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1.  Here are two main dishes that are very common in China and the West. They are easy to make. Let's have a look at the recipes (菜谱).

Egg Fried Rice
Ingredients: a bowl of cooked rice (egg, oil, some green onion slices end carrots
1 Heat the oil
2 Put the eggs into the oil. Remember not to cook they too long.
3 Add the rice, heat them and mix them well.
4 Add green onion slices end carrots, and cook them for a few minutes. 

Spaghetti with Cream Mushroom Gravy
Ingredients: Water, spaghetti, onions, oil, mushrooms, eggs, and cream
Instructions:1. Boil water and cook the spaghetti.
2. Heat a little oil and cook the onion slices over low beat
3. Add the mushrooms (蘑菇) and(an egg)
4. Pour cream into the pot and cook them together for 10 minutes. 
Seasonal sleep problemSummer has arrived. What comes with it is the feeling of tiredness during the day. This is commonly known as summer drowsiness (夏乏)". Let's take a closer look. 
Who may have summer drowsiness more easily?
•People who like to eat cold food.
•People who stay up late. 
Physical exercise is always good for your health. Running, swimming, ball games and even taking a bath helps increase blood circulation (循环). This makes you less sleepy.
Why are we sleepy in summer
•Biological clockYour biological clock has not been adjusted (调节) according to the seasonal change of day and night.
• Less blood in the brainIn summer, the capillaries (毛细血管) relax. More blood runs to the surface, while goes to the brain and other parts of the body. A healthy waking and sleeping timetable is important in fighting this kind of drowsiness. 
3.  Claw machines (娃娃机) are very common in shopping centers or movie theaters. You might get your favorite toy after paying some coins. It seems to be a low-cost game and the game rules are easy to understand for most people. So many children, young people and even some old people like to play on the claw machine, again and again.
  However, simple rules and easy to-use machines do not mean everyone can easily win a prize. You may watch your toy being caught but suddenly dropping at the last second. There are some reasons why people like claw machines, even though they may face many difficulties.
  For quite a few Buddhist (佛系的) players , they play on claw machines to deal with stress. They pay so much attention to this game that they forget their trouble from daily life. No matter what the result is, they enjoy the process.
  Some people say they enjoy the sense of achievement when they catch a prize from a claw machine. They take pride in managing to do what most people cannot. People around the machine also express their congratulations and admiration for winners.
  Toys from a claw machine have far more meaning than what you can buy in a nearby store. They can also be good gifts for the ones you love. It is a great way to show effort and consideration since winning a prize from a claw machine requires time and money, as well as skills.
  Playing on the claw machine can be a fun memory. What do you think of it?
4.  Everybody has a brain. Some people believe that the brain is like the hard disk (盘) of a computer. We use it to store pictures, language(words, texts, sounds) and so on. Others compare the brain to a huge cupboard (惯柜) with lots of shelves and boxes in it. We put information into these boxes and hope to find it again later.
  The brain is not a computer disk, and it isn't a cupboard. Look at the picture here. It looks a bit like weeds (杂草) in a garden, doesn't it?The picture actually shows a child's neocortex (大脑新皮质), which controls sight (视觉) and hearing. You can guess what happens ﹣﹣ more"weeds"grow as the child gets older. Scientists call these neuronal networks (神经元网络). The networks grow around our neurons:What makes them grow?Learning! "Learning is brain change," says Professor James Zull from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
  "Without learning, nothing changes in the brain. For every new word you learn in your English lesson, every problem you solve in math, every new song you learn to sing, a neuronal network grows in your brain and the brain changes."
  The more neuronal networks we grow, the better we can think and the better we remember. You may wonder if there is anything you can do to make the networks in your brain grow better. Professor Zull says yes, there is. He says that brain change is the strongest in the following situations:
  •You are interested in and like what you are learning;
  •You are in control of what you learn;
  •You get challenging tasks that make you think hard.
   Choose a right way to learn something, and you may develop your brain better than you think.

5.根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项.
  A spider has hundreds of small openings in its body. Silk comes out of these openings as a liquid (液体). (1)       These tiny threads come together to form a single thread.
  The spider can make many different kinds of threads. The thread can be thick or thin, wet or dry, or sticky. (2)      Some webs create an egg box. Others provide hiding places. The most common purpose of a spiderweb, however, is to catch food.
  (3)       For example, some spiders produce a single thread. An insect then sits on it without realizing what it is doing, and becomes stuck (卡住的). Slowly, the spider moves towards the insect. Suddenly, it covers its food in silk. Some spiders use a different kind of trick. They make webs that cheat insects. (4)       It then lands on the web. The spider can feel even the smallest movement of the web, and rushes at the insect before it can get away.
  Spider webs are so amazing that engineers have been studying them for years. (5)       However, for the moment, spiders are keeping their secrets. Although they have made great progress in science and technology, humans still haven't been able to copy natural webs.

