【2021-2022学年北京市101中学八年级(上)期中英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年北京市101中学八年级(上)期中英语试卷.PDF
1.I'm going to play basketball, would you like to go with __________?
  • A. I
  • B. me
  • C. he
  • D. him
2.—_____ does he play soccer?
—Three times a week.
  • A. How long
  • B. How soon
  • C. How far
  • D. How often
3.—Does David like to exercise?
—Yes. He can do many sports, _______ soccer, basketball and tennis.
  • A. Because of
  • B. such as
  • C. as for
  • D. as well
4.I went to the Great Wall last week and _____ lots of visitors there.
  • A. met
  • B. meet
  • C. will meet
  • D. have met
5.Town Cinema is _____ than most cinemas, but Movie World is _____ in the town.
  • A. more expensive;expensive
  • B. more expensive;the most expensive
  • C. expensive;expensivest
  • D. expensive;the most expensive
6.It's important ______ us ________ every day.
  • A. for;to exercise
  • B. to;exercise
  • C. to;exercising
  • D. for;to exercising
7.  What a difference a day makes! My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today. We wanted to walk up to the top but then it started raining a little (1)       we decided to take the train. We waited over an hour for the train because there (2)       (be) too many people. When we (3)       (get) to the top, it was raining really (4)      (hard). We did not have (5)       (a) umbrella so we were wet and cold. It was terrible! And because of the bad weather, we couldn't see (6)      (something) below. My father didn't bring enough money. So we only had one bowl of rice and some fish. The food tasted great because I was so hungry!
8.  Everyone has dreams. Lily dreamed of being a dancer. She took (1)       lessons and all her teachers thought she was an excellent student.
  One day she saw a notice. It said that a famous dancing group would be performing in her town. (2)       thought, "I must show the leader my dancing skills." She waited for the group leader in the dressing room. (3)      the leader appeared, she came up and handed him the flowers she prepared. The thorns (刺) hurt her fingers and blood came out. But she was too (4)       to care about her pain. She expressed her strong wish to be a dancer and begged (乞求) to show her dance.
  "All right. You dance," the leader agreed. But half way through the dance, he stopped her, "I'm sorry, in my mind you're not good enough!" On hearing this, Lily (5)       out as fast as her legs could carry her. It was so hard for her to accept this. She lost heart and (6)       her dream.
  Several years later, the dancing group came to her town again. She decided to find out (7)      the leader had told her she was not good enough. This was his reply, "I tell this to every student. " "You've ruined (毁掉) my life!" She shouted angrily.
  The leader went on, "I remember your present of flowers and how the thorns had hurt your fingers but you carried on bravely. It was a pity that you didn't take dancing like that and stopped trying so (8)      . So you are still not good enough for dancing!"
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10.  Luck has always been my closest friend these past five years. As you already know, there are a lot of forest fires during the summer season. Many forests are badly burnt by fire each year.
  This hot summer, not far from our house, a forest caught fire. It was in July and a heat wave had been going on for three days. Luck rushed towards the forest because of the burning heat. There was no longer any hope at that moment to wait for Luck to come back. Suddenly, a fireman ran into my house and told me that my dog Luck succeeded in saving four cats that were caught in the fire. According to the fireman, Luck caught the cats, moving them one by one into a safe place.
  I ran out of the house and went with the firemen to the forest to pick up the saved cats. When we arrived, Luck was not there. Then we heard the sound of a dog coming from the forest barking ( 犬 吠 ). I knew it was the sound of my dog Luck. The firemen followed the tracks ( 踪 迹 ) of the dog until they found him barking loudly by the side of a hurt fireman who was hopelessly lying on the ground and waiting for someone to save him.
  Thanks to Luck, four cats and a fireman were saved. That day, I was very proud of Luck for his two heroic actions.
  Later I paid a visit to the fireman in his house with my lovely Luck. It was such a memorable scene when the fireman held Luck close to his chest! "One thousand thanks, Luck, for saving my life, " the fireman said.
11.  Artificial intelligence (人工智能), or AI in short, is the science of giving computers and machines ability to think and work like humans. AI scientists and engineers have made a lot of cool technologies.
  AI is rapidly catching up with the human ability to read faces. As a result, facial recognition (识别) is used a lot in the world. Chinese police use this technology to identify criminals (罪犯). Once they caught a criminal when he attended a concert. It also checks the ID of ride-hailing (网约车) drivers and lets people pay for things with a smile.
  AI is also used in self-driving cars, which are believed to be the future of driving. Most drivers may wave or nod at passers — by to let them cross the street, but self-driving cars don't have this ability. Carmakers are testing a light signal system to help them "speak" to humans. The system can show what self﹣driving cars will do. For example, if a driverless car is yielding (让路), it will lash two white lights side to side. A rapidly flashing light tells passers﹣by that the car is about to speed up
  Service Robots also show you how powerful Al is. Imagine this — you come back home from school and your robot housekeeper is waiting for you at the door. After dinner he teaches you to play the piano, just like a real music teacher. Such thoughts will soon happen in the real world. In the future. more and more service robots will become good home helpers
  AI is so powerful that it can help human beings and even replace us in many jobs
12.  Thanks to better health care, most people are living healthier and longer lives. Someone who is born today can expect to live about thirty-five years longer than someone who was born in the nineteenth century. It is even thought that in the future more and more people will celebrate their hundredth birthdays. Here are some rules for a healthy life.
1. Get off the sofa!
  Sure, it is comfortable to sit on the sofa and watch TV. But doctors say you should get off the sofa. To keep fit, you have to walk at least 10, 000 steps every day. In the past, people's jobs required more physical effort. They often had to walk for miles every day. When farmers were working in the fields, they were keeping fit at the same time. Think about it:Do you get the same amount of exercise today as they did in the past?
2. Eat healthy food!
  It is important to eat food that is fresh and natural, for example, fruit and vegetables. Fast food is not healthy. You should only have it once in a while. Eating too much of the wrong food will harm your health.
3. Rest while you can!
  When we were babies, we slept for much of the night. Teenagers do not need as much sleep as babies, but it is important for you to get about eight hours' sleep a night. At weekend you have got more time, so use it not just for your friends, but for rest too.
4. Do not worry. Be happy!
  Many people believe that happiness is important for our general health. Sometimes it is not easy to be a teenager because of the difficulties of school, exams or friendships. If you are worried about something, talk to your parents or your teacher.
5. Say no to smoking!
  Yes, you knew I was going to say this!It is so important. Smoking is not cool. It is dangerous. It harms nearly every part of your body. Think about how your family and friends will feel, and think about what it will do to your health.
13.假如你是李华, 你参加了学校年度社团招新活动并决定参加电影俱乐部.你希望好朋友交换生 Tom 能和你一起参加这个俱乐部.请给 Tom 写一封信, 简单介绍电影俱乐部的活动时间和地点、活动内容, 以及你希望他参加电影俱乐部的原因.
提示词语:movie club, watch movies, discuss, meaningful
提示问题:1. When and where do you attend the club?
2. What do you do in the movie club?
3. Why do you want Tom to join the club?

Dear Tom,
  I am writing to tell you something about the movie club. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Li Hua