【2022年湖南省株洲市中考英语模拟试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2022年湖南省株洲市中考英语模拟试卷.PDF
1.World Water Day falls_______March 22nd every year.
  • A. in
  • B. on
  • C. at
2.Look at the sign, please. You can park your car on_______side of the street.
  • A. both
  • B. other
  • C. either
3.People_______talk on a mobile phone while they are driving.
  • A. couldn't
  • B. needn't
  • C. mustn't
4.Look!Wang Yaping_______how to weigh in the space station.
  • A. is explaining
  • B. have explained
  • C. explain
5.The twins are so alike that even their father finds_______hard to tell them from each other.
  • A. her
  • B. them
  • C. it
6._______ amazing the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is!We are all proud of it!
  • A. What
  • B. How
  • C. What an
7.If we are interested in something, our brain is_____and it is also easier for us to pay attention to it for a long time.
  • A. active
  • B. more active
  • C. the most active
8.China is getting better at making hi-tech products ______ can be bought in all parts of the world.
  • A. who
  • B. which
  • C. what
9.Today, many winter sports_______ even by children.
  • A. enjoyed
  • B. were enjoyed
  • C. are enjoyed
10.All the members decided to_______ the money from the book sale to homeless people.
  • A. give away
  • B. give up
  • C. give out
11.  Counting the votes (选票) took about five minutes, but it seemed like an hour for me. Captain of the cheerleaders is quite a/an (1)       for me.
  As Coach Maguire appeared, all eyes fixed on (2)      .
  "Girls," she began. "It's my pleasure to announce that Terry Shaw has been chosen as captain of the cheerleading team." A great (3)       was heard throughout the gym.
  How could this be? I hadn't missed a practice or a game in the three years. Was everyone blind?Didn't they realize that I had worked three years to get the title?
  All the way home, I cried. The next morning, I held my uniform close to me. I knew I couldn't (4)       I knew my true love was cheering with my teammates.
  It was really (5)       to go to that first practice after Terry had been named captain. When I arrived, Terry asked me if I had any ideas on how to improve our routines and talked about how we could make the team better. We? Was she (6)      ? I just wanted to hate her (7)       she kept making it harder and harder for me to do that. Terry always made sure to include me when discussing changes in our routine and (8)       we grew to be very close friends.
  At the end of the year, the annual Sports Award Banquet was organized. In the evening we watched and listened as the various trophies (奖杯)were awarded (颁发) to the most valuable player of each sports team. Of course the team captains all (9)       trophies too. With great excitement I cheered for Terry.
  Just as Terry walked off the stage, Coach Maguire stepped up to the microphone again and announced that there was one final trophy to be awarded. The cheerleading "Spirit Award" would now be presented to the girl who showed the greatest(10)      .
  When I heard my name announced I was shocked. Terry was coming toward me. We hugged each other, and Terry whispered, "Nobody deserves (值得) this more than you."
12.Storyline: A group of clever dogs operate cars to work, play and party.
Dates: Nov 10﹣Nov 17 Duration:70 minutes
Mon﹣Fri: 11:00 a. m. ;3:00 p. m. ;7:30 p. m.
Sat﹣Sun: 9:00 a. m. ;4:00 p. m. ;8:30 p. m.
Place: Children's Theater of Charlotte
Ticket Prices: Section A:140﹣160 yuan
Section B: 100﹣110 yuan
Section C: 70 yuan
Family packages: 200 yuan for four Section C tickets
(11:00 am;3:00 pm shows)
Notice: Enjoyed by aged 4 and up 41. How long does the show last for?

13.Ways of online communication with others by percentage

14.  I walked into a stranger as he passed by me.
  "Excuse me," I said.
  He replied with a smile and said, "Please excuse me, too. I didn't notice you."
  We apologized (道歉) and went for our own ways.
  Later that day, when I was cooking, my daughter was standing too near. When I turned to search for some milk, I nearly knocked her over. "Move out of the way!" I shouted.
  She walked away sadly. But I didn't feel like I had to apologize to her.
  While I was in bed that evening, my husband said to me, "While dealing with a stranger, you were polite. But with a daughter you love, you were unkind. Your daughter brought you some flowers that she picked herself this afternoon. You will find them in the kitchen by the door. Have you seen the tears in her eyes?"
  I quietly went and sat down by my daughter's bed.
  "Honey, I am so sorry," I said. "Are these the flowers you picked for me?"
  She said, "I found many colorful flowers, like yellow, pink and blue ones by the tree. I picked them because they're pretty like you. I knew you'd like them, especially the blue ones."
  I tearfully replied, "Sweetie, I'm sorry for the way I acted today. I shouldn't have shouted at you."
  "It's OK. I love you anyway." She said as she kissed me on my cheek.
  If we can be polite to strangers, why cant we do the same for the ones we love?
15.  Cinyee Chiu, an artist from Taiwan, is always happy to try something new. Her amazing works won lots of prizes. Among them, "24 Solar Terms (节气)" is the most popular.
