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1.一Did you watch_____ opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games?
一Of course I did. What_____exciting event!
  • A. an;an
  • B. the;an
  • C. the;/
2.—Excuse me, where can I buy a jacket?
—You can go to the Men's Wear Section on the_________ floor.
  • A. two
  • B. twice
  • C. second
3.一 How do we turn on the blender?
一I____you, weren't you listening?
  • A. am telling
  • B. will tell
  • C. have told
4.一 Miss Wang, I forget new words quickly. How can I remember them?
一Don't worry. It's_____to forget new words!I suggest you try to use them.
  • A. necessary
  • B. natural
  • C. nervous
5.The idiom (成语) "Mengzi's mother makes three moves" is about a mother who did all she could to provide the best_____for her child.
  • A. experience
  • B. instruction
  • C. environment
6.___________ we continue to pull together, we'll keep winning the game.
  • A. As long as
  • B. Even though
  • C. As soon as
7.Scientists all over the world are_____ new medicine to fight COVID-19.
  • A. working out
  • B. trying out
  • C. leaving out
8.—To make our school more beautiful, we______throw the rubbish on the ground.
—Everyone should play an important part in doing it.
  • A. needn't
  • B. mustn't
  • C. may not
9.— There are mainly six kinds of tea in China. Which is your favorite?
— Green tea, I guess. I've tried black tea, green tea and so on, and of them have their special tastes.
  • A. all
  • B. both
  • C. none
  • D. neither
10.We don't know_____, but it tells us the importance of friendship.
  • A. whether the story is true
  • B. when did the story happen
  • C. what the story is about
11.  Imagine you're taking an exam, and you find (1)      difficult to answer those questions. Time is running out. Would you waste the little chance that you get in cheating? (2)      , some of us have once cheated in the test. Certainly, it's not correct. I's important (3)      the rules because the world would (4)      a total mess without rules.
  However, with the time passing by and the (5)      of the society, some rules have become barriers (障碍) to people's success. Arnold once said, "We have so many rules in life about everything. But it's impossible to be a creator (6)       you're too well-behaved. You have to think outside the box"
  Not all rules are equal (相等的). Some are created to control people, (7)       become old and boring. So sometimes, it's (8)       to break the rules. In 1823, William Webb Ellis was a pupil at Rugby School. He (9)      playing football in the old way, so he took the ball in his arms and ran with it (10)      a school football match. Rugby (橄榄球), the game we know and love today, was born.
  Each person has (11)       own values (价值观). Before you break the rules, think over whether it will go (12)      your values. And the moment you decide to do that, you must (13)       face the bad results.
  All in all, rules are used to help us, not (14)      us. So, we have reason to believe that breaking rules is necessary at times, especially when they prevent us from becoming (15)      . Of course, one can be a fan of breaking the rules, but can't be a fan of breaking the laws.
12.A:It's really hard to say goodbye to our school.
B:You're right. (1)      It's unbelievable that three years has passed.
A:Yeah, I still remember seeing you in Grade Seven.
B:Well. We used to be kids. (2)      
A:We've grown up with the help of our teachers. (3)      
B:And they're patient, too. What can we do to express our thanks?
A: (4)      Gifts can express our thanks.
B:That sounds OK, but it's the best gift to go back to see them often.
A:I agree with you. (5)      
B:That's for sure.

A. How time flies!
B. They must be very happy to see us again.
C. They are so helpful.
D. But now we are teenagers.
E. Why not buy them some gifts?
F. Where can we get gifts? 
13.结合本题所设置的情境, 在每个空白处填入适当的内容完成下列对话.
A:Hi, Mr. Wang. I haven't seen you for a week. Where have you been?
B:Oh, (1)      .
A:Really?Your hometown is Qiqihar, isn't it?I remember you have once mentioned (提)it.
B:Yes, it is. I was born and grew up there.
A: (2)      ?
B:By train. I took the Train G933 from Beijing.
A:I see. (3)      ?
B:Less than eight hours. But it used to take more than twenty hours from Beijing to Qiqihar by train.
A:How fast the high-speed trains run! (4)      ?
B:Of course, it's changed a lot. The streets are now wider and new tall buildings are everywhere. I dream to make some money and learn some useful skills in Beijing. And then I'll return to my hometown and set up a factory.
A:That's great! (5)      !
B:Thank you.
14.阅读下面文字, 从A到F选项中为每个段落选出一个最适合的标题.
