【2021-2022学年黑龙江省哈尔滨市四校联考八年级(下)期中英语试卷】-第10页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年黑龙江省哈尔滨市四校联考八年级(下)期中英语试卷.PDF
1.In the following words, which underlined letter has a different sound from the others?
  • A. cloud
  • B. couple
  • C. ground
2.Which pair of the words with the underlined letters has the same sound?
  • A. shoot wood
  • B. against accident
  • C. alarm cartoon
3.Which word of the following doesn't have the same stress as the others?
  • A. begin
  • B. object
  • C. realize
4.—Where does the story "Hansel and Gretel" come from?
—It comes from__________European country.
  • A. an
  • B. a
  • C. /
5.—What are you going to do this weekend?
—My friend will__________a pretty girl, so I want to buy a nice gift for him.
  • A. get married
  • B. marry
  • C. marry to
6.—Look! It's leading us to that wonderful house__________of bread, cake and candy.
—The house looks delicious. Let's eat part of it!
  • A. making
  • B. made
  • C. makes
7.—What can we do? You have no more stones.
—I'll drop pieces of bread. __________the moon rises , we can follow them__________the stones.
  • A. As well as;instead of
  • B. As soon as;instead
  • C. As soon as;instead of
8.—I called you yesterday evening, but no one__________the phone.
—Oh, I__________some shopping at that time.
  • A. answered;were doing
  • B. picked up;was doing
  • C. answers;did
9.—How can I get good grades?
—You won't get good grades__________you work hard.
  • A. unless
  • B. because
  • C. though
10.—As a volunteer, what will you do for the people who are suffering from (遭受痛苦) an earthquake?
—__________some medical help to them, and they'll be away from diseases.
  • A. Offer
  • B. Offering
  • C. To offer
11.—Dr. Martin Luther King was killed_____April 4th , 1968.
—What a pity!Today is April 4th , 2022. I think 54 years______a short time, but I still remember him.
  • A. in;are
  • B. on;aren't
  • C. on;isn't
12.—I’d like the latest magazine 21st Century.
—I'm sorry. It won't__________until the end of this month.
  • A. come out
  • B. get out
  • C. take out
13.—What's up?
—Nothing much. The girl there________me__________my cousin in Hong Kong.
  • A. reminds;to
  • B. reminds;of
  • C. reminding;over
14.—Many people__________buy clothes in the shopping mall, but now they like buying them on the Internet.
—__________good news! Shopping on line can save much time.
  • A. were used to;What
  • B. used to;What
  • C. used to;What a
15.He was tired after work yesterday. After returning home, he__________his coat on the chair and then__________on the sofa at once.
  • A. lied;lay
  • B. lay;laid
  • C. laid;lay
16.—Could you tell me__________?
—OK, walk along the road, and it is between the bookstore and the shop.
  • A. what the restaurant is
  • B. which is the way to the restaurant
  • C. where is the restaurant
17.The emperor was__________a silly man that he walked through the city only__________his underwear.
  • A. such;wears
  • B. so;wore
  • C. such;wearing
18.If your house catches fire in China, you should call__________for help.
  • A. 911
  • B. 119
  • C. 120
19.In order to keep away from the virus (病毒) and have a healthy body, we should__________.
①wash hands before dinner
②often open the windows and let the fresh air in
③go to the supermarket with many people there
④eat some wild animals to be stronger
⑤often take exercise and eat healthy food
  • A. ①②⑤
  • B. ①②④
  • C. ③④⑤
20.Hobbies are like the rainbow. They can make our life colorful. There are 40 students in Class 2, Grade 9. According to the table , there are____ students doing sports as a hobby on weekends.
Reading Listening to music Jogging Shopping Playing basketball 
1/4 1/5 5 students 7 students 

  • A. 10
  • B. 13
  • C. 15
21.  Everyone expects to succeed in life. Even (1)       a teenager, you can get success in your life. Here are some important (2)       that may be helpful.
  Do well in school. No matter how (3)       it is now, education will help you become a creative (有创造性的) member in society (社会). Try your best to be excellent in school;listen to the teachers, do your homework, study, (4)       get good grades. Doing these things will help you get into a better high school.
  Do good in your neighborhood. Helping others can not only improve your community's status (社区地位), but also make you feel happier. Find some work that you are interested in. (5)       , plant trees or pick up the garbage in the neighborhood. When you help others, it (6)       you feel better about yourself.
  Be nice to your parents and teachers. Show respect (尊敬) for them and their ideas, even though they make you unhappy (7)       . Remember, they are always there to help you. Don't forget that they do the things (8)       they care about you. You are not able (9)       your teachers or your family, but you should get on well with them. They are teaching you how to be a good person.
  In a word, to have a successful teenager life isn't really hard. Take action right now, and you will enjoy (10)       that a teenage life brings to you.
