【2021-2022学年北京二中教育集团九年级(上)期中英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年北京二中教育集团九年级(上)期中英语试卷.PDF
1.Peter's sister is a manager and______works in a big company.
  • A. he
  • B. she
  • C. his
  • D. her
2.We often have a family meeting _______ Monday evenings.
  • A. on
  • B. of
  • C. in
  • D. at
3.—______does your mother go to the supermarket?
—Once a week.
  • A. How often
  • B. How long
  • C. How far
  • D. How soon
4.I called Jim last night, ________ he didn't answer the phone.
  • A. for
  • B. and
  • C. but
  • D. or
5.In order to catch up with her classmates, Lily works______than before.
  • A. hard
  • B. harder
  • C. hardest
  • D. the hardest
6.David, you__________take your umbrella. It is not raining
  • A. needn't
  • B. can't
  • C. mustn't
  • D. might not
7.—Tom, hurry up! We ______ for you.
—Just one minute.
  • A. wait
  • B. waited
  • C. are waiting
  • D. have waited
8.If there _______anything I can do to help, please let me know.
  • A. is
  • B. will be
  • C. was
  • D. has been
9.Mr. Johnson met an old friend when he ______ down the street.
  • A. walks
  • B. is walking
  • C. will walk
  • D. was walking
10.I _______that movie several times, and I still want to see it again.
  • A. see
  • B. saw
  • C. am seeing
  • D. have seen
11.Patients ________ good care of when they stay in hospital.
  • A. take
  • B. took
  • C. are taken
  • D. were taken
12.—Can you tell me _______ last summer vacation?
—Sure, I went to Shanghai.
  • A. where did you go
  • B. where you went
  • C. where will you go
  • D. where you will go
13.  After school on Friday, I waited at the school gate to walk home with Jemma as usual. Then I saw her talking and laughing happily with some other girls, She glanced (瞥了一眼) at me and left me alone there. I knew right then that I had (1)       my best friend.
  After dinner, Mom asked, "Is Jemma coming by tomorrow?" I shrugged (耸肩) and said nothing. The next morning, Mom asked, "Today is (2)      , What are you and Jemma going to do?" I shrugged again. "How is Jemma?" Mom took a look at me, Then she said, "Will you take these magazines to Grandma, please? As I walked down the street a new girl in the neighborhood came towards me, smiling. But I just went (3)       her. Grandma welcomed me at the door with a warm hug.
  Sitting on the sofa, I noticed a(n) (4)       of kids in old-fashioned clothes on the table. Grandma (5)       at a girl with short fair hair. "That's Beth Lambert" she said, "My best friend." Until week before we took this photo" I was surprised at that, "Beth and I were best friends in school. We did everything together. Then one day, she made new friends and she didn't want to hang out with me any more. Nothing (6)       more than that" I didn't say anything. I couldn't. I knew I'd start crying if I opened my mouth.
  Grandma hugged me again. "Simone, sometimes friends grow (7)       might happen to anyone," the continued. "Then, see him?" Grandma's finger moved to a boy with glasses in the photo. "He lived near me. When I was walking home by myself. I said 'hello' to him. And we became friends."
  "So if we want to start a new friendship," she smiled, "One (8)       is all it took."
  As I was heading home, that new girl appeared again. I went toward her and spoke "Hello".
14.Which will yon fake part in?
  Alice's Day Festival, Oxford, Each year on the fret Saturday of July, Mad hatters Can join in the festivals celebrating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Oxford. Dress up as favorite characters, take a walk through the story's history, and feel the city that inspired. Lewis Carroll's classic children's tale. The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, Washington D. C. , America May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Mont — a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islands in the US, It shows Asian art and culture with live performances by musicians and artist, Pan-Asian food, kung fu and lion dance, cultural displays, and interactive activities. The Stockholm Folk Festival, Sweden. It is celebrated in early August for four days, It is celebrated In a very grand and obvious way for music lovers, The beautiful settings add to the perfect atmosphere to the music festival. Many professional musicians from every part of the world display their unique talent in folk as well as world music;The International Garden Festival, Chateau Chaumont-sur-Lolre, France. The festival began in 1992 and has become a key part of the gardening calendar, Garden designers from the world compete to deign gardens in the castle. Each year there is a different theme, During the summer (1 July to 31 August) the gardens can be visited in the evening and you can take a candle tour at night
  Here is a guide to the largest and most popular yearly cultural celebrations in different places, Maybe you will be interested in some of them.
