give birth (5)       that could mean losing good job opportunities, according to Mu Guangzong, a professor at Peking University.
8.根据下面的对话情景, 在每个空白处填上一个适当的句子, 使对话的意思连贯、完整.
A: Hi, you look excited. (1)      ?
B: I just received the mascot Bing Dwen Dwen.
A: Wow, it's so lovely. I heard it was hard to get one online.
B: That's true. By the way , (2)      ?
A: Yes, I have. The games were really exciting. And I have fallen in love with skiing.
B: Me , too. I really admire Eileen Gu. (3).
A: You bet. Rome was not built in a day. (4)      ?
B: I want to be an astronaut in the future. How about you?
A: I dreamed of being a lawyer. But I changed my dream job to be a doctor, because I want to save people's lives.
B: How are you going to do that?
A: (5)      .
B: I think if you follow your dream and become more diligent (勤奋的) , you will finally make it.
9.我们在日常生活和学习中, 难免会遇到困难, 挫折和困惑.我们如何面对和处理这些情况, 很大程度上决定了我们的生活质量和学习成绩.请以"How I deal with the difficulty" 为题, 通过一件具体的事描述你在面对逆境时的态度和反应.
1. 文中不要出现所在学校的校名和师生姓名.
2. 词数100左右.
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