【2022年辽宁省营口市中考英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2022年辽宁省营口市中考英语试卷.PDF
1.—Confucius was ______ great teacher and thinker.
—Yes, we're still influenced by his ideas today.
  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. /
2.—Lucy, is this ______dictionary?
—No, it isn't. ______ is in my bag.
  • A. your;Yours
  • B. my;Mine
  • C. your;Mine
  • D. my;Hers
3.—In China, we use red paper for hongbao because red means good luck.
—Oh, that's interesting!I want to know more Chinese ______.
  • A. events
  • B. policies
  • C. festivals
  • D. traditions
4.Su Yiming got his gold medal of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics _____ the afternoon of February 15th.
  • A. on
  • B. in
  • C. at
  • D. for
5.Lily was angry because Jerry ate _______ of her twelve apples secretly. Now she has only four left.
  • A. a quarter
  • B. one third
  • C. a half
  • D. two thirds
6.In the war against COVID-19, the Chinese government is making great efforts to make sure the vaccine (疫苗) is _______ taken throughout the country.
  • A. hardly
  • B. deeply
  • C. widely
  • D. simply
7.—I'm so _______ because the interview is coming.
—Don't worry!Maybe listening to some soft music is helpful.
  • A. shy
  • B. active
  • C. nervous
  • D. serious
8.My pen friend knows a lot about China _______ she has never been here.
  • A. although
  • B. if
  • C. because
  • D. until
9.My parents ______ to buy me a new bike if I pass the final exam.
  • A. promise
  • B. remember
  • C. forget
  • D. expect
10.Listen! news report Betty is giving! Everyone likes it very much.
  • A. How boring
  • B. How wonderful
  • C. What a wonderful
  • D. What a boring
11.一Mum, I've signed for a package. What's in it?
一I'm not sure. It ______ be a present from your uncle.
  • A. can't
  • B. must
  • C. may
  • D. need
12.Middle School students should learn _______ time and make good use of every minute.
  • A. to waste
  • B. to choose
  • C. to record
  • D. to manage
13.—Our country develops really fast.
—Yes. , it has made great achievements in many areas.
  • A. In the end
  • B. From now on
  • C. As a result
  • D. In fact
14.David is very productive and five books in the past ten years.
  • A. writes
  • B. wrote
  • C. has written
  • D. is writing
15.一I don't know how to _____ the old clothes.
一You can give them away to the charity.
  • A. sell out
  • B. take away
  • C. give back
  • D. deal with
16.With the help of 5 G technology, the apps on the smart phone can provide ______ help for users than before.
  • A. fewer
  • B. weaker
  • C. worse
  • D. more
17.A speech on robots ______ in the school hall next Friday afternoon.
  • A. is given
  • B. will be given
  • C. was given
  • D. has been given
18.一Jane, could you please tell me _____?
一I take exercise at least an hour every day.
  • A. how you keep healthy and strong
  • B. when you joined the swimming club
  • C. where you do exercise
  • D. who you play tennis with
19.He _____ does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man.
  • A. whom
  • B. /
  • C. which
  • D. who
20.—Shall we go fishing?
—_______. The wind is too strong. Let's stay at home and read books.
  • A. Good idea
  • B. I agree with you
  • C. Don't be silly
  • D. No problem
21.  One day a little boy asked his father, "What does the word 'great' mean? Who are great people and (1)       do they become great?"
  The father asked his son to bring two plants and then told him to plant one of them (2)       the house and the other outside the house. The boy did as his father said.
  The father asked his son, "Which one of the two plants do you think will be (3)       and bigger?"
  The boy replied, "The plant inside the house will be safer, (4)       it will grow bigger, while the plant outside the house is not safe at all. No one will be there to (5)      it. It may be eaten by animals."
  The father smiled and said, "Let's wait (6)      . We will know the answer."
  Then the boy (7)       for study and after four years he came back to his house. He said to his father, "Look, (8)       happens to this plant inside the house and it is safe."
  When the boy went outside, he was very (9)       to see a big tree. The boy couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't (10)       how the plant outside was able to grow much bigger than the plant inside the house.
