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Blue Sky English Club
Do you want to improve your English? Come and join us!
Time: 4:00 p. m. – 6:00 p. m. every Saturday
Price: 200 yuan a month
Address: No. 9 Yinghua Road
Telephone: 3785290We have good teachers full of experience, and you can also enjoy English songs and films here. 

Health Care
Let's keep healthy together.
Time: 9:00 a. m. – 5:30 p. m.
Address: No. 16 Yuanfei Road
Telephone: 3801451We have free examination (检查) for people over seventy. We can give you good advice on how to keep healthy! 
2.In order to safeguard (保障) the lives and health of the students, the government has asked all the teachers and students to take a nucleic acid test (核酸检测). The notice is as follows:
Testing Time: May 25, Tuesday 9:00 ﹣ 10:30 am (students in Grade 7)10:30 ﹣ 12:00 am (students in Grade 8) 13:30 ﹣ 15:00 pm (students in Grade 9) 
Testing Places:
1. School playground for students
2. School library for teachers 
Testing guides
1. Bring your ID and show your "Sample Collection QR Code" to the volunteers.
2. Wear a mask at all times and keep at least 1 meter away from others.
3. No talking or gathering (聚集). 
Results Query (询问)
Check the nucleic acid test report by yourself in "Health Code" the next day after the test. 

The School Health Office
May 23, 2022
3.  Classic Chinese cartoons bring joy to most of us. Last year, six classic Chinese cartoons came out on the video platform (平台) again. Let's see how hard artists put Chinese culture and art into the cartoons to make them classic.
  The Legend of Sealed Book tells the story of the boy Dansheng. The film uses face makeup from the Peking Opera. Lovely Dansheng looks like wawasheng, characters for kids in Peking Opera.
  Little Tadpole Looking for Mummy is China's first ink wash cartoon. Artists drew all the animals, plants and rocks with ink and brush. They learned from the great artist Qi Baishi. Though it's only about 15 minutes long, it took lots of work. Artists drew everything by hand.
  Pigsy Eats Watermelon is China's first paper cutting cartoon. This 15-minute cartoon came out in 1958. Artists cut Zhu Bajie out of colored paper. Making a paper cutting cartoon was not easy. The artists didn't succeed at first. The characters' moves were not stable (平稳的). After more work, they tried again and finally did it!
4.  Every school day, we use schoolbags to carry all of our things to school. They are a big part of our lives. But have you ever thought about the history of the schoolbag?
  In the Han Dynasty, students used bamboo boxes to carry books to school. People consider the bamboo boxes to be the earliest schoolbags. They were usually two or three layers (层) in the box. Kids put different things like books, brushes, ink stones (砚) and paper in the boxes.
  Hundreds of years later, people developed a new kind of schoolbag called the budai, or the "hip-pocket". The budai was lighter than the bamboo box. With the founding (成立) of the People's Republic of China, military rucksacks (军用帆布包) became popular. Many people carried them when they were in school.
  A new style of schoolbag has appeared in recent years. Many of them have colorful designs (设计) on them, such as pictures of cartoons or pop stars. Some students pull wheeled bags with heavy textbooks and others carry backpacks.
  Schoolbags are still changing. Can you imagine what future schoolbags will be like?
5.  More children in China are putting on weight. (1)       In 2018, 16 percent of Chinese children and teenagers were overweight or obese (肥胖的), according to the National Health Commission.
  (2)       According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overweight and obese children may get illnesses more easily at a younger age.
  Kids are putting on weight because of changes in their eating, according to experts. (3)      .
  On October 23, 2020, the National Health Commission worked out a plan to control obesity. "The plan is to cut the average annual growth rate (平均年度增长) of obesity (肥胖症) among the children aged 0 — 18 years by 70 percent from 2020 to 2030," Xinhua reported. According to the plan, teachers shouldn't give classes too early or finish classes too late. (4)       Primary and secondary school students should have at least three hours of physical activities each week.
  What should parents do? (5)       And they also should stop their children from eating foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt.

