【2022年贵州省安顺市中考英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2022年贵州省安顺市中考英语试卷.PDF
1.A. Yes, I'd like to buy some socks.
B. On October 1st every year.
C. Wish you successful.
D. Yes, we do.
E. Congratulations!
F. Thanks a lot.
2.A:Good morning, Wang Juan.
A:I'm hearing you've won the first prize in the speech show of your school, congratulations!
B:Thank you. You know July 1st this year is the 101st birthday of the Communist Party of China.
We had the speech show for celebrating it.
B:Yes. I talked about the history of our great Party and the great changes in our country.
A:Really?We are also preparing some activities for it these days.
B:What kinds of activities are you preparing?
B:A singing competition?When will it be held, please?
B:I like singing. Can I come and watch it?
A:(5)      You can come that day and we will be meeting at 2 p. m. at the school gate .
B:OK. See you then!
A:See you!
A. Did you talk something about the Communist Party of China?
B. Good morning, Li Wei.
C. It will be held on the afternoon of June 27th.
D. An art show and a big singing competition.
E. Yes, you are right.
F. Of course you can, you are absolutely welcome.
A. scissors B. symbols C. but D. polished E. historical F. importance 

  Different forms of Chinese traditional art are special and they usually show important
things in life, such as love, beauty and family.
  Paper cutting has been around for over 1, 500 years. Paper cutting sounds very easy, (1)      it can be difficult to do that. Usually the red paper is folded before it is cut with (2)      . The most common pictures are flowers, animals and things about Chinese history. During the Spring Festival, they are put on windows, doors and walls as well as (3)      of wishes for good luck and a happy new year.
  Chinese clay art is famous and looks very real. The pieces are usually cute children or lively characters from a Chinese fairy tale or (4)      story. After drying, they are fired at a very high heat. They are then (5)      and painted. These small pieces of clay art show the love that all Chinese people have for life and beauty.
4.  At the beginning, it seemed to me that Doctor Li — my dad wasn't exactly a good one.
  My dad works every day late into the (1)      , sometimes even forgetting to eat dinner, and gets up early as well. Even when he's at home he always thinks about his (2)      and hardly ever spends any time with my mother and me.
  As a doctor who ever (3)      in Peking University and got his degree (学位) of medicine, he could make lots of money and only do half of the work he is doing now, but he chose to do more (4)      and heavy work when he graduated. He spends every coin like it is his last although he makes a good salary ( 薪水). He always wears worn (破旧的) and (5)      clothes, saying they are comfortable and suit him well and refuses to change. I sometimes get angry with him for not (6)      his appearance, but he just smiles and says, Daddy has more important uses for the money, all right?"
  I never stopped being curious (好奇的) about how he spent his (7)       . Then one day when I was reading the newspaper, a piece of news caught my eyes: "Doctor Li has (8)      100, 000 yuan to help (9)      children in flood﹣stricken areas go back to school. "At that moment I suddenly understood what my dad had done.
  My father's love for others has touched me (10)      . I start to admire the great spirit and decide to pass it on.
5.  In an English class, Mr. Lin asked his students to make family rules, and now let's read some of them.

Li Huan, 12, From Beijing 
If I could make some rules for my family, I think the most important one would be to have all my family members do housework together. My mother usually does all the housework, from cooking to cleaning, while my father and I do nothing, so it's unfair. We can make the rule more specific (具体的). My father and mother can take turns in cooking, I'll be responsible for washing dishes, and on weekends, we can clean the house together. 

Tian Lihua, 12, From Guangzhou 
I would like to live in a tidy and clean home, so I want to make a rule that people should not leave rubbish in their rooms or in the living room. And we should tidy up the house together every week. What's more, I really hope that my family can have dinner together every day, no one can be late or eat before others. It is enjoyable for us to have meals together after a long day. We can talk to each otherand have fun. 

