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1.Many Winter Olympic athletes said Beijing is great and well worth _______ visit they paid.
  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. /
2.—What a beautiful flower! Do you know its name?
—I'm not sure, but its shape looks much the same as ______ of the rose.
  • A. this
  • B. that
  • C. these
  • D. those
3.Traditional newspapers may not disappear in a short time ______ more and more people prefer to surf the Internet for news.
  • A. because
  • B. when
  • C. although
  • D. unless
4.Do you know that the colour white can help people ______ in time of fear?
  • A. look down
  • B. calm down
  • C. put down
  • D. come down
5.Knowledge is knowing a fact while ______ is knowing what to do with the fact.
  • A. information
  • B. message
  • C. spirit
  • D. wisdom
6.To behave properly, you must become ______ of cultural differences between the countries.
  • A. aware
  • B. proud
  • C. confident
  • D. full
7.I am sorry but it's ______ my power to make so big a decision on the project.
  • A. under
  • B. above
  • C. against
  • D. beyond
8.Mr. Li thinks your composition is well written ______ except for some spelling mistakes.
  • A. in general
  • B. in fact
  • C. in all
  • D. in place
9.COVID-19 was expected to go away soon when it broke out in 2020, but it ______ yet.
  • A. didn't
  • B. doesn't
  • C. hasn't
  • D. won't
10.—Daniel, I didn't see you at Jane's birthday party yesterday evening.
—Oh, I ______ the results of the two experiments in the lab.
  • A. compared
  • B. was comparing
  • C. have compared
  • D. will compare
11.Many people have ______ the importance of learning to be alone in the past two years.
  • A. received
  • B. realized
  • C. recorded
  • D. recommended
12.—Oh, poor little Tom! Life has never been easy for him.
—No, but I believe everything will go ______ with him in the future.
  • A. smoothly
  • B. peacefully
  • C. correctly
  • D. comfortably
13.Which of the following is the best word for the blank in the box below?
Time passes slowly up here in the mountains
We sit beside bridges and walk beside fountains
Catch the wild fishes that float through the stream
Time passes slowly when you're lost in a _____________________________________________________________ 

  • A. thought
  • B. memory
  • C. story
  • D. dream
14.—It is reported that a 98-year-old African woman is learning English at school together with children in Grade One.
—Great! Just as the saying goes, ________.
  • A. when in Rome, do as the Romans do
  • B. no pain, no gain
  • C. one is never too old to learn
  • D. practice makes perfect
15.—I wonder _______.
—It's their deep love for what they do, I think.
  • A. what's led to the success of such young athletes as Eileen Gu and Su Yiming
  • B. how Eileen Gu and Su Yiming keep a balance between their training and school work
  • C. if Eileen Gu and Su Yiming will take part in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games
  • D. how such young athletes as Eileen Gu and Su Yiming manage their failures and victories
16.  Last March, before my mother flew from Washington, D. C. to visit me in New Orleans, we discussed how long she should stay. I was having knee surgery (手术) and she (1)      to help me recover(恢复).
  She wanted to stay for seven days. I said five days was the most I could (2)      . In the end, she stayed for 53.
  That's because the pandemic arrived, along with a citywide stay-at-home order. And this dullness (沉闷) set in. We ate in dullness. We watched TV in dullness, learning to change between my mother's desire for old movies and my desire for reality dating shows. (3)      , it was not easy for both of us to get along with each other.
  My mother had taken the place of my first caregiver, Abby, a friend from New England, who took care of me like a child before and after surgery.
  My mother wasn't (4)      like Abby. She was sad. My father had died suddenly only a few months earlier, and she carried a broken heart from room to room. I felt (5)      about all the work she did to care for me. She already had so much on her plate.
  When I had a (6)       for the first time after surgery, seeing my stiches (缝针), I got scared and started screaming. I expected my mother would take no notice, but she rushed in with a stool (凳子) for my knee and sat down beside, iced coffee in hand. Seeing her there, sting with me, I began to notice and appreciate how much she loved me.
  I was impressed by her (7)      acts of devotion. I had to trust her to lift my leg and help me from bed to the bathroom. I had to depend on her to carry my things from room to room, to find my clothes, to (8)      me. She made eggs and toast and milk shake, learned (9)      I liked my tea, made my bed and washed my clothes.
  I hadn't let anyone this (10)      to me in years. She was becoming my dream partner.
  By May, I was walking again. Then one Monday, she put on rubber gloves and a mask and went to the very empty airport to return home.
17.Some libraries are keeping the magic of reading alive.
 Stuttgart City Library (Stuttgart, Germany)
Opened in 2011, this nine-story public library, designed by Eun Young Yi to feel open and full of light, is the cultural center for the city and can be entered from any of its four sides, and you can borrow artwork as well as books. 
