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1.Four Most Popular Books Of The Week
 Tiger in Trouble
By Jess Butterworth
Price: $15
In this book, Tilly and her friends set out to India to help at a wildlife zoo. There, they come across monkeys, bears and elephants — but what has become of the tigers? Written as if it is Tilly's diary, this is perfect for younger readers. 
 The Secret Sunshine Project
By Benjamin DeanSINSHINE
Price: $10
Last summer, Bea, her older sister Riley and their parents had the best day ever in London but now because of Dad's death, Bea, Riley and Mum have to leave their London home and live in a sleepy countryside village. Seeing how sad Riley is, Bea decides to work on "The Secret Sunshine Project" to cheer up her big sister. Finally, she makes it. 
By Michael Mann
Price: $25
Luke leads a poor life, digging up coal for Battersea Power Station. Then he meets a magic girl Alma, who can ride clouds through the night sky 一 and things begin to change. Set in an island, this is an imaginative story exploring friendship, courage and freedom. 
 Harley Hitch and the Missing Moon
By Vashti Hardy
Price: $ 22
In the book, a problem-solving girl called Harley returns to a world, where science rules. When Harley breaks a small wooden box by chance and makes the moon disappear, suddenly all is in a mess and it's Harley's job to make things right again. 
 From Dusk to Dawn
By Henry Krauss
Price: $ 13
This book shares a collection of poems that paints a picture of how people help each other in difficult times. 
2.  At a snow park in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, Chinese teenage snowboarder Su Yiming won a silver in the men's snowboarding competition on February 7. It was the first time that a Chinese snowboarder had ever competed in this event at any Olympics. Su was introduced to snowboarding at the age of 4 by his parents, who were both snowboarding fans. Su fell in love with the sport the first time they took him to a ski center. Later he kept on practicing after class. To save up more time for snowboarding, he would get up at 5 am and finish his homework early.
  Su just saw snowboarding as a hobby in the beginning. However, on July 31, 2015 when he knew that Winter Olympics 2022 would be held in Beijing, his mind turned to professional (职业的) competition. He dreamed of joining in the Winter Olympics. And he decided to go professional.
  In 2018 Su became a member of China's national snowboarding team. In 2020 and 2021, he took home gold medals (奖牌) of all national competitions. In January 2021, he became the first Chinese man snowboarder to finish the Cab 1800 ﹣ the most difficult snowboarding skill.
  Behind his success is Su's hard work. He has made full use of every chance to train more. Usually he arrived at the training center earlier than his teammates. In that way, he could practice more. He even broke several snowboards in one week because of heavy training.
  After Su won his silver medal, his father Su Qun received an interview. He said that this would not be his son's last Olympics and Su would do better in the future.
3.  Do you compare yourself to other people?Perhaps your best friend receives something you really want, or you're not allowed to go to a concert but your brother or sister is. Even though comparisons are common and can sometimes be helpful, focusing (专注) on your own progress is important for your happiness.
  "We often compare ourselves to others who are doing better or not as well as ourselves." says Dr. Jack. "But I suggest comparing yourself to your past self and your future self. This can make you feel proud of what you've achieved and excited about what you might do. Focusing on your own purposes is more worthwhile than always trying to come out on top."
  Comparing yourself to those around you is natural and we often do it without realizing it. It can help us to be clear about our achievements and to form friendships with new people who have similar interests. However, it's important to remember that nobody is perfect in real life. It's also important to take note of how the comparison is making you feel. "If you begin to feel quite low, focus on your own strengths. "says Jack. In other words, you can ask yourself questions like "What can I do well in?", which can help you trust yourself.
  Maybe here you are wondering "What if all my friends are better than me?". Dr. White says that jealousy (妒忌) is not bad but focusing on bettering your own work can help you feel just as successful. He also mentions that learning to celebrate your friends' success can not only help to cheer your friends up but also help you feel good. It will encourage you to build each other up.
4.  Snow forests make up about 30% of the world's total forest areas. These wonderful woodlands are not as famous as the Amazon rainforests but they are just as important.
  Snow forests are found in the far north of the world, in areas that are quite cold and usually have a lot of snowfall. They lie across parts of Canada, China, Finland, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the US. Snow forests have very cold winters that can last up to six months. But even so, they are home to many kinds of animals, including foxes, mice and wolves. In the US and Canada, as many as five billion birds from more than 300 species live in the forests in the breeding (繁殖) season.
  These woodlands perform an important job:helping to take in harmful gases. The gases are given off by burning coal, oil and gas, which can cause climate change. However, snow forests are facing several problems. Trees are being cut down faster and faster for their wood, which can be used for building. Some forests are being cleared to make space for new roads and houses, or to allow coal and gas industries to grow. What's worse, as the world gets warmer, Canada and Russia have seen terrible fires spread through the forests.