  "The plant outside the house faced four (11)       and many difficulties!" the father (12)       to his son why the plant outside was bigger. "The plant inside was safe, it didn't face weather changes, and it didn't get proper (13)      , so it didn't become big."
  Here is the (14)       to the question about being great: (15)       a great person, one must have failed many times, experienced many difficulties and overcome those difficulties. After that, he is able to become great.
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23.  Preparing for the college entrance exam is heavy work for high school students. For Wang Xiaofeng, who has a muscular (肌肉的) illness, the challenge was especially big.
  The 17-year-old boy comes from Luoyang, Henan Province. When he was at high school, he had a serious illness. As a result, he often fell while walking. And this became more serious as he grew older.
  Every night, Wang had to use a ventilator (呼吸机) while he was sleeping. To correct his bent back, he wore a rigid frame (钢架) on his upper body during the day.
  In spite of all these difficulties, he refused to give in and never stopped learning. "I am fighting against the illness, and I cannot give myself up." he said.
  According to Wang's mother, Wang got up at 5:45 am and went to bed at 11:30 pm every day during his three years at high school. Sitting down means a big challenge for Wang. Because of his illness, he always felt very tired after sitting for two classes, let alone seven or eight classes a day. But he seldom complained, and just fixed on studying.
  The school gave Wang the greatest support. To make it easier for him to take lessons, his class was arranged in the school on the first floor. And that lasted for 3 years. The school also gave his mother a job as a cleaner and offered them free rooms to live in.
  Luckily, Wang's hard efforts paid off. He was admitted into Nankai University in 2021. He decided to do something to repay the kindness he received. So during the summer vacation, he offered free teaching on high school courses to the students from his village. He hoped to help them realise their personal ambitions.
24.  It is often said, "You can't live only on air." But now the Chinese scientists can tell you: Maybe you can.
  Recently, some Chinese scientists have developed a new technique (技术). They turned CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases, into starch (淀粉).
  Starch is the main part of flour (面粉), rice and corn that we eat every day. Usually, it's created by plants with CO2, water and sunlight. According to the team's director Ma Yanhe, it takes the plants nearly 60 steps to produce starch. But now, the team, after six years of hard work, has found a simpler way to do this, with only 11 steps.
  "Our study shows that creating something like starch is possible in a lab, and this technology may be helpful in many areas." said Ma.
  The scientists first turned CO2 and hydrogen (氢气) into methanol (甲醇). Then they pieced (分解) these methanol molecules (分子) into bigger and more complex (复杂的) molecules. Finally the starch was produced.
  This method makes it possible to produce food in factories, replacing traditional farming. This will not only help make plenty of food, but also save water and land. It may also help recycle CO2 to deal with climate (气候) change, according to China Daily.
  The study can be helpful in space, too. Astronauts may no longer need to worry about their food as they travel in space. They may simply turn the CO2 they breathe out into the food they eat!
25.  A one-hour special event was held online to mark the 12th United Nations "Chinese Language Day" on Tuesday. People around the world were invited to express their interest and love for the Chinese language and culture through short videos.
  Chinese has a long history, which has influenced other languages in Asia, just like the way Latin has influenced languages in the West. With this history, will Chinese have a surprising future?
  At present, over one billion people speak Chinese in the world — far more than any other language's speakers. It is the language of the country which is the world's second largest economy (经济体). Chinese people are found studying and doing business all over the world.
  In fact, Chinese is certainly going to be a world language. Why is this certain? We must look at the economic and political power of China, which is increasing every day. As we all know, world languages have always been the languages of countries with powerful economies. So we believe that the world language will include Chinese someday.
  Foreign interest in Chinese has developed very quickly together with the development of the Chinese economy. Chinese has become one of the most important and popular languages around the world.
  As China develops, more and more people want to learn about Chinese language and culture to work and study in China, and to do business with Chinese companies. Chinese is becoming an international language.
26.  Wushu, also known as Chinese Kungfu, will make its first appearance as an official (正式的) sport at the 4th Youth Olympic Games in 2022. (1)      
  The IWUF made applications (申请) to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2001, 2008 and 2011, but failed. (2)      The third application made it to the final voting (投票) but missed out once again.
