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Air • Plants take in carbon dioxide (二氧化碳) and make oxygen (氧气) humans and animals need.
• Plants make 98% of the oxygen we breathe. 
Water • Plants help clean water and reduce (减少) floods.
• An evergreen tree can hold more than 15, 000 liters (公升) of water per year, reducing the risk of flooding. 
Health • A 2015 study showed that indoor plants can reduce stress. Plants can also help you stay focused and work efficiently (有效率地). 
Food • The world's food supply depends on about 150 plant species.
• Just 12 kinds of plant provide three-quarters of the world's food. 
Climate • Plants balance our climate. They help take carbon dioxide out of the air, which can slow down global warming. 
Top 6 popular activities Different favorites What's stopping people from exercise? 

Running 57. 3%
Walking 51. 5%
Cycling 36. 6%
Playing ball games 25. 8%
Swimming 25. 0%
Hiking 21. 6% 
Born after 2000
Ball games
Born in 1990s
No professional training 42. 9%

No time 33. 2%

No exercise facilities (设施) 23. 9%
Born in 1980s
Born in 1970s
3.  "There will be miracles (奇迹) only if you believe in them," Yi Yangqianxi said when he introduced his latest film Nice View (《奇迹•笨小孩》).
  According to Maoyan company, it had made over 1 billion yuan as of Feb. 16. It is mainly about how Jing Hao, played by Yi, raised a great deal of money for his young sister's disease.
  For Jing, 20, he needed a miracle to start his own business in face of the many difficulties he met. "Remember that nothing is impossible as long as you try your best, "Yi quoted (引用) his lines from the film in an interview with Cover News.
  For Yi, 21, his road to becoming an A-list star could also be seen as a miracle. He doesn't have a family background in the show biz (演艺圈) industry. Before moving to Beijing with his mother, Yi and his family lived in Shenzhen. When he was a child, Yi took many interest classes such as street dance, writing and accordion (手风琴). "I was either taking these classes, or on the way to the classes," Yi said in a vlog.
  Yi then lived far away from the center of Beijing. He spent almost four hours a day going to these training classes and back. To save time, Yi had meals and did homework on the bus.
  This childhood experience shaped his personality. He became more mature than the people who has the same age as him. This also gave him the personal qualities of working hard and never giving up in his acting.
  "He stayed at the filming place almost every day," Gong Jinguo, an actor of Nice View, told Yangcheng Evening News. "He took part in over 270 of the movie's 290 scenes."
  Like Jing finally receiving a miracle, _________. He has become the first movie actor born in the 2000s who has starred in making an overall box office of over 10 billion yuan, Maoyan reported in February.
4.  Do you get nervous thinking about a coming math test? If yes, you are far from alone. Math worries have become a common emotion among students around the world. Students in countries with higher levels of math worry are likely to achieve lower math grades, according to a study published by the National Academy of Sciences on Feb. 15.
  Math worries cause fear, physical suffering and behavior problems among young pupils, according to a University of Cambridge study. In ordinary life, many people experience some degree of discomfort when faced with a math problem, ranging from light worries to strong fears.
  Some people also experience physical symptoms (症状) such as sweaty palms (掌心出汗) or a racing heart. They may then try to avoid every situation including numbers, meaning they are held back from choosing jobs related to this subject, such as science, technology or engineering.
  However, the fact is that those with math worries aren't always to be bad at math. "If a child has math worries, it doesn't mean that they're not good at math. They may have had a really bad experience with math and there are ways to improve math achievement." Daniel Ansari, the senior author.
  Also, there are ways to manage your stress related to math. If you're feeling stressed before a math exam, it may help to spend a few minutes exploring those feelings before the exam begins. "It's about making sure you're knowing your feelings correctly," Sian Beilock, a scientist in the US told the BBC. "Just because you have a fast heartbeat and sweaty palms, that does not necessarily mean you will fail."
