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1.—Shall I order a taxi for Jenny to get to the station?
—_______ I'll drive her there.
  • A. Go ahead!
  • B. Don't mention it.
  • C. It's my pleasure.
  • D. It's not necessary.
2.—You know so much about physics, Harry!
—Well, I want to be a scientist and I _______ lots of books about it in the past years.
  • A. will read
  • B. have read
  • C. had read
  • D. read
3._______ Toby _______ I had compared the prices of such kind of TV, so we couldn't make the decision and had to know more before making a deal.
  • A. Either; or
  • B. Both; and
  • C. Neither; nor
  • D. Not only; but also
4.—I think I'd better stay at home to finish the paper.
—_______ Everybody is going to the party and you should join us!
  • A. Come on!
  • B. Shall we?
  • C. Good idea!
  • D. I'm afraid not.
5.—Who _______ this egg in the basket?
—It's me, Mom! A bird _______ in the hen's nest and ______ a small egg yesterday!
  • A. laid;lied;lay
  • B. lay;lied;laid
  • C. lied;lay;laid
  • D. laid;lay;laid
6.Airbus 380 is the largest plane in the world and it needs a 3, 600-meter-long airstip (跑道) to ________.
  • A. shut off
  • B. set off
  • C. get off
  • D. take off
7.—I'm so worried about my parents!Can you help me?
—I think you ________ ask the police for help.
  • A. should
  • B. need
  • C. will
  • D. would
8.I wanted to buy the black wallpaper to _______ the sofa but my husband didn't agree.
  • A. suit
  • B. match
  • C. fix
  • D. fit
9.—Mr. Green becomes so nice after his baby princess was born last month!
—Yeah! Being a dad seems to _______ the caring side of him!
  • A. bring out
  • B. show around
  • C. give in
  • D. take up
10.Because the paperwork is rather important, I ______ taking the forms away and then we can read them more carefully at home.
  • A. agree
  • B. decide
  • C. suggest
  • D. would rather
11.—_____ you ______ any British food yet?
—Yes. We ______ to a local restaurant in London to celebrate my birthday last month.
  • A. Had;had;went
  • B. Have;had;have been
  • C. Have;had;went
  • D. Did;have;have been
12.The bank usually _______ at 5 p. m. , and it doesn't have to stay _______ at weekends.
  • A. closes;opened
  • B. closes;open
  • C. closed;opened
  • D. closed;open
13.—The doctor won't take any advice during the operation (手术) . He is ______!
—I don't agree. Maybe he is just too _______ of himself.
  • A. impatient;honest
  • B. hard﹣working;mean
  • C. arrogant;confident
  • D. strong;modest
14.—If you buy this phone online, you can have it at a ______ price.
—Oh, really? I can't wait to find out.
  • A. much cheaper
  • B. much higher
  • C. more expensive
  • D. much lower
15.We really need to have a discussion about _______.
  • A. how to do it
  • B. what about doing it
  • C. what to deal with it
  • D. how to do about it
16.阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项.
  It was a snowy day. (1)I        the old friend who sat with me on winter evenings, talking about our experiences and thoughts — a heart-to-heart (2)      .
  I had almost given up hope of finding another (3)      like that after I moved to this city. I wanted to invite a woman I'd met (4)      twice to come share my dinner, but her house was an hour away, and it was snowing. I was sure she wouldn't (5)      to come. However, I decided to have a try. So I made the (6)      .
  "Don't feel you have to come if you don't want to."
  "Is it snowing? I have a (7)      , and I'm in bed, I'll think about it later, if that's OK with you."
  "Of course it is. And here are your choices, if you decide to come. I've just been shopping, so I can (8)       you ①macaroni and cheese or②fresh vegetable salad."
  There was a (9)      for a moment. She was thinking.
  "Since I'm sick, not the macaroni and cheese. (10)      rich for a cold. I ask for the vegetables, " she said.
