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Jane's Saturday

Date: April 10th
Weather: Sunny and warm
Activities: In the morning
8:00 went to the museum with thirty-six other students
8:30 — 10:30 had a history lesson about bronze work (青铜器)
11:00 — 11:30 trained for next Monday's English speech competition
In the afternoon
2:00 — 3:30 volunteered to help at the old people's home
3:40 — 5:00 went shopping with her mom and sister
In the evening
7:30 — 9:00 watched TV and played chess with her brother 
Negative Thinker
I always have negative (消极的) ideas like "I can't do this". How can I start looking up?KellerWe asked you to help one of our readers by answering his question. Please lend a helping hand. 
Try to find something you look forward to, like an ice-cream or your birthday. It will make you happy to think this way.
Susan, 14, California 
Maybe you should think "I'll try" instead of "I can't". And give yourself a reward (奖励) after you finish doing something.
Jacob, 11, New York 
I often think of all the things that I can do and want to have. They make me feel happy and confident. I hope this works for you.
Frank, 13, London 
To solve the problem, you should do difficult things step by step. For example, when you do your homework, try reading and thinking about questions slowly before answering them. Everything is possible if you work hard and carefully.
Nina, 12, California 
3.  On October 16, 2021, Chinese astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu successfully entered the Tianhe core module (核心舱) by Shenzhou-13. From then on, the three of them started their six-month journey in space. On December 9, they gave a science lesson from the country's space station.
  The class started at 3:40 pm and lasted about forty-five minutes. 1, 420 primary and middle school students watched it from five classrooms across China. The primary classroom was in the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing. The four others are in Nanning, Wenchuan, Hong Kong and Macao.
  At the beginning of the class, Wang gave the students a tour of their living and working areas, with the help of Zhai and Ye. She showed their bedrooms, toilet, kitchen, exercise area and experiment area. After that, they did several experiments in zero-gravity (零重力) condition.
  "I've been in the space science club since Grade One. Since then, I've been learning astronomical photography (天文摄影) and space science. I've learned a lot," said Geng Xia, a sixth grader from Haidian Tuqiang No. 2 Primary School.
  "My science teacher taught me something about space science. I wasn't interested in it at first, but the more I learn, the more I know it's different from what I thought. I wish to know more about space science," said Anastasia Petrova from Beijing Chaoyang Fangcaodi International School.
4.  Some people say that dogs are man's best friend. They are good partners, loyal (忠诚的) and lovely. Of course, they can be more than just a pet as some dogs are excellent working dogs too. We know about the amazing help guide dogs give to blind people. And more recently, a new role has been found for the animals — working as therapy (治疗) dogs in universities.
  Research by Washington State University in the US shows that spending time with a dog can help students who are feeling stressed. According to Patricia Pendry from the university, a study of 300 students has found that weekly hour﹣long periods with dogs brought to the university by professional trainers can make students at high risk of failing exams or dropping out feel relaxed and accepted. The dogs help them to learn wisely and remember information well.
  Another piece of research has also shown that touching animals can help make people less stressed, so it makes sense to introduce them into an environment where people are feeling stressed out. And by now, around 1, 000 schools in the US have already used therapy pets. It is becoming more common in the UK. However, it's hard to describe the influence of just having a dog lying down in the corner of a class.
  Using dogs for therapy can also help dogs themselves. In Wales, Swansea University Students' Union has used dogs they saved to help students relax between exams. Mistreated and abandoned(被遗弃的) dogs are also used to communicate with humans.
  So if you're a student who's been working like a dog (but you still feel like you haven't a dog's chance in passing your exams), maybe introducing a four﹣legged friend into your life is just what you need.
5.  Steven lost an arm in an accident five years ago. On that day, he was hit by a car. The bones (骨头) in his left arm were hit to pieces. "I can't feel my arm!" (1)       It was the only thing that he could say, although it did him no good at all. It was a very difficult time for him.
  But life still went on. Steven spent the next two years in the hospital. (2)      
  Later on, with the support (支持) of his wife, he realized that he had no choice but to face life head-on. (3)       He even decided to learn to play the violin. Steven knew nothing about playing the violin and had no one to ask for help until he met Lam, an amateur (业余的) violinist.
  Steven became Lam's first student. (4)       Sometimes he even played in front of many people. When he played on the street, he got a lot of admiration (赞美) from people.
  Steven, now 37 years old, said that playing the violin didn't make life easier for him, and he still has to face new challenges (挑战) every day. (5)       And he said he would never stop trying new things.
A. However, he won't give up.
B. He started to take part in all kinds of activities.
C. At first, he couldn't do many small things by himself.
D. He practiced playing the violin with Lam's help.
E. Steven shouted when he woke up in the hospital. 
6.  Tangchang, a town in Chengdu, Sichuan, is known for its multi-sole cloth shoes (千层底布鞋). The shoes' soles are made of layers (层) of cloth. The town has 700 years of shoemaking history.
  It's said that ordinary people were not allowed to wear boots during the Ming Dynasty (1368 — 1644). Because of that, cloth shoes became popular, especially in Sichuan province.
