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1.  A traveler was in a large desert, planning to walk across it in one month. Twenty more days passed, the journey had been going on well. "Soon I'll be able to walk out of this desert," he thought gladly.
  But the desert was never friendly (1)      travelers. In a short time, there came a strong sandstorm. He hurriedly covered his head with the clothes, and prostrated (俯卧) on the sand. After about ten minutes, the sandstorm stopped. He shook the clothes and stood up. At that moment, he found (2)      in a hopeless situation — the backpack with food and water (3)      away by the sandstorm.
  As we know, it seems impossible (4)      the desert without food and water. Luckily, he had a pear left. He held it in his hands tightly. "Not too bad, at least I have a pear. I believe I can walk out of the desert. "
  Days and nights went by quickly, (5)      the desert still looked endless. Besides, hunger, thirst and fear of (6)      were always around him like ghosts. However, each time he was close 10 losing hope, he forced himself to stare at the pear(7)      he had been keeping. "Not too bad, at least I have a pear."
  A small pear became the hope for his survival (生存). Three days later, (8)      he saw a village not far away, he laughed with (9)      . He felt completely relaxed — the pear brought him back to life.
  To keep hope is (10)       best weapon (武器) for victory, so never tell yourself "nothing left" because only if you try to search, you can always find a pear to pull you out of trouble.
2.  High school does not encourage students to know about the new things in life, but college sets the stage for it. I myself (1)      this searching process (过程) and found something that had changed my experience at college for the better:I discovered ASL —American Sign Language.
  I never felt it necessary to learn any sign language before. All of my family members can hear, and so are all my friends. The spoken language was enough. Little by little, I discovered my (2)      for ASL.
  The (3)      began during my first week at college. I watched it carefully (4)      the ASL club performed their translation of a song. Both the hand movements and the idea of communicating without speaking attracted me. What I saw was (5)      different from anything I had experienced in the past. This new form of communication just made me want more. After that, feeling the need to (6)      further, I decided to join one of the ASL clubs. I only learned how to express my feelings (7)      my hands about the letters that day. Although my process was(8)      , I wasn't disappointed about it. I then tried my best to take part in those club's meetings and learned all I could.
  The following term, I decided to be a member of an ASL class. The professor was deaf and any talking wasn't (9)      . I soon realized that silence was not unpleasant. Instead, if there had been any talking, it would have caused to learn less. Now, I enjoy the silence and the (10)      way of communication.
3.The Exhibition (展览) of the Power Station of Art
11:00 a. m. — 7:00 p. m. , Tuesday — Sunday (No entry after 6:00 p. m. )
  If you are interested in at and trees, you mustn't miss this opportunity. There will be an activity held by the Power Station of Art at the Trees Exhibition.
  When you are going to visit it, you will find that most of the arts are paintings, photographs and installation artworks (装置艺术作品). There is only one real banyan tree (榕树). But among all the artworks, it still remains a pretty amazing" "piece of art".
  The exhibition introduces some great artists and the unbelievable things that they have done. For example, the French artist Fabrice Hyber has planted 500 million seeds over the past 40 years, Another artist, Franeis Hall, is a botanist (植物学家) who has been studying plants for 60 years.
  The exhibition can make you think a lot about people and nature. We human beings always see ourselves as the center of the world. However, humans take up only 0. 01 percent of all living things on the earth, while plants take up 90 percent. Through their artworks, the artists showed us how small humans actually were, as well as the importance of protecting the environment.
  Tickets are 50 yuan for adults and free for the old over 60 years old. Half price for children under the age of 10.
4.  What steps can you take to improve your memory? Whether you need to remember the content of the textbook, or the names of the players in a football team, having a good memory is the key. Follow these tips to increase your brain power, and you'll experience something wonderful in your life.
  Use your brain. That may sound simple, but you need to use it or lose it. Similar to the way your body get stronger with exercise, you can strengthen your brain through exercise. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku (数独), and other thinking games help to make the brain active.
  Get enough sleep. You may think your brain stops working for the night. But in fact, your brain is active all night long. While you're seeping, your brain organizes all the events and information from your day. A good night's sleep will help you recall what you learned during the day.
  Eat brain food. Your body needs foods to grow and stay healthy, but some foods are especially good for you brain. Foods that are high in Omega-3, like salmon, tuna and eggs, are important. Antioxidants (抗氧化物) are also good, because they can get rid of free radicals (自由基) that can damage the brain.
  Focus. If you can't memorize where you put your math homework, maybe it's because you were also doing something else, like listening to the radio or sending messages to a friend. In order to remember the thing, it has to get into your brain in the first place. Pay full attention what you're doing could work things out.
  Use memory tools. Memory tools help you remember specific facts or information. You can use the first letters to create new memory. For example, the name ROY G. BIV describes the main colors of the spectrum (光谱): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
5.配对阅读左栏是五位同学遇到的关于处理垃圾的问题, 右栏是七条关于垃圾处理的建议.请为每位同学选择一条合适的建议.
