【2022年山西省百校中考英语模拟试卷】-第4页 试卷格式:2022年山西省百校中考英语模拟试卷.PDF
1.The Chinese women's football team won the Asian Cup for the ninth time in 16 years. ________ spirit of never giving up cheered everyone.
  • A. Our
  • B. Your
  • C. Their
2.—I'm allowed to use the mobile phone for only half an hour a day.
—That's right. Too much ________ on the phone is bad for your eyes.
  • A. power
  • B. time
  • C. money
3.Kids all over the world are excited to ________ presents on their birthdays, especially when they open them.
  • A. make
  • B. buy
  • C. receive
4.Seeing the TV show about the head teacher Zhang Guimei, most of us were ________ and we couldn't help crying.
  • A. relaxed
  • B. pleased
  • C. moved
5.Nowadays, teenagers often follow their favourite stars. That's why the stars should ________ behave well.
  • A. always
  • B. sometimes
  • C. never
6.One can hardly make progress ________ they learn from their mistakes. So don't be afraid of making mistakes.
  • A. since
  • B. unless
  • C. when
7.As we set out on our new journey, we should remember where we ________. Never forget why you started, and you can realize your dream.
  • A. come from
  • B. look for
  • C. live on
8.Don't worry about your grades. Your parents will ________ you as long as you work hard.
  • A. be proud of
  • B. be strict with
  • C. be thankful to
9.When people are ________, giving them a hand brings us joy. Giving is better than taking.
  • A. in order
  • B. in need
  • C. in public
10.—Excuse me, sir. I wonder ________.
—Sorry, I don't wear a watch, either.
  • A. what time it is now
  • B. if you know Mr. Green
  • C. which is the way to the library
11.(Three friends are talking about their school project. )
@Li Meng @Wang Zhi Are you there?  
Hi, Liu Li. What's the matter? 
I want to cook dinner for my parents. (1)       
No problem. What do you want to cook? 
Beef and tomato noodles.  
I see. First, cut up the beef and tomatoes. 
Put them into a pot and add some water. 
Cook them for 30 minutes. (3)       And cook for another 15 minutes. 
OK. That's it?  
The last step is to add some salt. 
Well, I'll have a try.  
(4)       There're lots of teaching videos online. 
Sound good! (5)       You both do me a big favor!  

A. What's the next?
B. Can you help me?
C. Thank you very much.
D. I'm sorry to hear that.
E. Then, put the noodles into the pot.
F. What kind of noodles do you have?
G. Watching a cooking video is a good choice.
12.  When I was a little boy, my parents and I drove to my grandparents' house in town. It was a warm summer afternoon. I went outside to play in the yard, (1)       they all sat around the kitchen table to talk.
  After an hour of playing by myself, I got bored and walked inside. On the ground was a large home-made quilt. Pieces of colorful cloth were everywhere. I (2)       my grandmother sewing (缝) them onto the quilt one after another and saw a piece of thread (线) sticking out. (3)      , an idea came in my mind and I wanted to pull the thread.
  "No!" It was my mother's voice. I (4)      . That was the first time I could ever remember her shouting at me. Seeing the scared look on my face, she smiled and showed me (5)       she shouted. Each single piece of thread went in and out. All threads together made the quilt (6)       enough. If I pulled one out, the quilt would be pulled apart.
  As I (7)       that moment today, I feel that love is like the thread in the quilt of our life. We are each a single piece of thread, but the other threads around us help hold everything together. That's our (8)       — help and support the people around us.
13.  The year of the tiger has come. Let's take a look at some big events in 2022 at home and abroad.

China's space missions
Dates to be determined
The successful launch (发射) of the Shenzhou XIII marked a big step toward building China's first space station, Tiangong. After six more launch missions in 2022, Tiangong will be finished. 

The new space film, Moonfall
Feb 4, 2022, USA
After the famous sci-fi disaster movies like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, the director Roland Emmerich made a new one. This time, the moon is about to hit the earth. A group of people try to save the earth. 

CCYL's 100th anniversary
May 5
CCYL (中国共青团) is a group organization of young people under the leadership of the CPC. Its members are between 14 and 28 years old. They take part in many activities, such as community service and environmental protection. 