  "Vegetables. If it's not snowing too hard."
  An hour before dinner, the phone rang.
  "I've (11)      . I've been in bed all day. Looking forward to the vegetables. " I was (12)      .
  An hour later, she (13)      , holding a piece of chocolate.
  We sat by the fireplace, eating and chatting. The smell of the vegetables (14)       the house. And we talked about love, art and travels. Everything was warm and good.
  As she left, she said, "Those vegetables were delicious. They kept me from regretting (懊悔) I didn't (15)      the macaroni and cheese.
  "Next time," I promised. And I went inside, quite satisfied, because I knew there would be a next time, and I didn't feel sad anymore.
Risking health for appearance
  Zhou Chuna, a 15-year-old online personality known as Xiaona, shared her experience of cosmetic surgery (整形手术) on the internet recently and caused a lot of discussion. According to Workers Daily, Zhou started getting cosmetic surgery at the age of 13 and has since spent about 4 million yuan on more than 100 surgeries.
  Although Zhou's case is rare, more younger people in China are undergoing cosmetic surgery, Xinhua reported on Aug 31.
  A medical beauty industry white paper released by iResearch Global said that 19 percent of Chinese medical beauty consumers in 2020 were aged 18 or under.
  During the summer holidays, double eyelid (双眼皮) surgery is common among students. Other popular cosmetic surgeries among Chinese young people include liposuction (抽脂) and nose jobs, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  While many beauty clinics (诊所) claim that being more physically attractive gives people an advantage in society, failed cases of cosmetic surgery are common to see. According to Xinhua, an underage girl surnamed Zhang had double eyelid surgery, but she couldn't open her eyes after surgery due to errors (失误) made during the operation.
  Moreover, Xinhua pointed out that there is furious competition within the medical beauty industry to gain more teenage customers.
  Some businesses use slogans like "Only by becoming prettier can you be more loved" to spread"appearance anxiety ( 外貌焦虑)" And many beauty centers advertise directly to teenagers, encouraging them to "make some changes and let your classmates be amazed by your beauty in the new semester", reported Xinhua.
  Some clinics mislead their clients by stating low costs. One internet user said she saw an advertisement for a 15 yuan treatment for pimples (青春痘) but the beautician gave her a year's treatment plan which cost 8, 000.
  Many experts have said it's improper for teenagers to undergo cosmetic surgery. And many are calling for stricter regulations on the beauty industry when it comes to the treatment of teenagers.
18.  Picture this:You're searching the Internet and come across a website with interesting articles. Some are news stories. Their goal is to share information Others only look like news stories. They're actually advertisements, or ads.
  The goal of an ad is to get you to buy something. How do you, the reader, tell the difference between a news story and an ad?
  Back when I was growing up, it was easier. We got most of our information from newspapers. Big news stories appeared on the front page, and ads were boxed off and clearly labeled. But on the Internet, the two are often shown together. It can be hard to tell which is which.
  That's why my research group did a study. My research team showed kids the home page of a popular digital magazine. We asked them to tell us which was a news story and which was an ad.
  Most were great at identifying certain types of ads. "It has a coupon (优惠券) code, a big company logo, and the words limited (有限的) time offer", one student wrote about an ad on the site. So where did kids get stumped?
  Some ads seem exactly the same as real news stories. They have titles and contain information. But they may also include the words sponsored content. Sponsored content' is a way of saying that something is an ad. Companies paid money for it to appear so that readers will see their stories, buy their products, and like what the company stands for.
  As a reader, you have a right to know who's behind the information. So look for the phrase sponsored content' (And look carefully. Sometimes, it will be written in tiny letter. The Internet is a sea of information. To use it well, we not only have to know how to swim but also how to avoid the sharks. Learning to tell the difference between an ad and a news story is an important stop to becoming Internet-smart.
19.  "My fate (命运) is not fixed and depends on myself," Nezha says in the movie. He believes that he can control his own fate and choose to be a demon (恶魔) or a god.
