【2021-2022学年湖北省武汉市武昌区八校联考九年级(上)期中英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年湖北省武汉市武昌区八校联考九年级(上)期中英语试卷.PDF
1.—It seems that you support the Celebrity Fan Club.
—______. Sometimes they are too crazy.
  • A. Never mind
  • B. I don't agree
  • C. Certainly
  • D. Not exactly
2.—Alice, if you don't mind, I'd like to take a nap here for a while.
—______, Melissa. Just be yourself!
  • A. Of course not
  • B. Take your time
  • C. Don't say so
  • D. No way
3.—So kind of you to give me a ride to the airport.
  • A. You'd better not
  • B. I beg your pardon
  • C. It's a pleasure
  • D. It doesn't matter
4.—Alice, your room is really in a mess. It needs______.
— Sorry, Mom. I'll do it right away.
  • A. clean
  • B. cleaning
  • C. cleaned
  • D. to clean
5.Wang Yaping, who took part in the Shenzhou X mission in 2012, ______ for Shenzhou XⅢ in December 2019.
  • A. selected
  • B. have selected
  • C. is selected
  • D. was selected
6.— The film "The Battle at Lake Changjin "__________over 5. 3 billion yuan since its appearance on screen.
  • A. earns
  • B. earning
  • C. has earned
  • D. earned
7.On October 9, 2021, at a Meeting Marking the 110th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, President Xi Jinping gave a national _______.
  • A. stamp
  • B. nail
  • C. address
  • D. sentence
8.Correct mistakes if you have made any and ______ against them if you have not.
  • A. guard
  • B. fight
  • C. deal
  • D. avoid
9.If you are able to get tickets tomorrow, please tell me ______ phone.
  • A. at
  • B. by
  • C. on
  • D. with
10.Li Ziqi, who is ______ known for creating food and handicraft preparation videos, now also does a ________ trade in cultural and creative products.
  • A. wide;live
  • B. wide;lively
  • C. widely;lively
  • D. widely;alive
11.—Anxi is ______ the City of Tea, right?
—Yes, and you know, besides drinks, tea can _____ various kinds of food.
  • A. famous for;be made of
  • B. famous as;be made into
  • C. famous for:be made from
  • D. famous with;be made in
12.—Why not have a conversation with your mother?
—Well, I find ______ hard to talk with her.
  • A. it
  • B. this
  • C. that
  • D. that's
13."Double Reduction" ("双减") is a policy to reduce ______ the total amount and time of commitment required by school homework ______ the burden of off-campus or after-school training programs.
  • A. either. .. or
  • B. neither. .. nor
  • C. not only. .. but also
  • D. cither. .. nor
14.—During the Double Eleven shopping festival, it's not allowed to _____the prices before giving a discount.
—Yes. it's dishonest.
  • A. end up
  • B. put up
  • C. take up
  • D. cut up
15.—Can you spare time to come to our Thanksgiving party?
—Well, I don't know ______.
  • A. how I finished my homework
  • B. if can I finish the homework
  • C. whether I can finish my homework by then
  • D. that can I finish the homework
16.  Have you seen people who take pictures of food for more than 10 minutes before eating?How about those who beautify their selfie (自拍) so much that you can't even (1)      who they are?There must be one or more who exit in your social media. No matter (2)      they choose to share, they share the best but the most unreal.
  My friend Chen is such an example. Every time we went to a restaurant, she would not take a (3)      until all the dishes we (4)      were on the table. Then, she would spend five minutes in (5)      the dishes in a seemingly random (随意的) but in fact arranged order. Then the most (6)      part:taking pictures. After that, she would choose one of the (7)      and click the filter (滤镜) app. The food eventually looked 10 times more delicious than it really was, but we had no (8)      to really enjoy it — it all went cold. Actually, Chen's real life is much less wonderful. For example, she hates to wash the dishes, so she (9)      them in the sink for days.
  Many people care too much about others' opinions and try too hard to (10)      others. They find it hard to be (11)      and to accept themselves, and so they are afraid to show their (12)      life on social media. What they are trying to prove is exactly what they lack in reality. But this will not bring any change to reality, as they (13)      follow the same old pattern of life.
  If they really want a wonderful life, they should put more effort into achieving it (14)      fabricating (伪造) it. Being more confident, accepting themselves and trying their best to be better are much more meaningful than (15)       their life on social media.
17.SOCIETY chinadaily. com. cn
2021﹣10﹣26 08:00
Heal with Meals
  A 35-year-old man, Hao Shuai, in Chongging who plans to invite 10, 000 strangers to his home for dinner within 10 years has grabbed attention recently. Hao Shuai launched the project in January and has hosted free dinners in his downtown apartment in Chongging's Yubei district. Bon in a village in the district in 1986, Hao was raised with a natural love for food — His father was a chef, and his mother ran a food stall for more than 30 years. Hao said he felt depressed in the city where people seem to be moving fast and have lost the link with each other, "I decided a dinner table would do. "Hao said, adding that any sincere stranger willing to participate (参与) can sign up for dinner via the official WeChat account "Hao Shuai's Kitchen".

  ▲Hao Shuai has so far invited more than 1, 600 people for dinner since January. Photo provided to chinadaily. com. cn
  To make it fun and interactive, he requires the participants to bring a dish, buy groceries, cook or wash dishes. He will cook three to five dishes, mostly Sichuan cuisines. "Thanks to a chef rotation mechanism (轮值做饭) , authentic Shaanxi, Taiwan and Greece cuisines have come out of my kitchen, cooked by friends from all over the world. " he said to Chongqing Evening News.