15.  People can reduce, reuse, or recycle waste instead of throwing it away. Matt and Sam decided to do an experiment. They wanted to see exactly how much waste the three R's could save.
  First, they collected the rubbish from six classrooms at their school. They divided the rubbish into three groups:
  things that were reusable, such as a pencil or a marker that had been thrown away
  things that could be recycled, such as cans, glass, or paper
  things that were truly waste
  Then, Matt and Sam weighed each of the three groups. They learned that 84%of the total rubbish thrown away that day could be recycled or reused. They decided to do something about it.
  Matt and Sam presented the idea of starting a recycling programme to the school leaders. Then they worked with the Student Council. They prepared brochures(手册) to send home to tell the students and their families about recycling. They stated in the brochure that recycling helps to keep our planet healthy. The school bought colored containers (容器) for each classroom. Each room received a blue container for paper and a green container for glass and cans. They also received a red container for real rubbish.
  Within a short time, each classroom in the school was sorting recyclable materials from rubbish before it was thrown. Matt and Sam decided to weigh the rubbish one more time. They wanted to check the school's progress. They collected the rubbish from the red containers from the same six classrooms as before. They sorted the rubbish into three groups again and weighed each group. This time, they were pleased to find that the red containers were filled with 90% waste that should be thrown away. Only 10% of recyclable materials had been thrown into the red containers. Matt and Sam were pleased with their school's effort at reducing waste on our planet.
16.  When watching sports events, we often notice athletes wearing earphones on while preparing in the locker room or entering the stadium. They keep their eyes shut, and gently nod along the beats. It seems the music is giving them power and cheering them up for the competition. We sometimes do the same. You might have a list of favorite songs for your morning exercises. But is there any science behind such practices?
  According to a recent research, it turns out there is. Music actually does make us feel powerful, but not all songs have the same effect.
  The research was led by Dennis Hsu of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwester University in the US. His team had people listen to 31 songs of different types. The listeners felt powerful after listening to some songs, such as Queen's We Will Rock You and 2 Unlimited Get Ready for This.
  Researchers also found that high-power music made people want to take control in social events and come fist in competition. That matters a lot in sports. "It's commonly said that sports are 90 percent mental and only 10 percent physical, " The Huffington Post reported.
  Great athletes know this idea well. NBA player Kobe Bryant, for example, often put on big headphones and even fell into deep thought to boost his game and reduced his anxiety.
  As for the reason for music's magical power, Hsu's team came up with one possible explanation:when people hear music that expresses a sense of power, they mimic (模拟) these feelings in their mind.
  When choosing music, we also need to look at the type of music, according to researchers.
  In previous research by the Music in Exercise and Sports Group at Brunei University in London, they found that pop was perfect for slower, more repetitive-type tasks. If you're warming up or cooling down after exercises, pop songs are the correct choice.
  Dance music was found to be best suitable to strength and weight training because it's "fast and rhythmical (有节奏感的)."
  During high-intensity (高强度的) workouts, though, you'd better not listen to rock. Its different changes in tempo (节拍) can affect your rhythm.
17.  Most of us fear failure. However, without failure, progress would be impossible. In fact, the word success comes from the Latin succedere, meaning"to come after". And what does success usually come after?Failure. It seems that one cannot exist without the other.
  Every failure—even the worst ones—helps us learn to do things differently in the future. "Learning from the past mistakes and making changes helped me to reach the top of Everest successfully," says mountaineer Pete Athans, who has now reached the world's highest peak (山峰) seven times.