  That's what the 2019 home﹣grown animated film Nezha impresses cinema﹣goers the most, especially the young. The movie's focus on free will resonates (共鸣) with young movie fans.
  The film tells the story of Nezha. The boy is bon a demon into a loving family and, in the end, becomes a hero. Nezha is based on the Chinese novel The Investiture of the Gods (《封神榜》) . In the novel, Nezha is born during the Shang dynasty. He is the third son of a government official. The boy fights against the Dragon King and eventually kills himself to save his people from the Dragon King's anger.
  As he dies, Nezha tells his parents that he will"return his bones to his father and his flesh (肉) to his mother," so that he will owe (欠) them nothing. He is later reborn as a god.
  In the past, the character was known as a free spirit and an anti-authority (反抗权威的) hero. And this was what gave Yang Yu, the film's director and screenwriter, the idea of the movie. It took him two years to write the story, and the film was in production for three years.
  Nezha has been the hottest movie this summer. It was a great box office success. However, this is not the first time we have seen Nezha on the big screen. Forty years ago, China's first widescreen color animated film, Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King, came out. It was the first Chinese animated film to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival.
20.仔细阅读下面五个句子, 然后用下面方框中所给的单词或短语填空, 使每个句子在结构、句义和逻辑上正确.(提示:选项中有两个是多余的.)
21.Far from being relaxed, we both felt so       (comfortable) and we hardly spoke.
22.China was       (choose) to be the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics.
23.I'll never forget       (hear) this piece of music for the first time. It was amazing!
24.The telephone       (ring) four times since I entered this room.
25.We haven't met for many years and I think she has become        (talk) than she used to be.
26.先阅读短文, 再在其后空白处写出各单词的正确形式, 单词的第一个字母已给出.
  Sweden's Icehotel is the latest cool hotel in town, and it really is made of ice. So how did this idea come about?It all (1)s       in 1990. A French artist held the opening of his exhibition in a man-made igloo (冰屋) on the (2)f        Tome River — home of the Icehotel. The igloo was a great (3)s      , and it attracted many visitors. Among these visitors was a brave group of adventurers. They used the igloo as their accommodation. This act of bravery inspired the construction (建造) of the Icehotel.
  Situated 200 km above the Arclic Circle, the hotel is only open during the (4)w      months. Why?Because the ice (5)d       in the spring time. This means that the hotel is built from scratch every year.
  But does this hotel have any of the facilities you find in a (6)r       hotel? Well, actually, yes. In fact, the Icehotel seems to have (7)e      ;the famous "Absolut IceBar", an ice art exhibition and a cinema. It even has an ice sauna and spa to keep you warm. And, of course, you can enjoy the (8)n      scenery around the hotel. There is a snowmobile travel which takes you across the snowfields. And if you're feeling brave, you can drive the snowmobile yourself.
  The Icehotel is a real find. In fact, it won the "Best Experience in Sweden" (9)a       in 2017. And, it's not impossible to get there. There are (10)f       and trains every day. So, what are you waiting for?Just make sure you wrap up warm and take a sleeping bag.
27.假如你是李华, 你想寻找几名同学一起创立一个英语学习小组, 请你用英文写一篇文章来介绍自己和自己的想法.
1. 十四岁, 性格外向, 学习努力;
2. 爱读英文小说和旅游, 曾去过很多国家;
3. 对不同的文化活动和社交活动感兴趣;
4. 创立小组, 帮助自己和他人;
5. 补充一到两点有关信息或想法.
1. 文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称;
2. 词数60﹣80;
3. 内容连贯, 不要逐条翻译;
4. 开头和结尾已给出, 不计入总词数.
travel v. 旅游 novel n. 小说 setup创立
Dear schoolmates,
  Hello, everybody. I'm Li Hua. I want to set up an English learning group. Now I'd like to introduce myself and the learning group to you. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  Thank you.
Li Hua