  Over the years, both the IWUF and Chinese Wushu Association (CWA) have done a lot to make progress with strong support from the General Administration of Sport of China (国家体育总局). The Administration offers technical support, often sending experts or teachers to help their Wushu training camps. (3)      
  Every year, many local Wushu groups are sent abroad to put on Wushu shows, trying to improve the influence of Wushu in foreign countries. (4)       Studies show that, today about 120 million people are interested in Wushu around the world.
  Finally, China got Wushu accepted as an official Olympic sport in January, 2020, which helps to make it more international.
  (5)       They're men's and women's Changquan and men's and women's Taijiquan.

A. The first two applications were refused at the very beginning.
B. A total of 48 athletes (运动员) from across the world will compete in four Wushu events.
C. It's a breakthrough (突破) for the International Wushu Federation (IWUF).
D. It also provides a great deal of Wushu equipment (设备) for free.
E. Through their efforts, Wushu has become increasingly popular across the world. 
27.A: Welcome to our shopping mall!Your health code (代码) and travel code, please.
B: I'm sorry. (1)      What should I do?
A: Don't worry. Your ID card is OK. (2)      I can help you.
B: Here you are. It's so kind of you.
A: (3)      And please take your temperature.
B: OK.
A: Come in, please.
B: Thank you. (4)       Where can I get it?
A: Children's clothes are on the 5th floor, and the elevator is over there.
B: Thanks a lot.
A: You're welcome. (5)      

A. I have left my phone at home.
B. Enjoy your shopping.
C. The clothes here are of high quality.
D. It's my duty.
E. But you need to fill in the form.
F. By the way, I'd like to buy a coat for my grandson.
G. Where is my phone? 
28.A: Hi, Lingling! (1)      ?
B: I am reading an article about a great woman, Zhang Guimei.
A: Zhang Guimei? (2)      ?
B: A headmaster. She is already 64 years old now.
A: A 64-year-old headmaster? Is she still at work?
B: (3)      . You can't believe it!Her school is the Huaping Senior High School for girls only.
A: Only for girls?Sounds interesting! (4)      ?
B: Because many of the girls in Lijiang can't afford to continue schooling after they finish their junior high school. She helps the girls go back to school.
A: How great she is!
B: (5)      . So far, the school has sent more than 1, 800 students to college.
A: Amazing! She is our hero!
China return teach family real study one pride that bear 

  Hello, everyone! I'd like to tell you something about a famous scientist named Qian Xuesen. He was (1)       in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on December 11, 1911. After graduating from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1934, he got a chance (2)       in USA. After he graduated, he became a (3)       as well as a researcher who studied rockets and missile (导弹) theories (理论).
  When he was 44, he (4)       to his motherland and the country's space research was almost a blank. In 1956, he set up the (5)       research institute (研究所) of rockets and missiles in China. He made such important contributions to the missile and space programs (6)       he was honored as "The Father of China's Missiles". The Chinese people are (7)       of him.
  He passed away on October 31, 2009 at the age of 98, but all the (8)       will remember him forever. His devotion (忠诚) to China was expressed in his saying, "My career is in China, my success is in China and my destination is in China!" When someone said he could make a lot more money if he stayed in the United States, he laughed and said, "My (9)       name is Qian, but I don't like qian." His spirit (10)       encourages us to love our country and devote ourselves to science. He sets a good example for us.
You must       all the materials before next Friday.
The dream of travelling into space will       one day.
32.无论你何时遇到生词, 你都可以在字典里查到.
Whenever you meet new words, you can       them       in a dictionary.
It's quite necessary for us to       to protect the animals in danger.
35.努力学习, 否则你会落后于他人.
36.昨天我到家时, 我的爷爷正在浏览报纸.
37.  We cannot travel every path. Success must be won along one line.
  (1)I hate a thing done by halves. If it is right, do it bravely. If it is wrong, leave it undone. The men of history were not perpetually (无休止地) looking into the mirror to make sure of their own size. When they worked, they paid attention to nothing else and insisted on it. They did it so well that people around the world saw them to be great, and they called them great men.
