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1.Jackson Yee is__________excellent actor. His film Nice View Was shown on _____first day of 2022.
  • A. a;the
  • B. a;/
  • C. an;the
  • D. an;a
2.—_____great fun it is to chat with my 15-month-old sister!
—Yeah, baby talk is really interesting.
  • A. What a
  • B. What
  • C. How a
  • D. How
3.Steven has_______friends, so he feels lonely from time to time.
  • A. few
  • B. little
  • C. a few
  • D. a little
4.Manchurian tigers are_______now. Let's keep them______.
  • A. in danger;safety
  • B. dangerous;safe
  • C. in danger;safe
  • D. dangerous;safety
5.Exciting activities before bedtime make it difficult for us to________ and fall asleep.
  • A. come down
  • B. sit down
  • C. break down
  • D. calm down
6.I could ______ control my feelings at the moment. The song brought back so many memories.
  • A. nearly
  • B. clearly
  • C. seldom
  • D. hardly
7.—How can Cathy say bad words about me? I thought we were good friends.
—Who told you that? Friends need ______.
  • A. courage
  • B. trust
  • C. pity
  • D. distance
8.—Am I suitable for this IT job?
—Of course you are. ____you have much experience in the IT industry.
  • A. Unless
  • B. Until
  • C. Though
  • D. Since
9.In the meeting, the manager mentioned the accidents their carelessness led to_______ them happening again.
  • A. prevent
  • B. preventing
  • C. to prevent
  • D. to preventing
10.—I wonder________.
—Sorry. I have no idea, either.
  • A. which hotel Amy stayed in Maldive
  • B. which supermarket does Tina work
  • C. whom I should go to to ask for help
  • D. who John is waiting
11.阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案.
  There was a businessman who was deep in debt (债务) and could see no way out. He sat on a park bench, head in his hands. Suddenly, an old man (1)      before him.
  "I can see that (2)       is troubling you," he said. After listening to the businessman's story, the old man put a (3)       in the man's hand, saying, "Take it and pay me back here (4)       one year from today." Then he turned and disappeared as quickly as he had come.
  The businessman saw in his hand a check for $500, 000 (5)       by John Rockefeller, one of the richest men in the world!
  "I can pay off my (6)      !" he realized. But he didn't use the check at once. (7)      the businessman decided to save the check. Just knowing it was there might give him the (8)       to save his business, he thought. He went back and worked hard to make his business successful. Soon, he was out of debt and making (9)      again.
  Exactly one year later, he returned to the park with the check. The old man appeared (10)       it was planned. But just as the businessman was about to hand back the check and share his (11)       story, a nurse came running up and grabbed the old man. She told him that the old man was mentally (精神上) ill, (12)       from the rest home and always telling people he was John Rockefeller.
  The businessman was shocked (震惊) to (13)      that. All year long, he'd been buying and selling, believing that he had half a (14)      dollars behind him. Suddenly, he realized that it wasn't the money that had turned his life (15)      . It was his self-confidence that gave him the power to achieve success.
12.  I walked into a wild third﹣grade classroom. Loud music was played, kids were throwing a football, and students were dancing wherever they could find space. I was a mid﹣year replacement (替补), The previous (之前的) teacher said he could no longer teach these children and left the job during the holiday break. As soon as I walked into the room, I understood why he left.
  I sat down quietly in my chair and began reading their names softly. I then put up a mirror (镜子) on the wall next to the blackboard and began writing my name and a reading task on the blackboard.
  I then asked the children to come up one by one and tell me their names and what they wanted to learn about. It was a difficult task because only two children said they wanted to learn something!
  I set rules for the classroom and talked to the students' parents in the hope that I could fix the noisy kids. But it was the mirror that saved the day — no, the year!
  The mirror allowed me to see my students' every move while I was writing on the blackboard. They soon became puzzled as to how I knew who was misbehaving while I looked at the blackboard. When one student finally asked me, I told him I had a special teacher's eye in the back of my head that my hair covered.