  Ancient Chinese divided a year into 24 parts according to the changes of the weather. It's the 24 Solar Terms. But not everyone knows them well. Cinyee Chiu put the 24 solar terns in pictures to help people understand them better. Cinyee turned each solar term into an animal. But these animals are not just animals. You can also find seasonal fruits, vegetables, or beautiful flowers on them.
  When spring comes, water gets warm and fish start to swim around. So Cinyee chose fish as a symbol of Start of Spring. Also, she drew spring vegetables, Chinese chives on the back of the fish.
  White Dew falls on about Sept. 8. It shows the beginning of the cool autumn. There are colorful leaves and cooler nights at this time of year. As the temperature falls, white dew (露珠) is often seen on the grass and trees at night. For White Dew, Cinyee chose a raccoon — a small animal with thick hair. She drew white spots (小圆点) on the raccoon to show dew. And she used the dragon fruit to show the rich colors in autumn.
  The young artist really gave the ancient Chinese culture a new look.
16.  Imagine your home is in the center of a big circle. Everything you need is a 10﹣minute walk away. How convenient it will be!
  Recently, a group of architects (建筑师) from South Korea decided to make this reality. They are planning a city with everything people need﹣including living areas, study rooms, offices and amusement parks-within a 10-minute walk from home.
  When explaining the aim of the city, Ben Berkel, co-founder of design company UNS Studio, believes that people's daily life experience is the most important. The "10-minute city" can save time we usually used to travel elsewhere. "With time that is saved, more time is created. , Berkel told CNN. However, the idea of such a city is not new. French﹣Colombian researcher, Carlos Moreno, put forward the similar idea of "10-minute city" which was named 4415-minute city^, in 2016. The COVID-19 has made it more popular. During the pandemic (流行病) many people have been focused to spend most of their time at home, with less chance to go out of their communities.
  Paloma Ezzet, 16, is an example. She said that before the pandemic, she liked to play soccer or go dancing. But during a pandemic, she had to give them up as no such areas for people to have fun or no sports equipment were in her community. "It is gloomy and lonely, "Ezzet told the New York Times.
  French professor Roxana Bobulescu agrees that the pandemic has broken our routine, making us rethink our lives and what our cities can look like. Ten-minute cities may be a good choice.
  But not everyone likes the idea. Some people say it would further concentrate (集中) wealth in most convenient areas, resulting in high house prices. So with such risk, should people stop considering this idea?Maybe not. As Bobulescu said, "The seeds are there and they will grow little by little. "
17.根据上下文内容, 将文中画线部分译成汉语或者英语.
  As we all know, recycling is good for our environment. (1)然而,一些调查显示很多人从未回收利用过任何东西。Here are some reasons why everyone should recycle.
  It's rather easy for us to recycle things. Putting something in a recycling bin is as easy as putting it in a rubbish bin. If you don't have a recycling bin at home or at work, just get one!
  Many resources (资源) will be used up one day. (2)Many of the resources that we use now cannot be used endlessly.For example, making plastic requires oil. And oil will run out one day. Therefore, the best solution is trying to use renewable resource. (3)The sooner we can use renewable energy resources, the better.
  Recycling can help you save money. Reusing old things costs less than buying new ones and dealing with waste. In most states in America, it's actually more expensive to deal with waste than to recycle. Some recycling companies buy wastes from neighborhoods for their recycling activities.
  Everyone can make a difference. As our Chinese always believe, (4)many hands make light work. Many people are using their own ways to recycle things to make a greener world. As long as we make up our minds, we could bring everything back to life with a little creativity. (5)让我们采取行动,让我们一起向未来
18.  Xiaofan, a smart boy from Shenzhen, used to have difficulty in getting up on time, and his alarm clock was of no use to him at all. It made him upset. One day, he had a good idea.
  Xiaofan went to a shop and bought a tape. Back home, he started to record what he wanted. After that, he took out a tool box and connected his tape player with the new tape to his alarm clock. A special alarm clock was born. At a certain time in the morning, the tape player would play soft music with a low and sweet voice of a young girl, "Wake up, please." Five minutes later, the tape player would play again, and it might be loud music. At the same time, he could hear a recording of his parent, "Wake up at once, or you'll be late!"
  Several days later, Xiaofan got used to the sound of the recordings. After the recordings, he was still sleepy, and even fell asleep again. That was terrible!So he went to the library and borrowed plenty of books home to deal with his problem of getting up late.
  He made it! With the help of what he had learned from the books, he put a mechanical (机械学) arm at the end of the bed. Now if Xiaofan still doesn't get up at last, the arm in the bed will "beat" him, and even make him out of the bed.
  The special bed with a mechanical arm helps Xiaofan a lot, but it is not sold in stores.
19.校报英语版征文, 主题为"校园伴成长", 你写一篇文章投稿, 包括以下内容:
1. 你对母校印象深刻的地方;
2. 母校对你的影响;
3. 你如何回报母校.
1. 词数90左右;
2. 文中不能出现真实的校名或人名;
3. 包含所有的要点, 可以适当发挥, 以使行文连贯.
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