  "Whenever I'm unhappy. I plunge myself into the kitchen, " said Hao, adding that he came up with the idea when he was at his worst. In 2020. Hao's failure at business resulted in a loss of more than 1 million yuan ($155, 400). He recalls his kitchen has seen many people crying. And he realized that he was not the most unfortunate. He pronounced nothing could make him feel better than sharing stores and eating up delicious food, "And if possible, we get like-minded friends. I felt the kindness of strangers and the beauty of life when a group of interesting souls gathered," said Liu Jan, a hotpot restaurant chef, who joined in Hao Shuai's Kitchen in April.
  Hao hopes to link participants from all walks of life in a mutual-aid community, to offer help and warmth, and is considering to host a story — sharing event. "Those touching inspiring life stories could heal a lot of people." he said.
18.  One day, we were hiking in the Oakland woods when my daughter noticed plastic litter in a stream. She looked at me and said, "Daddy, that doesn't go there."
  What she said brought me back to a summer camp. On the morning of a visiting day, right before they let our anxious parents come running through the gates, our camp director would say, "Quick! Everyone, pick up five pieces of litter. You get a couple hundred kids each picking up five pieces and pretty soon, you've got a much cleaner camp."
  So I thought, why not use that crowd-sourced tidying model to the entire planet. And that was the inspiration (灵魂) for Literati. The goal is to create a litter﹣free world. Let me show you how it started. I took a picture of a cigarette using Instagram. Then I took another photo... and another photo.
  And I started telling people what I was doing. and they started to join. We were becoming a community that was collecting photos. Each photo tells a story. It tells us who picked up what and when. So I built a Google map, showing where pieces were being picked up. And gradually, the community grew and the Literati grew.
  If you really want to create change. there's no better place to start than with our kids.
  A group of fifth graders picked up 1, 247 pieces of litter just on their schoolyard. And they learned that the most common type of litter was the plastic straw, wrappers from their own dining hall. So these kids went to their headmaster and asked, "Why are we still buying straws?" And they stopped. And they learned that separately they could each make a difference but together they created an influence.
  It doesn't matter if you're a student or a scientist, whether you live in Honolulu or Hanoi this is a community for everyone.
19.  Growing up. Deka Ismail says she let labels (标签) define what she could be. "I was a black girl from a refugee (难民) family." Deka said. "It was as if I was only allowed to explore in this predetermined box."
  After a high school chemistry class inspired her to think about a career in science and gave her confidence in the field. Deka learned to live outside labels and began making big plans for her future. Now she is about to begin her freshman year at the University of California, planning to become a professor.
  Born and raised in San Diego's City Heights neighborhood, Deka is the daughter of a Somali refugee couple. While some might say Deka's success happened in spite of her background, she would say differently, that her experiences shaped her and inspired her to be the driven, young scientist that she is today.
  When Deka was eight years old, her mother got a job by studying hard back in school in order to support the whole family. That made Deka realize that education could make a difference to one's life. She spent a lot of time in the library reading books, and didn't do many of the things her peers did, like partying or having romantic relationships.
  "I always felt like I had to be the perfect girl for my family. "Deka said. "You have to not even do your best but two times better than everyone else. I felt like the whole world was waiting for me to mess up. "
  Deka's efforts paid off. The summer before her senior year of high school, she was accepted to the American Chemical Society Project SEED Programme. "She brought both enthusiasm and focus. " Botham, a researcher at this research institute, recalled. "She arrived every day ready to work, ready to learn and ready to tackle new challenges regardless of whether or not she had done anything similar. " When asked what advice she would give to others like her, Deka warned them not to look down upon themselves. "Don't tell yourself that the scholarship is too big or this programme is too competitive or I'll never get into this school, " she said. "I was not sure whether I could make it until I started seeing the acceptance letters rolling in"."
20.仔细阅读下面五个句子, 然后用下面方框中所给的单词或短语填空, 使每个句子在结构, 句义和逻辑上正确. (提示:方框中有两个单词或短语是多余的. )
crowded / takes pride in / treat / fight against / fight with / processing 
21.  There was an embarrassing game of hide-and-seek between an 11-year-old girl and her sister. It e       (1)up being a serious game of hide-and-stuck (卡住)!
  The 11-year-old girl thought that if she h       (2) in the washing machine, her sister would never find her. When she realized she had won the game, she tried to get out of the washing machine but she failed!She had curled (蜷曲) her l      (3) up for such a long time that they could not move. As a result, she could not use her feet to push herself u      (4) and get out of the machine!She became s       (5) and shouted out. Her sister called their mother Nicole Black. They t       (6) many ways to get the girl out but none of them worked. The w       (7) mother could do nothing but call 911 and asked for firefighters' help. Firefighters brought many tools to get her out. Finally, they s       (8).
  Thankfully, the family was able to laugh after the very e       (9) girl was safely out of the washing machine. After all that trouble, at least the girl did what she set out to do and found a hiding place where no one would ever t        (10)to have a look.
  "She won, all the way!" said her parents. "Best hide-and-seek ever."
22.假如你是李明, 你的美国朋友Jack听说中国的中小学正在减轻学生的学习负担, 来信询问有关情况.你根据以下要点写一篇80词左右的回信. (作文开头已给出)
过去课后常常做很多作业, 甚至周末会上课, 睡得很晚;
现在很多自由时间读课外书, 参观博物馆等;
周末不上课, 可做自己想做的事情;
晚上有时间看新闻, 不必再熬夜;
参考词汇:used to过去常常 free adj. 自由的 museum n. 博物馆
Dear Jack,
  How nice to hear from you again! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________