  At first they did not believe me. But they did begin to behave better, especially while I wrote on the blackboard. They were starting to believe that I had magical vision. I never told them differently. Why mess u叩a good thing?
13.  From the Summer Olympics in 2008 to the Winter Olympics 2022, it took Beijing less than 14 years to become the first city to host both. How much do you know about the 2022 Olympic Winter Games?
 The Motto "Together for a Shared Future" is the official Motto of the Olympic Winter Games. It represents the power of the Games to take on global challenges as a community, with a shared future for mankind. 
 The Mascot
The mascot is Bing Dwen Dwen, like a cute baby panda. It wears a transparent "shell". It looks like an astronaut in a space suit, showing a perfect mixing of winter sports and modern technology. A series of colored floating lines around its head look like the tracks on an ice rink (冰场). The colorful lines also stand for fast 5 G signals (信号). 
 The Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was held on Feb. 4, 2022, or lichun (Beginning of Spring), the first of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. They are used to count down the last seconds before the ceremony and show the Chinese people's understanding of time. 
  Great Achievements
The Chinese athletes got 9 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, which made us proud. China's"Snow Princess" Eileen Gu got the historic gold in the women's freestyle skiing. 
14.  "They are going to attack, " said the captain, coming back in. "We have fewer men to fight them but we have the protection of the fort (堡垒)," The captain then gave his orders. "Doctor, guard the door, but do not let them see you. Hunter, guard the east side, Joyce, the west. Mr Trelawney, — you and Gray guard this north side with the five gun holes. Shoot when you see anyone."
  We put out the fire, and put four extra guns, and our swords in the centre of the room. Joyce shot (射击) first, but he missed his man. Soon lots of shots hit our fort. Seven pirates (海盗) ran to the fort shouting loudly, while others fired at us from behind the trees. One bullet (子弹) came through the doorway, breaking the doctor's gun to pieces. The pirates climbed inside the fence. They ran up the hill towards our house. They pulled the guns from the holes and then ran towards the door.
  "Outside, men!" shouted the captain. "We'll fight them in the open with our swords!"
  We went outside and killed more of them. The rest of the pirates ran away. When the fighting was over, we went back inside. Two more of our men died in the attack and the captain was wounded. The numbers were now reduced from seven of us against nineteen pirates to four against nine. (Adapted from Treasure Island)
15.  When you look at the night sky, what you see are actually lots of "power plants" (发电厂). Every star makes a huge amount of energy through nuclear fusion (核聚变). For years, scientists have tried to make this kind of energy. They need to make a "mini star" on Earth. Recently, some scientists made a big step forward.
  In February, 2022, the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire, the UK doubled a world record set in 1997. The latest equipment (设备) there used fusion engines (发动机) to make as much energy as four wind turbines (涡轮机) did, reported The Guardian.
  In the past, no experiment could make more energy than what was used to start the fusion engine. This new experiment, although it only lasted five seconds, showed it's possible to make more power.
  Another good thing about the experiment is that the reaction (反应) stopped when the equipment got too hot. This problem can be solved with cooling systems. Future fusion reactions may last much longer than five seconds — minutes or even hours.
  Why do we care so much about star power?Fusion reactions could offer power to everyone on Earth一enough for everyone to use for thousands even millions of years. They're also clean — they don't produce carbon dioxide or radioactive (放射性的) waste.
  You may wonder why fusion energy is so hard to make. Creating conditions similar to a star is not easy. The machine must reach temperatures 10 time as high as that of the sun's core (核).
  Even so, it's time to get excited about star power. If it can be successfully carried out, it will be a landmark (里程碑) in human history.
16.根据句子意思, 从方框中选用恰当的单词或短语填空.
knocks on, smelt, lives on, while, society, of their own, on her way, made of, natural 
17.      (luck), these Chinese students in Ukraine have moved to safe places.
18.If we don't have confidence in       (we), then nobody will.
19.      (describe) the views in spring, the little girl wrote down what she saw.
20.A gentle touch on the neck makes the cat much       (sleep).