  Lots of teenagers think that it is difficult to set and achieve goals. What about you?If your answer is yes, don't feel sad. The following tips can help you.
(1)      The key to making changes is that you should find the strong wish within yourself一you will do it because you like it, not because of your parents, teachers or someone else.
(2)      "I'm going to recycle all my plastic bottles and magazines" is a much more feasible(可行的) goal than "I'm going to do more for the environment", and it is easier to stick to.
(3)      It will probably take several months before a change turns into a habit For example, you want to get up earlier to exercise than before. That's because your brain needs some time to get used to the new idea.
(4)      Say out your goals loudly each morning. This can remind you of what you want and what you're working for. Every time you remind yourself of your goals, you're training yourself to stick to them.
(5)      Making mistakes is a part of the learning process. It may take a few tries to achieve your goals. It's normal for you to give up a few times when you try to make a change. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. Just remind yourself to get back in the right direction.
A. How to set and achieve goals.
B. Making mistakes doesn't mean failure.
C. Make changes to please yourself.
D. Specific (具体的) and realistic (现实的) goals work best.
E. Repeating goals helps you stick to them.
F. It takes some time for a change to turn into a habit. 

15.  The Silk Road is the name of different roads that long ago connected Europe, Africa and Asia. People reached these different places along these roads. Scientists believe people began to travel along the Silk Road about 3, 000 years ago. When the Chinese silk trade became important in the world, the Silk Road covered almost 6, 500 kilometers. It spread from Rome to China, that is to say from the Western Europe to the Far East. Traders traveling along the Silk Road carried silk, of course, they also carried and traded spices (香料), cloth, valuable stones, gold and so on.
  There is a famous old story along the old road. It is said that Roman soldiers who lost a war traveled through Central Asia. They decided to live somewhere near the ancient Chinese village of Liqian. Some of these Romans married local Chinese women and the story of blue﹣eyed villages of China started.
  During its busiest period, the Silk Road allowed people from many different cultures and countries to meet each other and mix. The Silk Road allowed sharing valuable goods (货物) and new ideas. These included people and trading goods from the Mediterranean (地中海的), Persian (波斯的), Magyar (马扎尔的), Armenian (亚美尼亚的), Bactrian (大厦的), Indian and Chinese areas. All these peoples traveled along the Silk Road, and they shared goods, stories, languages, and cultures.
  In modern times, the old Silk Road routes (路线) are still used, but now they are crossed by trains
instead of camels (骆驼) and horses. There is even a Silk Route Museum in Jiuquan in China. It has over 35, 000 objects from all along the Silk Road. In this way, China protects the history of many countries and peoples.
根据文章内容, 判断句子正(T)、误(F).
16.  Many teenagers love mysteries, but they can't find the ones that suit them the best. Are you one of them?Well, don't worry!Here are some mysteries for teenagers. There must be one here that will win your heart!
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library
Mr. Lemoncello is a famou s inventor in town. Twelve kids are invited to visit his new library. This, however, is not a good place to spend the night!The kids must work together to solve the clues (线索) and escape (逃跑)! "It's a great book!I had my nose in it all the time! This must be the coolest library in the world!"
﹣Kate, 14 Buy now!¥38. 60 (hardcover)¥34. 70 (e-book) 
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Claudia and her brother Jamie run away from their suburban (郊区的) home to live in an art museum in New York City. They become interested in the mystery of an angel statue (雕像) that has been newly brought into the museum. Can they solve it? "I have read this book twenty times!It's a must-read for young fans!"
﹣Alexa, 13 Buy now!¥48. 70(hardcover) ¥34. 60(e-book) 
The London Eye Mystery
Salim suddenly disappears. No one knows where he has gone. His cousins, Ted and Kate, have to follow clues around London in order to find him before it's too late. Can they make it?Read the novel to find out! "My favorite story! It's well worth reading."
﹣Jill 14 Buy now!¥74. 70 (hardcover)¥66. 60 (e-book) 
The Name of This Book Is Secret
Readers will love following Max-Ernest and Cass as they solve the mystery of a missing magician! "An amazing story!It will make you never want to stop turning its pages!"
﹣Gabe, 15 Buy now!¥113. 40 (hardcover)¥33. 30 (e-book) 

阅读以上信息, 从每小题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出一个最佳选项.
