2022年河北省张家口市中考英语二模试卷 试卷格式:2022年河北省张家口市中考英语二模试卷.PDF
1.My pen is broken. So Jack lent_____to me.
  • A. mine
  • B. his
  • C. hers
  • D. theirs
2.The temperature today is_____30℃. It's really hot for April.
  • A. in
  • B. behind
  • C. under
  • D. above
3.Jiang Mengnan is a brave girl. Her_________touches many people.
  • A. story
  • B. habit
  • C. fear
  • D. problem
4.There is a rule to cut down the screen time. Now students spend _________time online.
  • A. more
  • B. less
  • C. the most
  • D. the least
5.I'm sorry I didn't answer your phone. I _____ my bike in the yard.
  • A. repair
  • B. am repairing
  • C. was repairing
  • D. repaired
6.You never really understand a person_________you consider things from his point.
  • A. until
  • B. while
  • C. because
  • D. if
7.We have to take a taxi to the airport. The bus____.
  • A. is leaving
  • B. has left
  • C. will leave
  • D. leaves
8.Don't watch TV too much. You can _________ a hobby, like painting.
  • A. make up
  • B. give up
  • C. wake up
  • D. take up
9.This book _________ with knowledge on computers. You can buy it.
  • A. filled
  • B. has filled
  • C. is filled
  • D. was filled
10.Lucy flew to Beijing alone last week. I wonder _____.
  • A. where she will fly
  • B. how she went there
  • C. who she went with
  • D. when she will return
11.  Some decisions can make a difference on your whole life. To make a (1)       decision, you might need to consider many things. This can make you feel troubled. Also it can push you into making a decision too (2)      . Don't worry. Making a flowchart (流程图) can help you make better decisions.
  Some decisions may need to be made soon. (3)       most decisions won't fall into this situation. Give yourself some time to really consider your (4)       carefully. Then write down the ones that work best for you.
  The next step is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Sometimes, you may find it (5)       to think of some disadvantages. So you can ask others for help. However, the decision is still yours to make. The result is up to (6)      .
  Once you believe you' ve covered all aspects (方面) of your decision, (7)      thinking about it for a while. Later, when you look at your notes again, you may feel the need to (8)       some things. That is OK. You shouldn't (9)       to make important decisions.
  You can carry out these steps to any decision in your life, from choosing what subjects to study to finding out how to (10)       problems with parents. In the end, the goal is always to make the choice that will help you the most.
12.  Many kids are using technology to spend their free time. Read about two kids here.
  Frank Smith, age 11, New York
  I used my savings to buy a 3 D printer. It was so exciting!I began designing (设计) things even before it came, I started with simple designs. One was a pencil box for my sister. Then I created more difficult ones.
  I have a love for 3 D printing. It allowed me to help my community. I worked with Good Karma Engineering. We created reusable masks (口罩) with 3 D-printed designs.
  Kelly Rogers, age 12, Hawaii
  My aunt suggested science livestreams (直播). I could learn from scientists all over the world. My new friends teach me the importance of environment.
  The more I learn, the more 1 want to help make the world a better place. I've started by trying to live a green life. 1 cut down on my single-use plastics. I ride a bike to school.
  What new hobbies have you tried lately?Share your story with us at tfkeditors@time. com.
13.  John grew up thin and weak. When he went to the college, John decided to make a change. He took advantage of the free gym at his college, and went there to exercise every day from9 p. m. to 10 p. m. He lifted light weights at first and then moved on to heavier ones. Every three weeks, he increased the weight he lifted by five pounds.
  He also did push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. To build a strong body, he drank milk before he worked out. It helped him a lot. John even changed his eating habits. He started eating foods like beef, eggs, brown rice, and carrots.
  In six months, his hard work paid off. John was no longer thin and weak. He was strong and no one bullied (欺负) him in college. He felt a lot happier and more confident (自信的) about himself.
  John was so encouraged by his change that he decided to create a program teaching high schoolers how to get stronger. He first taught at his old high school, and then taught at several high schools nearby. Later he made a DVD about how to get stronger. In the end, John went on to talk shows and wrote books about his journey.
14.  Helping Girls is a fun program that will help make your transition (过渡) to middle school!Led by middle school girls, this program gives you the tools to start the year smoothly!
Helping Girls is open to ALL girls from both public and private schools who will be entering middle school. ALL parents are welcome to join us at 4:15. It's free for parents.