Li Bo, 14, From Guiyang 
Particularly, I want to set some rules for my father. To stay fit, he should have breakfast, exercise every day and stop smoking. Now, he always watches TV for too long time and doesn't read books, so I want him to only watch TV for one hour every day. Instead, he can read a book, and we can discuss it together as a family every week. 
6.  Camping was the most popular way of traveling during the recent five﹣day May Day holiday, especially among the younger generation, according to Chinese tourism website Mafengwo.
  The search for camping on the website increased most in Sichuan province and Chongqing, where many people looked for camping road trips and beautiful natural views. People preferred local and short tours due to the country's COVID﹣19 controls. While those in Guangdong province took their favorite snacks to campsites (营地), mountain views and landscapes were most attractive to travelers in Guizhou province. Both youth and those traveling with children regarded camping as a way to feel nature and enjoyed outdoor activities such as cycling and paddle boarding, and they liked to visit the Gobi Desert and the sea better. Preferred destinations ranged from the Gobi Desert to the sea.
  The most popular routes during the holiday were Sichuan and Tibet of the National Highway 318, Hulunbuir Grassland and Hainan Island. Five-star hotels also offered lower prices and special experiences to local travelers during the holiday, such as cooking. Feng Rao, head of Mafengwo's Tourism Research Institute, said that young people are more willing to pay for such special experiences. They are more interested in choosing local hotels.
  Camping was the most popular among Chinese travelers during the 2022 May Day holiday, according to Chinese tourism website Mafengwo.
7.  When the world stops, a Chinese delivery driver has continued working while the COVID-19 spreads across China. The delivery driver is Gao Zhixiao, who was on the cover of Time magazine for March 19.
  Born in a poor family in Ningxia, Gao went to Beijing to get a job at the age of 19. He tried different jobs to make a living. He worked as a shopping guide before he finally became a delivery driver.
  After the outbreak of the COVID-19, Gao and his wife decided to stay in Beijing rather than return to Ningxia. There's plenty of work for him to do during quarantine (隔离期). Gao drives more than 161 kilometers on his motor-bike to fulfill 40 to 70 orders every day. And people depend on delivery services more than ever.
  Gao once received an order that required him to buy medicine for a patient from a hospital. He thought about it for a second, but then picked up the order, because he thought the customer might be in very great need of the medicine. The customer was an elderly woman who lived alone. Gao first drove to her home to get the prescription (处方) paper. And then he rushed to the hospital to fetch the medicine she needed. When he found that the woman hadn't eaten, he immediately helped cook a bowl of noodles with two boiled eggs, and took out the trash when he left.
  "I think the reason why Time picked me is that I helped an elderly person in need. Although it is a warm story, I'm no different when helping anyone else, " he says. Gao just hopes his tiny behavior can show the western world the strong cohesion (凝聚力) of China!
8.Dealing with Stress
  Everybody gets stressed from time to time. (1)      
  Some ways of dealing with stress — like screaming, crying or hitting a wall — don't solve much. But other ways, like talking to someone you trust, can start you on the road to solving your problem or at least feeling better.
  Try taking these steps the next time you are stressed:
  • Let your feelings go wild when you're upset. Firstly, notice your feelings, and name them — for example, "I am so angry!"And say or think about why you feel that way. (2)      
  • Take your stress out on yourselves. But that's not a good idea. Remember that there are always people to help you. Be kind to yourself and ask for a helping hand or a pat on the back that you need.
  • Get support from adults and friends. It's time to start business. (3)       Even if you can't solve it, maybe you can begin by solving a piece of it.
  •(4)       It may not seem like it when you're under stress, but stress does go away, often when you know the problem and start working on solving it.
  These steps aren't magic — and you might have to do some steps more than once, but they do work (起作用). And if you can stay positive as you make your way through a hard time, you'll help yourself feel better and even stress will go faster. (5)      
A. And it feels so good when stress is gone.
B. Make sure stress is temporary (暂时的).
C. Different people feel stress in different ways.
D. You need to find out what the problem is.
E. Then, find a way to calm down and forget bad feelings.