(1)      Peter has some expired batteries (电池), but he doesn't know how to deal with them. He wants to know which dustbin he should put them into.
(2)      Jack loves reading a lot. His bookcase is filled with too many old newspapers. He wants to clean up his bookcase now. Which dustbin should he throw these old newspapers into?
(3)      Mary has just finished washing dishes and there are some leftovers (剩菜) to throw. She wants to find a proper dustbin for them.
(4)      After Mark has eaten take-away food, he has some dirty plastic boxes and dirty tissue (纸巾). He wonders which dustbin he should put them into.
(5)      To do shopping in the supermarket, just now Lucy wore a mask so that she could prevent virus infection. But now where can she throw her mask? 
A. Hazardous Waste Dustbin. It includes waste involving risk or danger, especially dangerous to people's health or safety but not including medical waste.
B. Residual Waste Dustbin. It collects china, pottery, used and polluted things like dirty tissue, dirty diapers, one-off meal boxes and so on.
C. Household Food Waste Dustbin. It is used to collect kitchen waste and leftovers, such as skins of fruits, fish bones, egg shells, leaves of plants etc.
D. Recyclable Waste Dustbin. It is used for collecting all kinds of environmental-friendly and recyclable materials including paper, metal, plastic bottles and so on.
E. Medical Chemical Waste Dustbin. Used chemical reagents and used chemical disinfectant are collected here. They should be well dealt with because they do harm to people.
F. Medical Infection Waste Dustbin. It collects anything used for preventing virus infection like masks and worm by people and one-off plastic medical devices in hospitals.
G. Medical Contaminated Sharp Waste Dustbin. Used chemical needles, scissors, knives and so on which doctors often use in operations are put in this dustbin. 
6.  A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them, Jack and Ken, fell into a hole. Jack and Ken hoped the other frogs could save them, but they were told that they were hopeless to be alive (1)      the hole was too deep. But Jack and Ken didn't (2)      up. They tried to jump out of the hole. The other frogs kept telling (3)      to stop. Unluckily, Ken fell down and died.
  Jack (4)      his best to jump high. Once again, the other frogs shouted at him loudly and told him to stop. (5)      , Jack jumped even higher and finally he made it. When he got out, the other frogs said, "Didn't you hear us?" Jack explained to them that he was (6)      and couldn't hear their words. So he thought they were encouraging him at that time.
  The story teaches us (7)      lesson. There is power of life and death in the tongue (舌头). An encouraging word to someone who is down can cheer him up and help him deal (8)      difficulties. However, a negative (消极的) word can make him down, even lose his life. So be careful of (9)      you say to others.
  Sometimes it's hard to understand that an encouraging word can make a big (10)      on others. So it is great for you to take the time to encourage others.
7.请阅读下面这篇文章, 根据所提供的信息回答5个问题.要求所写答案语法正确、语义完整, 并把答案写在答题卡指定的位置.
  Nowadays our life is getting more convenient because of more and more smart inventions. So in the near future, which new inventions will probably appear?
  Solar (太阳能的) paint. As renewable (可再生的) energy, solar power will be widely used, but the challenge is how to reduce the cost. The invention of solar paint will solve the problem. This kind of special paint is used for taking in sunshine and turning it into useful energy.
  A smart coat. People usually choose different clothes to wear in different seasons, Now scientists are trying to develop a kind of coat for all seasons. A smart system hidden in the coat can change the temperature inside according to the weather condition outside, making you feel warm in cold winter and cool in hot summer.
  Intelligent home appliances (电器). Although many of our home appliances are smart, they can't be rally connected to each other. So imagine one morning the window will be opened by itself after you get up, and that on your way home, the air conditioner (空调) has been turned on to make your house cool or warm.
  3 D food printing machine. If you hate cooking, buy one 3 D food printing machine. The future invention can be used to produce all the food you are imagining. What's more, this kind of food will be as delicious and healthy as that human cooks make. It will be a pretty useful invention.
8.请根据要求完成短文写作, 并将作文写在答题卡指定的位置.
"双减"后, 孩子们有更多的课余时间, 但很多家长无法陪伴, 困扰着这部分家长.上周你父母带你参观了科技馆进行, 你们对"未来机器人与人类生活"主题展厅的一款家居机器人很感兴趣, 你打算在本周英语课的duty report (值日生报告)上向你班同学介绍它.请你根据下面的要点提示写一篇短 文做准备.
1. 家庭机器人外观与材料.
2. 介绍功能(至少三点).
3. 预测这款机器人的前景.
1. 内容应包括所有的要点提示, 可适当发挥:语言表达要准确语句要通顺、连贯.
2. 不少于80词.开头已给出, 不计入总词数.

  Last week, I went to the science and technology museum with my parents. A special machine caught my attention. It ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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