A. Being too fat is bad for children's health.
B. The problem seems to be more and more serious.
C. Parents should cut their children's use of computers.
D. Too much schoolwork and greater use of computers could also be the reasons.
E. They should make sure that students have breaks and enough physical activities.
6.  Although the world develops much faster and better, the resources (资源) on the earth get fewer and fewer. In order to protect them, something must be done.
  Save water. Water is the source (源头) of life. No water, no life. So it's very important for us to do so. Not only should we protect drinking water and stop polluting it, but also make full use of it.
  Save electricity (电). It is important. We can't imagine what the life will be like without it. Everyone should do his best to save electricity. Don't forget to turn off the lights when we finish working.
  Save forests. They are useful. Please stop cutting them down and use recycled (回收的) paper instead. Make our world a green one to live in.
  Recycle useful rubbish. Plenty of rubbish can be recycled like cans, paper, bottles and so on. It is a good way to save resources.
7.  It was always thought that Treasure Island was the product (产物) of Robert Louis Stevenson's imagination. (1)      , a recent research has found the true story of this exciting work.
  Stevenson, a Scotsman, had lived (2)       for many years. In 1881, he returned to Scotland for a holiday. With him were his American wife Fanny and his son Lloyd.
  Each morning, Stevenson would take them out for a long walk over the hills. They had been enjoying this for several days before the weather suddenly changed for the worse. Kept indoors for the heavy rain, Lloyd felt (3)      . To keep the boy happy, Robert asked the boy to do some (4)      .
  One morning, the boy came to Robert with a beautiful map of an island. Robert (5)      that the boy had drawn a large cross in the middle of the (6)      . "What's that?", he asked. "That's the buried (埋葬的) treasure," said the boy. Robert suddenly saw (7)       of an adventure (冒险) story in the boy's picture. (8)      the rain was pouring, Robert sat down by the fire to write a story.
  Robert had a good friend named Henley, who walked around with the help of a wooden leg. Robert had always wanted to (9)      such a man in a story. So Long John Silver, the pirate (海盗) with a wooden leg, was born.
  We have one of the greatest adventure (10)      in the English language.
8.  Helen Skelton is (1)       famous British television reporter. She was born on 19th July 1983, in England. She (2)      (work) on the BBC children's program Blue Peter since 2008.
  Helen is amazing. She has travelled over 3000 kilometers all the way down the Amazon River — the second (3)      (long) river in the world, in a small boat. She did this (4)      (raise) money for a volunteer group called Sport Relief.
  The Amazon trip was difficult. Helen (5)      (travel) alone, 97 kilometers a day, six days a week. She started out from Nauta, Peru on 28 January 2010 and arrived 49 days later in Almeirim, Brazil. She felt ill because it was so hot, both her (6)      (hand) hurt, but she told (7)      (she) to keep on and finished the trip.
  After Helen left her boat in Brazil, we asked her (8)      she was going to do when she got home to England. "Well, I've missed my dog terribly," she answered. "so the (9)      (one) thing I'm going to do is to take him (10)      a nice long walk!"
9.  The Internet has changed our life a lot. Can old people keep up with the times?Let's enjoy the following stories.
  Xing Yuxi, 12, Chongqing
  My grandfather asked me to teach him how to play the popular video game King of Glory (《王者荣耀》). (1)I'm surprised that he shows a great interest in this! He talks to family members on WeChat every day. (2)他也设法学习其他的新事物. So, as we can see, the Internet can help elderly people.
  Sun Zhenyao, 13, Anhui
  My grandmother has been using a mobile phone for a long time. (3)She thinks that the Internet is useful. She can see mobile navigation (导航) to find her way. (4)She wants to get a smartphone (智能手机) so that she can learn more.
  Wen Jiayi, 13, Sichuan
  Smartphones have made a big difference in my grandma's life. In the past, newspapers and TV programmes were her only way to get information. But now, she can listen to the news through all kinds of apps on her mobile phone. (5)有时, 她甚至为了娱乐而玩手机游戏. Thanks to the Internet, my grandma now has a colourful life.
10.随着社会的变化, 越来越多的人认为中学生应当掌握基本的生活技能, 如洗衣、做饭、打扫卫生、修理等.你是第一中学的学生, 你的学校将要举行主题为"More Skills, Better Life"的英语演讲比赛, 请你以此为题, 写一篇演讲稿.内容包括:
1. 你掌握了哪种生活技能?你是如何学到的?
2. 为什么中学生应当学会基本的生活技能?列举两个理由.
3. 呼吁中学生多学生活技能, 快乐生活.
提示词:independence n. 独立;improve v. 提高;life skills 生活技能
1. 不能照抄原文;不得在作文中出现学校的真实名称和考生的真实姓名.
2. 语句连贯, 书写工整, 词数 70 个左右.作文的开头已经给出, 不计入总词数.
More Skills, Better Life
  Good morning, dear all. I am happy to give a talk today. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________