  Failure also reminds us that things can go wrong—sometimes with terrible results. Austrian Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is the first woman to reach the top of all 14 of the world's 8, 000﹣meter peaks without extra oxygen (氧气). In 2007, while climbing in Nepal, she was in an avalanche (雪崩). She survived, but two nearby Spanish climbers died. The experience taught Kaltenbrunner that no matter how prepared a person is, bad things can sill happen. But Kaltenbrunner decided she had to learn from her experience and move on.
  Accepting failure is not easy for many, though. We are often reluctant to tell people that we are failures because our good name depends on success. However, things are slowly changing. In the past ten years, some scientific magazines﹣mostly in medicine — have published reports of failed experiments. The belief is that the science community can also learn from"negative"results and that this can finally lead to positive outcomes.
  The business world already understands the value of negative results. Eli Lilly and Company has failure parties to study data about medicine that doesn't work.
  In fact, one of the business world's most famous failures became one of its biggest successes. In the early 1990s, Apple Corporation created the Apple Newton. It was one of Apple's biggest failures. However, Apple's CEO,
   Steve Jobs, believed the product had potential (潜力) and he began to improve it. In time, this led to the creation of the iPhone and the iPad, two of the company's most successful products.
  The story of the Apple Newton can teach us another important lesson about failure. There is a lot we can learn by studying mistakes. Perhaps the most important lesson is that failure and success are two sides of the same coin. One truly cannot exist without the other.
18.Chinese Fancy Knot
  Chinese fancy knots, also called Chinese knots, refer to the traditional decorative knots in Chinese culture. They began as a form of traditional art in the Tang and Song Dynasties in China and became popular in the Ming Dynasty. Long ago, they found their way to Japan and other Southeast Asian countries, and were well received.
  Chinese Fancy Knots there. Now they are taken as one of the most classic symbols of Chinese culture. As for the name itself, it is surely meaningful. The Chinese word for "knot", jie, means"connection". It is related to lots of cultural ideas-marriage, brotherhood, reunion, etc. Meanwhile, the pronunciation of the Chinese word jie is very close to that of ji, "good luck". As a result, Chinese knots perfectly serve as a way to express people's strong wishes for good things like joy, love and good luck.
Besides, the knots, widely existing in the everyday life of the Chinese culture, come in different sizes. Small ones are connected to jewelry (珠宝) , clothes, gift-packages and furniture in order to attract people's attention, while large ones are used to decorate a living room or study. Whether large or small, there are over a dozen basic knot patterns (图案) named according to their shapes, usages or origins. For example, Double Coin Knots are called shuangqian Jie because they are in the shape of two ancient Chinese coins, meaning "good things come in pairs". However, almost all the main styles of Chinese fancy knots are made up of two exactly similar parts, and the patterns on the front and the back sides are also similar in every detail.
  In addition, Chinese knots are famous for their bright colours. Each of the Chinese knots is made of a single string of cotton, silk, gold or silver. But the colours of the strings are rich and have different traditional cultural meanings. Among the most commonly used base colours, red means good luck and happiness, green means health, and yellow, which was once known as a emperor's colour, may means wealth and honour.
  In brief, the famous Chinese fancy knots fully reflect (反映) the depth of Chinese culture. These brightly coloured knots of different patterns, with their endless chains of knots, mean that life on earth will continue forever.

19.请根据英文和中文信息, 写一篇意思连贯, 符合逻辑的短文, 不少于 50 词.所给出的英文提示词仅供参考.请不要写出你的真实校名和姓名.
假如你叫李华, 是校学生会的成员, 你们学校原定于本周五上午进行的郊游活动因天气原因取消, 改为参观首都博物馆.请你以学生会的名义拟一则英文通知, 告知全校留学生取消郊游的原因;新的活动安排;以及参观博物馆时应遵守的规则.文中必须涵盖所有提示问题的内容, 提示词语供选用.
提示词语:the Capital Museum, take notes, touch, quiet…
1. Why has the school canceled the trip?
2. What will the foreign students do instead?
3. What rules should they follow in the museum?