21.The       (tour) passport went missing. That worried him a lot.
22.The farmer       (harvest) crops in the field from 8 a. m. to 1 p. m. yesterday.
23.Gertrude Ederle managed to swim       (cross) the English Channel in 1926.
The garden       tulips lies       the hill.
25.干草很容易着火, 并很难扑灭.
Dry grass       very easily and it's difficult to       the fire.
26.上个月, 洪水冲走了村民们的房子, 所以当地政府为他们提供了帐篷.
Last month, the flood       the villagers' houses, so the local government       for them.
27.犯错误没什么, 但是我们必须及时采取行动去纠正错误.
It's OK to       . But we must       to correct them in time.
28.沈腾很有幽默感, 他的喜剧总是逗得我们大笑.
Shen Teng has       humor that we       by his comedies at all times.
29.  After the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, an amazing show called The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting (《只此青绿》) became a hit. The show is based on a classical Chinese painting — A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains by Wang Ximeng, an artist who lived during the Song Dynasty (960 —1279). Watching the show is like going on a journey back to the Song Dynasty. The painting is now kept in the Palace Museum in Beijing.
  Netizens made a word for the challenging move — "blue-green waist". In fact, the bend (弯曲) in the show is meant to sketch the shape of steep cliffs and winding mountains in the painting. A number of people take on the challenge by bending backward. Some dancers even bend backward at a 90-degree angle. The graceful but difficult backbend has become very hot. However, without years of training or proper instructions, people may hurt their bones.
  The dancers in the show have trained for years before getting on stage. To show the beauty of the painting through traditional Chinese dance movements, the directors studied a lot of materials and read almost all the poems of the Song Dynasty. It took them almost 20 months to put the show on the stage.

根据短文内容回答问题, 每题答案不超过6个词.
30.  For more than a thousand years, Cairo has been the capital city of Egypt (埃及). This is finally coming to an end. The country is moving its capital.
  Last month, some officials began to work in the new capital as part of a six-month trial. Not officially (官方地) named yet, the city is located in the desert to the east of Cairo and is known as the New Administrative (行政) Capital (NAC). It began to be built in 2015.
  Why does the government decide to build a new capital?That's mainly because there are more and more people in Cairo. When it is completed, the new capital will be about 714 square kilometers in area, nearly twice the size of Cairo. In other words, it's almost the same size as Singapore. It is planned to house 6. 5 million people. Government offices, embassies (大使馆) and other organizations will move there.
  Egypt's leader says that building the new capital will help create jobs for many people. He also says all kinds of projects are planned, such as building airports. hotels and stadiums. Moreover, there is a public park twice the size of New York's Central Park. This is the second reason for building a new capital.
  Another reason is that Egypt needs a smart and green capital. It will use a smart traffic system and people will use e﹣payment. Engineers have set up solar panels (太阳能板) on rooftops. Everyone in the capital will have 15 square meters of green land.
  "We are trying to solve all the problems we had in the past in the new capital," spokesman for the new capital told Reuters.
31.决战中考的号角已经吹响, 距离中考还有不到100天的时间.100天, 短, 则如白驹过隙, 转瞬即逝;长, 则有144, 000分钟.只要努力, 一切皆有可能.让我们以梦为马, 不负韶华.你准备好了吗?请根据以下表格写一篇题为"Let's get ready"的文章, 给出你的建议并谈谈你的梦想.
保持身心健康 a. 坚持锻炼, 健康饮食b. 向同学、师长倾诉烦恼 
高效学习 a. 科学计划, 合理管理时间b. 上课认真听讲, 关注每个细节c . .. .. 
我的梦想 . .. . (至少两点) 

注意: 1. 短文必须包括表格中所有内容, 可适当发挥;
2. 词数:80﹣100, 短文首段已经给出, 不计入总词数;
3. 文中不得出现真实的人名、校名和地名.
Let's get ready
  The senior high entrance examination is coming. How can we prepare for it?Here are my suggestions. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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