A. They want to learn why they are so strong and elastic (有弹性的).
B. And as it reaches the air it becomes something like thread (线).
C. An insect sees the web and thinks it's a flower.
D. There are many ways the spider uses its web to catch food.
E. Each kind has a different purpose. 
6.阅读下面的短文, 根据短文内容回答问题.
  When Wang Haiyan was young, her favorite toy weren't Barbie dolls. Instead, she started learning to make shadow puppets (皮影戏偶) from her father at 13. Now 43, Wang has spent 30 years practicing and spreading the art.
  Shadow puppetry is a form of theater that use puppets made from leather (皮) or paper, accompanied (伴奏) by music and singing. It was invented during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC﹣AD 24). It tells us about folk tales and historical stories, passing down culture and customs over thousands of years.
  Shadow puppetry is all about creating the puppets and performing with them. Wang's hometown of Hua county (县), Shaanxi, is known as the birthplace of the folk art.
  Puppet-makers must follow 24 steps to make the puppets including washing the leather, carving (雕刻) and painting, according to Wang. Carving is the most difficult part.
  "We have a special carving skill-moving the leather under the knife, "Wang said. It took Wang three years to master this skill. She used a brick(砖) to make her left hand more powerful while practicing. It takes about 3000 carves to make a shadow puppet. "The complex (复杂的) steps make it hard to hand down tho folk art," she said.
  But Wang has found ways to do so. In recent years, she has made shadow puppets about traditional cartoons and given livestreaming (网络直播) performances. "I hope more and more young people enjoy shadow puppetry and pass it down, " she said.

7.  "Oh, boys, don't throw stones at the poor bird," said an old grey-headed man.
  "Sir," said a little one, "she makes such a loud noise that we can't bear her."
  "I am afraid the stone will rebound (反弹) and hurt you as long as you(1)      !"
  "Rebound!We don't understand you, sir!"
  "Well, I will tell you a true story."
  "Fifty years ago, I liked throwing stones because I had no other boy to play with and I became very (2)      . One day I went to work for an old couple who were very friendly to everybody, even to the birds. And the birds seemed to love the old couple, too. Every year a bird came here. For seven years , it had been here and built her nest (鸟巢) in the same place. She and her mate had just (3)      on the day I went to work and the old couple welcomed them happily. During the day, I thought I would try my skill upon her. Suddenly the bird flew to a tree near me. I found a nice (4)      , and I threw it with my best skill. It hit the bird on the head and she dropped dead!"
   "I was sorry the moment I saw her (5)      the tree. But it was too late. All day long her mate flew about, and chirped(发啁啾声) so sadly that he made my heart ache. I said (6)      to the old couple but one of their grand children told them about the bird's death. (7)       the old couple never said a word to me, I knew that they were very sad. I could never look them in the eye and tell them how sorry I was. They have been dead for many, many years, and so has the poor bird. But don't you see how that stone rebounded, and hit me? For (8)       year I have still remembered it though I have never spoken of it before. But if (9)       I have told you will stop you, I will be happy."
  The boys at once dropped the stones in their hands and the bird had no more trouble (10)      them.
8.阅读下面短文, 在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式.
  Cell Phones have been increasingly popular in China these days. Wherever you go and whenever it is, you can see people using the cell phone. Many college students even high school students, have cell phones. Some even can't live (1)      them.
  Last month, Chongqing Three Gorges University (重庆三峡大学) (2)      (hold) an activity named "Cell Phone Ninja" (手机忍者). They would like their students not (3)      (use) cell phones for 21 days. It was really challenge for most students. But many of them wanted to face it as (4)      (brave) as they could because it was so meaningful.
  (5)       activity started on April 12. Bach student who volunteered to take part in this activity got a bracelet (手环). If the students did not use their cell phones, there would be a photo on the screen of the bracelet to show that. If they used their cell phones, a different photo would appear on the screen, After the last class of each day the students sent the photos to the school's public WeChat. , More than 800 students wished to take part in the test, and 400 of them (6)      (choose). After seven days, only 103 students remained. The test was set for 21 days (7)       some scientists believe that 21 days is long enough to help people form a habit.
  According to the teachers in the university, the students who finished the task successfully would get a present, In fact, the (8)      (active) was not a competition among students. It depended on students (9)      (they) to make the decision. The teachers hoped that this activity could not only help students form better study habits but also become one of their most (10)      (forget) experiences.
9.阅读下面的短文, 将划线部分译成英文或中文.
  The first people to go into space only went for short trips to see what it was like. Today, astronauts can spend weeks or even months living and working in space. (1)我们都知道在太空生活与在地球上生活是不一样的。So, what's astronauts' daily life like?
  Brushing teeth
  (2)Astronauts brush their teeth as we do, but there is still a difference! On the International Space Station (ISS), then is no weight pulling things downwards like on the earth, so everything including the water and toothpaste(牙膏)floats(漂浮)around. The toothpaste astronauts use can be swallowed (吞) after they brush their teeth and the mouth is then cleaned with a wet paper napkin. (3)They have to close their mouths to prevent the toothpaste from floating out!
  Nutrition (营养)
  Nutrition plays an important role in keeping the health of the astronauts. (4)然而,并不是所有的食物都能被带到太空去. The food is specially prepared to prevent from floating off a plate because of weightlessness. The foodtrays (托盘) are prepared on the ground for each astronaut and sent to the ISS before he/she arrives. Also, the food has to be specially treated so that it can last a long time.
  On the ISS, there is a running machine and a special exercise bicycle. (5)Astronauts do at least tuo hours of erercise every day to keep in good health. There are also some pulleys(滑轮) and ropes. All these help to keep their bones and muscles in good condition.
10.本套试卷第三部分第二节短文中提到一种现象:当今社会, 无论何时何地, 我们都可以看到很多人旁若无人地在玩手机. 不少在校学生一到假期也喜欢花大量的时间在手机上, 暑期即将来临, 请你针对这一现象向英语报社投稿, 谈谈长时间玩手机会给人带来哪些不良影响(不少于两点), 以及对玩手机上瘾这一问题提出一些解决办法(不少于两个).
1. 不少于80词(开头已给出, 不计入总词数).
2. 信中不得出现你的真实姓名、学校名和地名.
3. 书写工整, 注意谋篇布局.
  Nowadays, many people spend a lot of time on the phone. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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