  A little math worry could be taken as a positive challenge to overcome. Just like many people get stage fear before delivering a speech, this nervous energy can help to motivate, according to Ian Lyons.
  Math doesn't come easy, no matter how clever you are. Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian artist, was a huge fan of mathematics. But his notebooks show that Da Vinci couldn't do fractions (分数). He could never understand, for example, dividing a number by one-quarter is the same as multiplying (乘) by four, resulting in a higher number than the original.
5.Enter A New Stage
  Congratulations! You've made it through the worst part of growing up:junior high. Now comes the final run to be an adult.
  As far as schoolwork goes, high school may not seem too different. Books. Teachers. Homework. Exams. If you enjoy school, this may sound exciting. (1)       For high school has a lot to offer.
  When you grow up as an adult, you may meet some hateful things like finishing a task before a fix time, responsibilities and other silly things. Adults have few chances to safely make mistakes. (2)      It's the best chance you will ever have to take big risks.
  So, join some clubs. Make friends. Make enemies (敌人). Do something you're afraid of. Think about what you're good at, what you're bad at and what brings you joy.
  In my first year of high school, I picked up my friend's guitar. From that day on, I have never stopped playing music. (3)      
  High school is also when teachers started to praise me on my writing. I don't always like writing, but it's all anyone says I'm good at. Now writing puts food on my table.
  All my regrets from high school are risks I didn't take. (4)      I was nervous, and learning lines (台词) looked like hard work. I was afraid to fail onstage. Rather than make no effort, I should have tried and failed.
  Why? Here is the big secret about high school:Every moment of it feels important, but almost none of it is. (5)      
  To do that, you must take risks. What's the biggest risk?Giving effort. You could fail in the end. But if your biggest failures come in high school, it means you have a bright future ahead.
A. The things that are important are the things you learn about yourself.
B. It brings me joy and friendship wherever I go.
C. If you hate school, don't give up hope.
D. However, high schools are somehow different and special.
E. My biggest regret is never acting in a play. 
6.  At the age of one, William Shakespeare was lucky to be alive. After he was born, a deadly disease came to England. It was called the plague (瘟疫). It killed thousands of people. But William Shakespeare lived.
  Shakespeare grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He went to school nine hours a day, six days a week. In 1582, at age of 18, he married Anne Hathaway, a farmer's daughter. She was eight years older than he was. Their first child was a daughter. Later they had twins. In 1585, Shakespeare left Stratford-upon-Avon. His wife and children stayed behind. No one knew why he left or what he did between 1585 and 1592.
  In 1592, Shakespeare lived in London. He rented (租用) rooms or lived with friends. He visited his wife and family once a year. Shakespeare became an actor, and he also wrote plays. He usually acted in his own plays. Some of his most famous plays were Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. He wrote 37 plays in all. They are still popular today.
  Then the plague came again. Many people died. The theaters closed for two years. Shakespeare could not write plays, so he wrote poems. When the theater opened, Shakespeare wrote plays again. Shakespeare had a theater group. It was the most successful group of that time. Shakespeare earned almost no money from his writing. But he made a lot of money from acting. With this money he bought a large house in Stratford-upon-Avon for his family. He was friendly with the richest people in town. He was a gentleman — a man of high class who didn't have to work.
  At age 49, Shakespeare retired and went to live in Stratford-upon-Avon. Three years later, he died in the place where he grew up. He left his family. He left his genius (才华) to the world.
7.  A businessman was in debt (欠债) and couldn't find out what to do. He was sitting on a seat in the park with his head down, thinking what could save the company from bankruptcy (破产).
  (1)      , an old man appeared in front of him. "I see that something is (2)       you," he said. After listening to the businessman, the old man said, "I think I can help you. "
  He asked the businessman what his name was, wrote him a (3)       and said: "Take this money. We will (4)       here exactly in one year, and you will be able to return it to me at that time."
  After that, he turned around and disappeared just as suddenly as he appeared. The businessman saw a check in his hands for an amount of 500,000 dollars, signed by John Rockefeller, one of the (5)       people in the world at that time!