 Biblioteca Sandro Penna (Perugia, Italy)
In a country known for classical architecture and historical buildings, Bibloteca Sandro Penna stands out for its modern aesthetic. Housing books and multimedia, this library was built in 2004, is named after a local poet and it is easily found with its circular pink glass top looking like a flying saucer. 
 Beach Library (Albena, Bulgaria)
Reading a book on the beach is a classic, and in HEOILBRARY Bulgaria, one library encourages tourists to do just that. The white, weather-resistant shelves lined up not far from the surf hold 6, 000 books in 15 languages so every visitor can find the perfect beach read to enjoy while enjoying the sun. 
 The Camel Library Service (North Eastern Province, Kenya)
To change low literacy rates (识字率) in the desert of Kenya, the government created a roaming library made up of nine camels bringing books to villages. The library travels four days a week serving the area's nomadic people. At present the service focuses on children, but with more funding they plan to increase their reach both in distance and the titles they carry. 
 Seikei University Library (Tokyo, Japan)
Libraries are usually known for their quiet atmosphere, but this one encourages conversation. Pritzker Prize-winner Shigeru Ban designed the library with space-age, free standing soundproofed pods (隔音吊舱) to respect those who need quiet corners for study, while also being helpful to other methods of learning;they serve as perfect places for study groups and lively discussions. 
18.  Gen z (z世代) is the generation born between 1995 and 2010. As the first generation of digital natives (数码原住民), Gen Z is influencing and leading cultural trends (潮流) on social media.
  After interviewing 1, 200 social network users aged between 13 and 24 in the US in October, Instagram, a photo and video sharing platform, has discovered some trends in 2022. Let's take a look at two of them.
  Second hand takes centre stage
  According to the report, 23 percent of the people interviewed plan to shop on second-hand fashion sites in 2022 and nearly 24 percent of them are going to sell their clothes on websites or other social networks this year.
  Instead of thinking that buying or using second-hand items is embarrassing (尴尬的), more and more young people consider it as a cool and fun opportunity for "hunting something special", reported NPR. Growing up with more negative information about environmental pollution, young people have learned that it is important to live a green life.
  Hunger for kitchen skills
  The food hashtag (话题标签) has a bright future in social media in 2022. According to Instagram, Gen Z expects to find new recipes (配方) to test and improve their cooking skills.
  One in six express their love for cooking at home. For them, enjoying life and improving its quality are on top of their life agenda. Instead of ordering so﹣called popular dishes, they're more likely to custom﹣design the flavor and personalize their meals. So, improving cooking skill is a must to them.
19.  ①British gourmet Fuchsia Dunlop's posts (帖子) on WeChat or Instagram, serve up a diet of humor. Most of the posts are about her experience with food from around the world. But since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in London in February, 2020, cooking has becoming a way for her to manage the "endless lockdown". She says she cooks in a very relaxed way, going to the farmers' market at the weekend to buy seasonal products for everyday cooking — a mixture of Jiangnan, Hunan, Guangdong, and Sichuan dishes.
  ②"For me, there are so many wonderful things about Chinese food. The thing that I find is greatest about it is that you can eat food that is both really delicious and incredibly healthy, " Dunlop says. "The Chinese are experts at cooking vegetables, so it is very easy for me to eat Chinese food almost every day. "
  ③Growing up in Oxford, Dunlop dreamed of becoming a cook when she was little. However, her dream did not start to materialize until she came to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, as a university student in 1994. That was when she began learning local cooking skills at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine.
  ④Always keeping a notebook on hand wherever she went, she wrote down the recipes of the dishes she tasted. Based on her knowledge of Sichuan cuisine, Dunlop published her first book, Sichuan Cookery, in 2001, which was hailed by the Observer Food Monthly as "one of the top to0 cookbooks of all time".
  ⑤Since then, she has published four books about Sichuan cuisine, and one in 2016 about recipes from Jiangnan, called Land of Fish and Rice.
  ⑥Now, a Chinese version of Land of Fish and Rice, translated by He Yujia, is available. In the book, Dunlop displays her deep understanding of the food culture that runs deep in the blood of Chinese people.
  ⑦Having studied Chinese food culture for nearly twenty years, she sees the Jiangnan area as the heartland of the nation's gastronomy.
  ⑧"Although you have really interesting and delicious food all over China, in this area, especially, many people wrote about it and discussed it. Many of the old classic food books came from this area, for example. So if you talk about gastronomy, then Jiangnan is a really important area," she says.
  ⑨Dunlop spent 10 years researching the book.
20.I didn't have the        (勇气) to speak up until I saw the teacher nodding and smiling.
21.Our new teacher often        (误以为) Tim for his twin brother Tom.
22.Zhang Yimou is       (高度地) spoken of for the perfect Olympic Opening and Closing.
23.China has made several important       (dɪsˈkʌvəri ) in space exploration recently.
24.On the way back, the spacecraft spun out of       (控制) and finally crashed into the sea.