17.阅读短文, 根据首字母或所给词的适当形式填空, 使文章语义通顺.
  China's 18-year-old freestyle skier, Gu Ailing, won the gold medal (金牌) of the Women's Freeski Big Air Final (自由式滑雪女子大跳台决赛) at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. She put hands on her head with a look of great (1)      (excite) on her face. "This is the (2)      (happy) moment in my life. Moments like this make everything worthy." Gu Ailing said and she thanked the Chinese people (3)f        their huge support.
  People say she is a (4)       (talent) girl. But Gu said that talent took up "only one percent' of her wins. The most important is her (5)h       work. While going to school in San Francisco, the US, Gu could only practice on weekends. She (6)s      eight hours going to the ski hill and back, doing her homework on the way and making full use of her time at the hill to practice skiing.
  Gu said she wanted to encourage more girls in China (7)       (try) skiing and other extreme(极限)sports. She hopes to use sports as a (8)" b       " between China and the USA.
  More and more people get to know Gu, a girl (9)w       loves to eat dumplings and Beijing duck, especially when they find out Gu's Putonghua is better than (10)      (them).
18.  How would you feel if you received a lot of money suddenly?That's exactly what happened to . Joe, a worker at a gas station (加油站) in South Africa. His sudden luck was brought about by an act of kindness he did for a young woman — Monet, a company manager.
  One day, Monet stopped at the gas station to refuel (加油). But when Joe was about to serve her, she realized she didn't have any money or cards with her. She immediately tried to stop him. Knowing about her trouble, Joe decided to pay her gas bill of about $ 7 to make sure that she could travel across the highway with enough gas.
  "Madam, I'll pay for you so that you won't run out of gas on the road. Whenever you are near here again, you can just give the money back to me," Joe said. As for him, the $7 was almost all he made in a day. He had to support a big family. He needed the money very much. He wasn't even sure if Monet would come back to return his money, but he still volunteered to help her.
  Several days later, Monet came back with the money. She was so thankful that she also posted their story on the Internet. Great changes took place. Joe became famous in his town. Many people were moved by his act and raised money for him. Joe received around $24,000, as much as about his salary (薪水) of eight years. His boss also heard of his kind act and decided to give him a rise in salary.
  "I feel as if I were dreaming. My life has been turned upside down," Joe said thankfully. As normal people, we can bring a great change to life by doing a small good thing.
阅读短文, 回答下列问题.
19.  On Dec 9, three Chinese astronauts gave a science talk 400 kilometers above the Earth!Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu, who are working in Tiangong space station, showed millions of students a short time of their life there. They also did some fun science experiments (实验). Let's take a look at some of them.
Use it or lose it
  The human body grows with the pull of the Earth's gravity (重力). But in space, our bones (骨骼) and muscles (肌肉) don't need to support our bodies' weight. This will cause bone and muscle loss (丧失) little by little. (A)That is dangerous for astronauts because they will be (B) _____ weak to work. NASA (美国航空航天局) says that astronauts can lose up to 20 percent of their muscles after just a couple of weeks.
  Astronauts have different ways to prevent this. During the talk, Zhai introduced a special uniform that Ye was wearing. It's called a "penguin (企鹅) suit". Wearing it keeps their muscles strong. Wang also showed students (C) _____to ride a bicycle and walk on a treadmill (跑步机). (D) ______.
Space water is different
  During another experiment, Wang made a water film (膜). Then she added more water drops onto the film to make it a water ball. This can never happen on the Earth. Space water is different in many other ways from that on the Earth. For example, water will not flow downward (向下流) if you try to pour it into a cup. That's why astronauts usually drink water through (E)straws. If astronauts cry, the tears will not fall down but stay on their eyeballs. They have to wipe them away (擦掉)!
阅读短文, 根据题目要求完成下列任务.
20."如果信仰有颜色, 那一定是中国红!"在2022女足亚洲杯决赛中, 中国女足在开场连续失利的情况下, 仍不言弃, 最终逆转夺冠!女足的精神时刻鼓励着我们, 请你以"Never Give Up"为题谈谈你人生中坚韧不拔、克服困难的一次经历.
1. What difficulty did you have?
2. What did you do to overcome (克服) the difficulty?
3. How did you feel?
1. 80﹣100 词, 首句已经给出, 不计入总词数;
2. 字迹工整, 语言流畅, 符合逻辑.
Never Give Up
  I still remember that unforgettable experience. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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