  Luckily, environmental and wildlife groups around the world are working hard to protect snow forests. This means that cutting down trees is controlled in some areas and the forests are seen as areas of special scientific interest. When wood is needed, replanting plans and careful forest management help to reduce the human influence so that the forests are managed in a way that they can survive and regrow.
5.  There was a little boy called John, who was very playful. He played hard at the playground and was (1)       when he got home. His father told him to get undressed and ready for a bath. The little boy (2)      and went straight to his room.
  His father was (3)      John in the bathroom but he never came. His father went to John's room. He saw that John was already (4)      in his bed fully clothed. And one shoe was off but one shoe was still on his right foot. His father took (5)      John's shoe and trousers, leaving him to sleep.
6.  On a beautiful day in Mianyang this week, I went for a bike ride around the city and into the countryside. I (1)       groups of Chinese men standing in a circle. They paid careful attention to what was happening at the center. Many newcomers to China are surprised to discover that these onlookers are (2)      watching a wonderful side of Chinese culture:Chinese chess. Chinese chess has been played in China for at least two thousand years. It can quickly be (3)      by anyone who knows how to play international chess, whose rules are very similar.
  I am a big fan of board games, (4)      I decided to stop and watch. There were five people watching and two men (5)       . Some of the onlookers were strangers to the players, others were friends, but all tried to offer (6)      for the players' next move.
  Within a few minutes of stopping to watch the game, I was talking with the onlookers and players. I was giving my own suggestions of moves to make and (7)      why one of the players didn't take a clear capture(吃掉). When the game ended, I was invited to play against the winner﹣ and I was soon left wondering how I was (8)      so quickly (but I think I tried my best). Everyone I spoke with wanted to share their (9)      of Chinese chess with me and they asked me lots of questions about my experiences in Mianyang.
  I lost the game, but I was happy. The game I played is a great example where trying is more (10)      than winning, and there are lots to try in Mianyang!
7.阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入1个恰当的词或括号内单词的正确形式(不超过3个单词), 并将答案写在答题卡的相应位置.
  Mr. Gordon was a kind old man and the (1)       (child) liked him. They enjoyed his lessons and he enjoyed (2)       (teach) them.
  One day, he visited Mr. Wood's farm and talked to the Woods. "I (3)       (be) a teacher for forty years, but I have never met a boy like Tony. He is very special. He needs (4)       (work) with other musical boys and girls. I know his parents are poor, but I can give him (5)       first piano lesson. And maybe Tony can go (6)       the College of Music in the daytime and work in a restaurant in the evenings.
  "No, he needn't. " said Mr. Wood. "Tony is a good boy. He is like a son to (7)       (we). His parents are poor, but we are not. We will pay for his education.
  "That's right!" said his wife. She was (8)       (usual) a quiet woman, but she was (9)       (excite) with bright eyes.
  Tony (10)       (know) nothing about their conversation. He was cleaning Mr. Wood's new car when Mr. Gordon visited the farm. But that visit changed his life.
8.  A trade school, sometimes also called a technical school, is one of the places you can go to after your graduation from your junior high. The purpose of this kind of school is to prepare the students for a good job in the future. The focus of learning is mainly on skills.
  There are several advantages of going to a trade school. Firstly, it takes you less time to complete. The length (长度) of almost all trade school programs is about two years. That not only allows you to get more job experience and progress faster in your work, but also helps to save money. If you can get out of school earlier, you pay less for it.
  Secondly, it is easier for you to find a job. Many four-year colleges spend more time teaching students knowledge than preparing them for jobs. But at a trade school, the focus is on learning the skills that you'll be using in your job when you graduate. For example, if you graduate with a degree in history, you may have difficulty finding a job that really interests you. But once you complete a car repairing program, you can easily find a job to repair cars.
  Thirdly, the jobs you can get with a trade school degree often pay well. According to trustful information, on the whole a trade school graduate makes much more money than a four-year college graduate.
  Finally, it is easier for you to have a place in a trade school. You have to do really well in the test to go to a good university. But it requires much lower grades to go to a trade school. It saves you a lot of time, energy and trouble.
Trade schools
another name technical schools 
(1)       job preparation 
focus of learning (2)       
program length (3)       
(4)       less time, lower cost 
easier to find a job 
lower grades 
9.假如你是李华, 本周末你和你的朋友将去人民公园大扫除.请你给你校交换生Jack写封邮件, 内容包括:
1. 发出邀请;
2. 活动安排(集合时间、地点, 具体活动等);
3. 要求回复.
1. 词数100左右, 首尾已给出, 不计入总词数;
2. 可适当增加细节以使行文连贯;
3. 不得在文中出现真实校名.

Dear Jack,
  How is it going? This weekend my friends and I will go to the People's Park to join in a clean-up activity. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Li Hua