  "I can solve all of my problems in no time!" He thought. But instead, the businessman decided to put the check into his wallet. Thinking about its existence (存在) gave him the relief to find a solution to save his business.
  With the return of his (6)      , he made profitable (赢利的) deals. Over a couple of months, his company got out of danger and started to earn money again.
  Exactly one year later, he returned to the (7)       with the same check. At the agreed time the old man appeared again. Just as the businessman wanted to return the check and share his story of success, a (8)       ran up and caught the old man.
  "I hope he wasn't troubling you. He always runs away from the hospital and tells people that he is John Rockefeller." She said to the businessman.
  The businessman was (9)      . During the whole year, he was creating and building a business, buying and selling, and felt proud that he had half a million dollars. And suddenly he understood that it was not the money that had changed his life. It was his new confidence and belief that gave him the strength to (10)       everything that he had.

8.  June 8th is Best Friends Day, a day to celebrate your best friends and let them know how important they are to you.
  Best friends are the most understanding and thoughtful people who get on well with you! They are just the friends that you can laugh (1)       and call up at any time of the day. They are there for you in all of your good and bad (2)       (moment), and they support all your good decisions and stop you (3)       (make) wrong ones. In other words, without best friends, life would be very (4)       (hope) indeed.
  Whether you grew up with them or met them later in your life, let your best friends know that they (5)       (value) on Best Friends Day. On this friendly holiday, you can thank your best friends for being in your life by doing something special for (6)       (they). You can send them a special gift basket full of things they like by yourself or treat them to their favorite dessert sincerely. (7)       you and your best friends don't live in the same city, call them or send them a note to let them know how much you miss them. Better yet, why not manage to pay a surprise visit?They would love to see you, and you can spend the day with your favorite persons in the world (8)       (happy)!
  This year is the (9)       (hundred) Best Friend Day. Don't hesitate to give your best friends (10)       unforgettable experience!
9.阅读下面的短文, 将划线部分译成英文或中文.
  A total of 2, 008 performers stood in a large circle and moved in slow, calm, and powerful motions in their white silk uniforms. It happened at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. (1)这被认为是开幕式上最精彩的表演之一.
  Tai chi (太极) performers has an influence on the whole world and it has always been a symbol of Chinese culture. It is getting popular around the world. (2)It is reported that this ancient sport is practiced by over 100 million people in more than 150 countries. It was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List (非物质文化遗产名录) in December, 2020.
  One thing that makes tai chi popular is its health advantages. (3)As you move, you breathe deeply and naturally so that you can relax and find the peace in deep mind.
  According to Harvard Health, tai chi is really suitable for almost anyone. This is because its movements are never forced. So the muscles(肌肉) are relaxed. It is all gain and no pain.
  What makes tai chi even more interesting might be the philosophical (哲学的) ideas behind it. (4)它不是被用来打架, 但你可以用它来保护自己. The rule of tai chi is to use softness to beat hardness.
  (5)Tai chi also pays attention to the balance between body and mind. For example, if you work too hard and feel tired, it's time for you to calm down. This idea of keeping a healthy balance can be used in almost everything in life. It makes tai chi far more than just a sport.
10.全世界每年因安全事故导致有数以万计的生命死于非命!面对每一次残酷的事故, 面对每一个鲜活的生命的逝去, 我们难道就只有感叹、哀伤?其实, 只要我们行动起来, 做到心中有安全意识, 遵守安全规则, 就能消除潜在危险.我校即将举行"珍爱生命, 心系安全"的征文比赛, 特此向你征稿.
请你围绕生活中经常存在的安全问题, 如:运动安全, 交通安全……结合实际就如何减少安全事故的发生谈至少三点建以, 并呼吁大家一起携手, 珍惜生命, 健康成长.
1. 不逐字翻译;
2. 文章总词数为80﹣100;
3. 文中不能出现真实的校名和姓名.
  It is reported that there are thousands of accidents around the world every year. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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