  To live with a high ideal (理想) is a successful life. (2)Whatever they do, they always try their best. That makes the man strong. They know that if they do not work with all their efforts, others will overtake (超越) them.
  (3)Success depends less and less on luck and chance. Continuous effort is the key to success.
38.阅读短文, 回答问题.
  It was a hot summer day. Clara was drinking juice in the yard. Her mom was cutting grass with a lawnmower (割草机). The lawnmower was loud, and Clara wished her mom would play with her instead. But Mom said the grass was tall and had to be cut.
  Suddenly, the lawnmower stopped. Clara's mom looked sad. Clara wondered what was wrong. Her mom picked something up out of the grass, and walked to Clara.
  Clara's mom had a little turtle in her hand!As Clara looked closer, she saw that one of his legs was in bad shape. "I think I broke his leg." Clara's mom said. "I'm really sorry. Will you help me nurse (照料) him back to health?"
  Clara felt bad for the little turtle. A turtle moved slowly, so he probably could not run away when he saw the lawnmower coming. And Clara's mom could not see him in the tall grass!It was a mistake, but Clara and her mom would do something to make it right. Clara named the turtle Phillip.
  They took Phillip to the vet (兽医). The vet took an X﹣ray of Phillip's leg, and made sure that it was broken. The turtle got a little splint (夹板) and bandage. The vet told Clara that the turtle needed plants to eat, water to drink and a place to live in. Clara and her mom bought a small tank (水箱) for Phillip on the way home.
  At home, Clara took good care of Phillip. She put water and rocks in the tank. She brought him fruit and leaves to eat, and kept his tank clean.
  After eight weeks, Clara and her mom took Philip to the vet, who said that his leg was healthy again. Clara was both happy and sad. She was happy because Phillip was better, and she was sad because she had to let him go. After Clara got home, she fed Phillip some fruit, kissed his back and said goodbye, then put him in the grass and let him go. Clara would always remember Phillip.
39.阅读短文, 填写表格, 每空一词.
  If you want to help protect the environment and save the planet, we've got some easy-peasy (容易极了) tips for going green.
  ★Avoid food waste
  Go green and know the importance of finishing your meals to avoid food waste. Do your bit to save the planet as well by planning your meals for the week, so you only buy what you need.
  ★Use reusable bottles and save water
  Earth Day is a great time for you to drink from reusable water bottles when you're out and about. Keep in mind that you should save water whenever possible.
  ★Try more plant-based meals
  What about eating less meat and more vegetables?It's a surprisingly simple way we can all use to help save the planet. Try with one day a week to get you start, and then expand to more days when possible.
  ★Cut down on the air-conditional
  Usually Singapore is called the "air-conditioned nation"! Whenever you can, go green and open the window to get some natural air. If you can't live without your AC, set it at between 25℃ and 27℃ for the most energy-efficient (节能的) temperature.
  ★Know more about nature
  There's no better way to know about nature than by getting yourself outdoors and into nature. Whether it's raining or sunny, you can get close to nature and enjoy it.

Some tips about (1)      to go green 
Avoid food waste (2)       your meals to avoid food waste. Plan your meals for the week. 
Use reusable bottles and save water Drink from reusable water bottles. Develop the (3)       of saving water. 
Try more plant-based meals Help save the planet by eating more plant-based meals. 
Cut down on the air-conditional Open the window (4)       some natural air or set your AC at between 25°C and 27°C. 
Know more about nature Getting yourself outdoors and into nature is the (5)       way to know about nature. 
40.假如你是李明, 你的朋友Jack给你发邮件请求你的帮助.请根据邮件内容进行回复.
①逻辑清晰, 内容完整, 书写规范;
③词数:30 左右.开头结尾已给出, 不计入总词数.
Dear Li Ming,
  I spend all my weekends playing computer games and my mother is very angry with me about it. I want to make a change. Could you give me some advice? Jack 

Dear Jack,
  I hope my advice can be helpful to you. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Li Ming
41.劳动是财富的源泉, 也是幸福的源泉.请介绍你主动承担的家务劳动, 如扫地、做饭、洗衣、照顾宠物等, 同时谈谈你的收获和感受.
①文中可包括所给要点, 也可适当发挥;
③词数:80 左右.