9.It was my       (five) time to visit the beautiful Tang Yue Village (塘约村) in Pingba county.
10.All the Chinese       (player) did excellently in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, especially Eileen Gu.
11.Recently, shootings in America are becoming       (bad) than before.
12.As a woman of the three astronauts, Liu Yang is working hard by       (she) in Shenzhou 14.
13.As President Xi Jinping has ever       (say), "Clear water and green mountains are as valuable as gold".
14.  Chinese-American community groups are preparing to hold their second International Confucius Cultural Festival (国际孔子文化节)(1)      September 8th in Flushing Queens, New York City. The festival (2)      (hold) once a year. The event is not only to honor the world-famous Chinese thinker, (3)      also a chance to celebrate Chinese culture. One of (4)      most important parts of the festival is to recite the Di Zi Gui. It is a book based on Confucius' teaching. In this book, Confucius told people (5)      to be good persons and get on well with (6)       (other). This book is translated as Standards for Being a Good Pupil and Child. During the festival, people can also enjoy Chinese (7)      (tradition) dances, Shandong folk music and photo shows. The groups hosted the first International Confucius Cultural Festival on September 28th last year. It aimed to celebrate the 2, 572nd anniversary (周年) of the birth of Confucius (551 BC﹣479 BC).
  Confucius (8)      (be) also a great educator and a philosopher, and he set up Confucianism. He was the one (9)      opened up private schools and received students from every walk of life without (10)      (consider) their social status (地位).
15.  Endangered dolphins are beautiful animals that need to be saved. However, if we continue to do the same about the environment, many of the wonderful creatures are going to die out.
  It may be interesting that there are about six different types of dolphins that are endangered. Many of them are river dolphins and they are almost lost forever if we do not take the time to care for them. The following are the reasons why they are in danger.
  One problem that has caused endangered dolphins is fishing nets. Dolphins can often get stuck in these nets and they may die. Another problem is the fact that many people and different countries will hunt for dolphins as food.
  The next problem is pollution. When the oceans and rivers are polluted, it affects the very environment where these beautiful creatures are living. It may be important to also keep in mind that the dolphins are towards the top of the food chain. Because of this, they are going to eat smaller animals in the water. If these smaller animals are affected by the pollution as well, there really is no safe place for the dolphins to go.
  We have to do something to protect them. You can also pay attention to the land around you. Do not litter and stop if you do. Spend time on the weekend cleaning up trash in your area and recycle what you can. You play a large role in this whether you believe it or not. So, find out what you have done to endangered dolphins and work towards a positive change.
16.  A vegetarian (素食者) is someone who doesn't eat meat. Being a vegetarian has become a popular choice. (1)      (实际上), one in 200 kids in the US is a vegetarian. Most people choose to be vegetarians for many reasons.
  First, they believe that a vegetarian's diet (2)      (对……有好处)their health. It usually has less fat than a diet (饮食) that includes meat. Vegetarians eat a low﹣fat diet to keep fit. A vegetarian diet also provides many vitamins that people can't(3)      ( 从……得 到 ) the meat . These vitamins protect people from some diseases.
  Second, many vegetarians are(4)      ( 对……担心) how animals are raised and killed for food. They hope animals can be better treated.
  Finally, they think (5)      (成为一名素食者能帮助地球). People use more energy, water and land to raise animals for food than to grow fruit and vegetables. Also, animals put greenhouse gases into the air. These gases cause global warming.
17.当前, 为实现"减负不减质、提质更增效"的目标, 各地正在积极落实"双减"政策(Double﹣reduction Policy), 作为中学生的你可以做些什么呢?(比如:锻炼身体、欣赏音乐、了解美育、参加劳动、志愿服务等)请依据以下思维导图内容, 以"What I Can Do under the Double﹣reduction Policy"为题, 写一篇不少于100词的英语短文.要求如下:
1. 文中应包含思维导图所有信息;
2. 重点谈论"双减"后你怎样安排课余时间及你的感受;
3. 文中不得出现考生真实的个人信息.