Hangzhou Asian Games
Sept 10-25
The city of Hangzhou will hold the 19th Asian Games. Athletes from more than 40 Asian countries and areas will compete in hundreds of events, including e-sports and some other games which are popular with the young generation. 
14.  There was a young man named Paul. When his father died, he left Paul a beautiful forest manor (庄园). However, before Paul could sell it for a lot of money, a lightning strike caused a fire that destroyed it. Watching the beautiful green trees turn into ash (灰烬) overnight, Paul felt his heart was broken.
  In order to bring back the forest manor's beauty, Paul tried to borrow money from a bank. But the bank refused him, for the bank didn't believe he could pay it back. Then he felt too sad to eat or drink. So he stayed in his room for days. His wife was worried about him and asked him to take a break outside.
  Paul went for a walk. When he turned the first corner, he saw a store with a huge crowd. It turned out that people were waiting in line to buy charcoal used for winter heating.
  Then Paul's eyes lit up. He ran home and asked some workers to process the forest's burnt ash into charcoal. As soon as his charcoal went on the market, it sold out quickly. Paul sold more than 1, 000 boxes of charcoal.
  The following year in spring, he spent the money buying a large number of young trees. After a few years, the forest manor that everyone thought had gone came to life again.
15.  If you are a hiker or a nature lover, you'll enjoy reading A Walk in the Woods.
  (1)       The writer is Bill Bryson. Following his return to the US after 20 years in Britain, Bryson decided to get familiar with his motherland by walking the Appalachian Trail (阿巴拉契亚山道), about 3, 500 kilometers long.
  The story offers a landscape (地貌) of silent forests and beautiful lakes. But Bryson is a writer with comic talent who can discover something enjoyable even in difficult times. (2)      
  Lots of silly things happen along the way. At the beginning, Bryson reads about the dangers of the wild. He is worried he will be killed by bears. (3)       Later the two middle-aged men, Bryson and his old friend Stephen, try to climb a mountain but get caught in a snowstorm. They get lost more than once, but they always manage to find their way back to the trail. (4)       They share their experiences and bring them surprise and fun.
  But the story is more than just a laugh-out-loud hike. Bryson also talks about acid rain (酸雨), the hunting of birds, and the harm to the environment. (5)       Readers get to actually care about the environmental problems through a fresh way. As the website Book Browse said in a review, the book "is a modern classic of travel literature".
A. He wrote a book about travelling.
B. It's a mix of the silly and the serious.
C. It's a true story, written as a comedy.
D. They also meet a lot of strange people.
E. As a result, he stays awake for hours each night.
F. He also finds humor in the fights that he went through.
16.  The dragon is a great animal in Chinese culture. It brings wind and rain. It is said that every year on the second day of the second lunar (阴历的) month, the dragon wakes up from its winter sleep and raises its head. Because of this, the day is called "Dragon Head-Raising Day" (Longtaitou). This year, it falls on March 4.
  Old people see it as the start of spring and farming. Because they believe that after Longtaitou, there will be more rain. And rain is of great importance to farming.
  Today, many customs have faded away (消退). But one that has remained popular is to have a haircut. Many believe that a haircut during the first lunar month may bring bad luck to their uncles — mainly their mothers' brothers. So many people have their hair cut on the Dragon Head-Raising Day.
  Also, it is traditional for people to eat some food on that day. The food is usually named after dragons. Noodles are called dragon's beard (longxu). Dumplings are dragon's ears (long'er). And spring rolls are dragon's scales (longlin).
  In some places in Shandong, people make dragon lanterns and put them on slow boats on the rivers. The activity stands for people's best wishes and good luck.
In the eyes of the Chinese, the dragon is a great animal. The second day of the second lunar month is called "Dragon Head-Raising Day", (1)       it's said that the dragon wakes up and raises its head on that day. It's seen as the start of spring and farming. More rain will come after it and rain is (2)       to farming. Today, many customs have faded away. But what remains popular among people is to have their hair cut. Maybe it is believed that a haircut during the first lunar month (3)       bad luck to uncles. Eating food like noodles, dumplings and spring rolls is also a (4)      . The food is usually named after dragons. In some places in Shandong, we can see boats with dragon lanterns going (5)       on the rivers. The activity stands for people's best wishes and good luck. 
17.  During the Winter Olympics, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed train took passengers to Beijing, Yanqing and Chongli, where the events were held. Passengers on the train were provided with the best services.

  The crew (乘务组) took all kinds of classes, including customer services, foreign languages, sign language, winter sports knowledge, etiquette (礼仪), and make-up skills two years before the Winter Olympics. They were busy like students.
  When passengers asked them anything about the winter games, they provided certain information.

A small smart card can be tied to your luggage (行李). Connected to your phone through bluetooth, it can tell you where your luggage is. This way, you don't need to worry about losing your bags! 

Some carriages are equipped with large screens. With the help of 5G technology, passengers are able to watch the games or reports during the trip. 
Chart I Chart II 

  All the efforts were made to offer the best services. These details (细节) made passengers enjoy their travel on the train. And the train continued welcoming more and more winter sports lovers with the best services!
who; old; train; help; during; program; need; you; until; young; quick; appear 

  E-sports (电子竞技) is developing rapidly in China now. A growing number of e-sports clubs (1)       in the last 10 years, and more young gamers are working as e-sports players. The 2022 Asian Games will even make e-sports one of its (2)      . However, becoming a professional e-sports player is not all about having fun or playing games.
  An e-sports player should have some abilities. They must be patient enough. They must also act very (3)      . Professional players can have 400 actions in one minute. But the players can't play this well all the time. It is believed that the best players are between 17 and 25. As the players get (4)      , they become slower.
  E-sports players have to work hard every day. "We start to practice right after we get up in the morning and usually last (5)       midnight," said Huang Fuquan, a player from iG, a Chinese e-sports club. "There is at least 12 hours of (6)       every day."
  Because of much practice, it's quite common to see players (7)       get hurt. They also face lots of pressure. Some e-sports clubs use doctors and psychologists (8)       their players out of the problems.
  If you want to turn your love for gaming into a full-time job, ask (9)       this first: Are you really prepared? Because a lot more efforts (10)      . After all, the road to being a professional player is not smooth.
• your opinion about taking responsibility
• an experience you had/heard/saw
• what you have learned from it
admit v. 承认
overcome v. 克服
take responsibility 担当 

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