Helping Girls can help answer questions such as: How will I deal with the pressure (压力) of doing homework and get good grades? Will it be hard to make new friends? What if I lose my old friends? How will I decide what clubs to choose?
Mark your calendar : Tuesday, August 9
Held at: South Middle School, 1415 Green Street
Check in: 3:30 — 4:00 p. m.
Program: 4:00 — 8:00 p. m.
Cost: $25/girl
Include: Healthy dinner
Register (注册) at www. tricityfamilyservices. org
Registration is open: July 1 — 31, 2022 
15.  If you have to describe yourself to someone else, what would you say?It can be difficult to be self-aware (自我认知的). But knowing who you are can help you so much.
  Self-awareness is an ability to see yourself clearly. You may know that you love playing an instrument because you' re good at it, and music makes you happy, Or you know you prefer watching TV on your own because it helps you relax. And it also means understanding how your thoughts, feelings and behaviour (行为) can influence other people.
  Knowing what you like, dislike and more about yourself allows you to be wise about friendships. schoolwork and social life. It helps build confidence (信心). Being self-aware doesn't mean only thinking of yourself, By understanding your own feelings, you have more understanding of other people too.
  A good way to learn about anything is to ask questions. Ask yourself questions that start with "What" instead of "Why". So if you don't understand why you keep arguing (争论) with a friend. ask yourself what you disagree on instead of why you're arguing. If you're wondering whether you like a book, ask yourself what were the last three books you loved and what you liked about them. To recognize your own likes and dislikes is a good way to learn more about yourself.
  Learning to be more self-aware is a skill, and this means you learn it as you grow. So don't be afraid of taking risks. And encourage yourself to try out new things. Like playing a new sport or listening to different music. Learn more about yourself and bring out the best in you.
16.阅读下面短文, 按要求完成小题.
  If you need some luck in your life, one of the most known is the four-leaf clover (苜蓿). Here's what you should know about this little green plant.
  The clover is Ireland's national symbol, and most have three leaves, standing for faith (信仰), hope, and love. Because it is hard to find one with a fourth leaf, it stands for luck.
  The clover plant spread from Ireland across the world, and so did the idea of a four-leaf clover as a symbol of luck. In Korea, people use them to make a lucky meal. And in Italy, car company Alfa Romeo used to paint a four-leaf clover on the side of its race cars. One of its drivers started the practice for a race in 1923, and he ended up winning the race!
  Some say there's a 1 in 10, 000 chance of finding a four﹣leaf clover in the wild, but you can increase your chances. If you can find one, you 'll probably find another. Since four﹣leaf clovers tend to(倾向于) be found close together.
  While four leaf clovers probably don't have special power, a little extra (额外的) luck is always nice to have. Try looking for one and see what happens. It just might be your lucky day!
(1), (2)题完成句子;(3)题简略回答问题; (4)题找出并写下本文的主题句;(5)题将文中画线句子译成汉语.
17.  Last weekend, my little sister, Ann kept asking us to take her out to play. It was a (1)       (love) day in spring. After (2)      (discuss), we decided to pick strawberries on a farm.
  As soon as we arrived (3)      the farm, we started picking strawberries. Anna and I were carrying the baskets (4)      . Mom and Dad were picking the strawberries. After picking enough strawberries, we went shopping at (5)      small market. There were all kinds of fresh (6)      (vegetable), fruits and snacks. Dad (7)      (buy) each of us an ice cream. We liked them very much, (8)      ( especial) when they had the taste of strawberries. We also (9)      (find) some strawberry seeds. Next year we could plant strawberries in our yard. Anna enjoyed (10)      (her) very much that day. And she even didn't want to go home when we were leaving. It was really a wonderful day.
18.pet, is, my, where, cat
19.late, never, again, be
20.can, finish, today , you, the work
21.the bike, I, return, tomorrow, will, you
22.asked, the classroom, Miss Wang, clean, us, to
23.假如你是李华, 初中生活马上结束, 学校英语杂志 "Memory" 专栏正在征文, 请你根据以下提示, 用英语写篇短文投稿.
1. What's your most unforgettable memory in middle school?
2. How did it happen?
3. How did it influence you?
1. 短文须包括提示中的所有要点;
2. 文中不得出现真实的地名、校名和人名;
3. 词数80个左右(开头已给出, 不计入总词数).
  How time flies! The middle school life is coming to the end. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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