25.It's said that the actor became famous in his       (fifty).
26.—What do you think of your English teacher?
—Humorous and helpful. And she knows how to keep us        (interest) in English.
27.Many people think that the more        (choose) they have, the happier they will be.
28.Zhong Nanshan is        (wide) respected for his personality as well as work.
29.My dear child, please keep it in mind that in whatever station,        (safe) comes first.
30.  Shen Junbo, a high school boy from Lianhua community, Haidian District in Beijing was (1)P       by many netizens for pasting poems at a nucleic acid test site (核酸检测点).
  On May4th, Shen was (2)q      with his mother, waiting for the second round of nucleic acid test when he noticed that the (3)v      had to constantly remind everyone to keep social distance because the lines on the ground was blurred (模糊的).
  He came up with the idea of (4)p      out poems and pasting them on the ground, so that people could read the poems as well as keep a certain distance from each other without getting (5)b      .
  Shen carefully selected poems after getting back home and had them printed out (6)s       the lucky money he received during the Spring Festival.
  It was (7)p      11 p. m. when he finally finished pasting all the poems on the ground that night.
The whole neighbourhood was (8)a      by what Shen had done.
  Netizens were also impressed by this (9)c      behavior. "I'm sure people will notice these poems no matter (10)w      they're playing with their cellphones or not," commented one netizen.
31.  When you and your family go out for dinner, have you noticed how many dishes you usually order and how much food is left over?
  Following the Anti-Food Waste Law adopted in April 2020, China has stepped up its efforts to waste less food by issuing (颁发) an action plan in December.
  The plan, issued by the State Council (国务院), requires reducing food waste through the whole course, not just at the dinner table. This includes corp production, transportation, processing and consumption. It hopes to set up a monitoring (监管) system to reduce food loss and waste, reported China Daily.
  In the food production stage, it is required that better crop species (物种) and seeds be carefully chosen to increase harvests. Agricultural machines should also be improved to reduce farming waste. Regarding food storage issues, the plan encourages old warehouses (仓库) to be renovated (翻新) and put to use.
  The plan also requires caters (餐厅) to offer smaller portions (份), as well as advise customers on ordering and monitoring food buying. Leftovers should be collected for other possible uses, such as animal feed. Videos showing people eating large quantities of food and other related media content that could cause or encourage food waste will be not allowed to be posted or shard.

阅读以上信息, 用恰当的单词完成下面的短文, 每空一词.
  To further pushed for the reduction of food waste and loss, a new plan has been issued by the State Council. The plan hopes to reduce food waste and loss through the whole course, (1)      grain production, transportation, processing and consumption. According to the plan, any possible food waste and loss must be (2)      . In the production stage, for example, species and seeds are required to be carefully chosen in order to make (3)      of better harvests. In the consumption stage, not only smaller portions are required, but also leftovers should not be (4)      away because they may be useful in other ways. Moreover, because of their possible effects, videos that show people eating large quantities of food will (5)      be found online, according to the plan.
  With increasing economic and cultural exchanges between Russia and China, more Russians have got the chance to come to China. Based on their visits to China, some young Russian people have formed their own ideas and opinions about this country which was once strange to them. Below is what three of them share with us about China.
32.Alisa Topchiy
  Topchiy, 23, studies at St. Petersburg State University, Russia. She has been to China twice. Topchiy is impressed most by Chinese food, especially Chinese dumplings. She said that Russians eat meat dumplings. but in China, dumplings can have countless different kinds of filling (馅料). Once. one of her Chinese friends took her to try some fish and shrimp (虾) dumplings . "They were delicious and exotic," she said. By being taken to try different dumplings, she has built many wonderful friendships with many Chinese people.
Podareva Anastasia
  Anastasia, 25. is a postgraduate (研究生) at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. She chose to stay in China after the pandemic broke out. She witnessed (见证) how China took measures to fight the pandemic. "I was deeply impressed and moved by the solidarity (团结) and bravery of the Chinese people in the fight against COVID-19. That, to me, is the strength and the charm of this country." she said.
  Maxim Kovalew
  Kovalew now studies at Beijing International Studies University. He is most impressed by the WeChat Pay. "It is just easy and quick and trouble﹣saving. Now, I can't imagine life without it, " Kovalew said.

阅读以上信息, 用恰当的单词完成下面的表格, 每空一词.
(1)      in the eyes of three young Russian people 
Background ●There are more and more exchanges between China and Russia.
●More Russians have come to China as a (2)      of it. 
Three Russians Alisa Topchiy ●She is now a college student in a Russian university.
●She has (3)      China twice.
●To her, Chinese dumplings are the most special. 
Podareva Anastasai ●She is now a postgraduate in a Chinese university.
●She decided to stay in China after seeing how China (4)      against COVID -19. 
Maxim Kovalew ●He studies in a Chinese university.
●He can't love Chinese WeChat Pay well (5)      
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