  There are 32 steps to make a pair of Tangchang cloth shoes. The soles and upper parts of the shoes are made in a unique way. The sole's edges (边缘) are not wrapped (包裹) with cloth. They look fluffy (毛茸茸的). With over 20 types of shoes, Tangchang cloth shoes are durable (耐磨的), breathable (透气的), and friendly to the environment. In 2018, they were added to Sichuan's intangible cultural heritage (非物质文化遗产) list.
  Growing up in Tangchang, Lai Shufang is a master of making cloth shoes. The 63-year-old has been making shoes for over 40 years. Lai worked at a cloth shoe factory after finishing high school. It took her three years to master the skills needed to make shoes. In 1998, Lai lost her job when the factory closed. However, she decided to open a small factory to pass on her skills. Her two younger sisters also joined in. Later, Lai opened her shoe store successfully.
  In 2015, her son Ai Peng, 38, quit (放弃) his job to help her. Ai added Shu embroidery (蜀绣) and palm weaving (棕编) elements to make the shoes more fashionable. They now sell about 10, 000 pairs of shoes each year, both online and in their store.
7.  Swimming in the waters of Hawaii's Big Island is a fun experience. But it can be more (1)       if there are dolphins swimming around and jumping out of the sea too. For many people, it would be a wonderful dream to swim (2)       these lovely animals!However, this may not be good for dolphins. They may get (3)       because of human interaction (互动).
  Dolphins are active and usually look for food at (4)      . In the day, they like to rest in shallow bays (浅湾). Many people think the dolphins are awake during the day as they swim. But the (5)       is that when they sleep they rest half of their brain and keep the other half (6)       to breathe, so they may be sleeping even when they're swimming in the water.
  From 2010 to 2013, spinner dolphins (飞旋海豚) off of Hawaii's Big Island were exposed to human activity more than 82 percent of the time, according to Julian Tyne, a researcher at Australia's Murdoch University.
  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says disturbing (打扰) the animals in their near﹣shore habitat could (7)       them to swim to less favorable places, putting them at (8)       of being attacked by sharks and other animals. Moreover, when people are around, dolphins become more active. (9)       they can't get enough sleep.
  As a result, NOAA wants to make rules to help protect the dolphins. For example, the agency (机构) may stop people from swimming in shallow bays when the dolphins are resting. Tour operators must also be taught to watch for (10)       to know when the dolphins are in their resting state.
8.  I watched my Dad close the door. It was a (1)       (true) cold night. My parents left because they were sick. I had to stay at home by (2)       (I).
  On their second day away, they called and asked me how I was. We talked through WeChat. I (3)       (see) Mom lying on the bed and she could hardly speak. My dad's situation was bad, too. He had problems (4)       (breathe).
  Two weeks later, I was sick, too. I had (5)       high fever and had to go into quarantine (隔离) for 14 days. The medical workers (医护人员) there were very busy. They kept looking after patients (病人). I could see how tired they were when I looked into their bloodshot (布满血丝的) eyes. Most of the patients were really (6)       (understand). But some were not and they would shout loudly. But all the medical workers were very kind. And they were all from other (7)       (city) like Shanghai and Guangzhou. Most of them gave (8)       their holidays just to give a helping hand.
  When the quarantine was over, every patient thanked the workers for what they did, (9)       they just said, "That's what we're here for " Through this experience, I got to know the (10)       (important) of medical workers. We should really be kind to them.
9.  We'll finally grow up someday, leaving our parents and living alone. (1)Since parents are not able to solve every problem for us, we need to learn enough life skills. More and more people focus on labor education (劳动教育).
  In order to stress the importance of labor education among students of different ages, the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council just released a guideline (颁布一则指南). (2)依我看, 它将有助于培养学生们的独立性.
  The guideline calls for students to learn life skills. They can learn skills from doing chores such as cooking, washing their own clothes and tidying their rooms. (3)In this way, they can better take care of themselves. According to a study of almost 3, 000 students in March, only 22% of primary and middle school students help with housework around the house every day.
  Schools and families play an important role in teaching students about the value (价值) of working hard, the guideline says. (4)对学校来说, 给学生们提供劳动教育是有必要的. (5)Schools can also hold activities to give students some working experience. For example, schools can teach students to plant trees on weekends.
10.李华向《明天》杂志社中学生专栏辅导员Dr. Miller寄了一封求助信, 在信中他提到, 最近自己总是因为做家务的问题与父母争吵, 并且父母对他的学业成绩施加了过多的压力, 导致他总是感到很沮丧.假设你是辅导员Dr. Miller, 请你给李华写一封回信安慰他, 简单描述下他遇到的问题, 并就这几个问题提出合适的建议.
1. 80词左右 (开头和结尾已给出, 不计入总词数);
2. 包含所给的要点提示, 可适当发挥;
3. 语句通顺, 意思连贯, 语法正确, 书写工整.
Dear Li Hua,
  I'm so sorry to hear that you feel upset these days. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Miller