22.Four Famous Persons
Name Abraham Lincoln Queen Elizabeth II King Sejong theGreat Henry NormanBethune 
Country US UK Republic ofKorea Canada 
Birth anddeath year 1809﹣1865 1926﹣ 1397﹣1450 1890﹣1939 
Job The 16th president of the US The queen of the United Kingdom and other 16countries The fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty A doctor 
Achievement Leading the country through the American Civil War, freeing the slaves Becoming the queen in 1952 Creating "Hangeul"﹣﹣﹣the Korean characters Treating Chinese soldiers during the Anti﹣Japanese War 

Word box:
president 总统civil war 内战slave 奴隶Joseon Dynasty 朝鲜王朝
character 文字treat 治疗soldier 士兵Anti-Japanese 抗日战争
23.  Once upon a time, there were four seeds(种子) who were good friends. They travelled by wind and came to a forest. They hid themselves in the ground, and hoped that they would be able to grow into big trees.
  But when the first seed began to grow, they realized it would not be such an easy task. There lived a group of monkeys, and the smallest monkeys loved to throw bananas at any plant that started to grow. They threw so many bananas at the first seed that she was almost cut into two. When she told the other seeds what happened, they thought that it would be better to wait until the monkeys went away.
  They all agreed with that except the first seed. She thought she would at least try it. When she tried harder, she was hurt by bananas. The other seeds asked her stop trying. But she had make up her mind to become a tree. She tried again and again. Every time she was hit by bananas, she would try harder. The scars (伤疤) left by the bananas helped her grow stronger than the other seeds. Later, she could withstand (经受住) the hit of the bananas. She had already grown so well that the monkeys couldn't hurt her badly. At last, she grew into the biggest tree in the forest. The other seeds still hid themselves in the ground, hoping the monkeys would go away soon. That's the way with a lot of things. The final victory always belongs to those who keep trying.
根据短文内容, 判断正误(正确 A 错误 B).
24.  Every day since March 8, people all over the world keep asking the same question:Where did Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 go?It turns out to be the biggest mystery (神秘的事) in modern aviation (航空) history.
  In the early hours of March 8, a Boeing 777 took off from Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur (吉隆坡). It was heading to Beijing. But about two hours into the flight, the plane lost contact. There were 239 people on board the Malaysia Airlines flight, including 154 Chinese. About 12 countries, including China, the US and Australia, have joined the search for the missing plane and passengers. The plane's disappearance was a "mystery", said officials. The plane was flying at a height of more than 10, 000 meters when it suddenly lost contact. The weather was clear.
  The pilots didn't make any distress calls (求救信号). When a plane crashes, broken parts are usually recovered. But up to April 2, officials have not found anything. People are also talking about a possible hijacking. Interpol (国际刑警组织) said that two people on the flight used stolen passports. But that information alone isn't evidence(证据) of a hijack. The investigation (调查) is still going on. It could take months or even years to find out what happened to the flight. "We are looking at all possibilities," said Malaysian Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein. "The most important thing now is to find the plane."
  On March 24 came a piece of sad news. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that the plane "ended in the southern Indian Ocean". Everyone on the plane died. But the mystery is still not solved. Nobody is giving up. China has said it will work hard to find out the truth at all costs.
25.  Maybe you pride yourselves on only sleeping a few hours a night. However, are you feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day? (1)       Have you nodded off (打瞌睡) while driving?If you can answer "Yes" to any of these, it shows you don't have enough sleep. It is suggested that most adults(成人) need seven to nine hours' sleep.
  (2)      If you aren't getting enough sleep, you should:
  ★Avoid (避免) caffeine (咖啡因). You should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and soda for at least 10 hours before you go to bed.
  ★Avoid eating big meals before sleeping. Eating a big meal can make you feel sleepy. (3)      
  ★(4)      With the light on, can you have a good sleep?Of course not, and you'd better keep your bedroom dark and cool.
  ★Avoid using electronic(电子产品)before bed. The light from electronics can keep you from falling asleep.
  (5)      Please get enough sleep from now on.
根据短文内容, 将下面句子还原到文中空白处, 使短文内容完整、通顺.(每个选项只能用一次)
A. Also, it can make you feel uncomfortable and stop you from sleeping well.
B. Do you have a hard time keeping your eyes open as you study?
C. As for teens, they need even more.
D. Try reading or listening to quiet music instead.
E. Build a healthy sleep environment.
26.从 A﹣G 选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项补全对话.(选项中有两项是多余的)
A: Yesterday was a terrible day. My alarm didn't go off so I woke up late. It was seven thirty when I woke up.
B: But classes begin at 8 o'clock.
A: Yes. I went to the bus stop, but I still missed the bus.
B: (1)      
A: It was eight thirty when I got to school.
B: That's so bad. (2)      
A: Yes, she was. I felt bad all day. But even worse, after school it began to rain suddenly while I was waiting for the bus. I thought I had an umbrella in my schoolbag, so I kept trying to look for it.
B: (3)      
A: I don't think so. (4)      It got water all over me.
B: Oh, it is really terrible. You should take a hot shower or you will have a cold.
A: (5)      I felt so good to be home.

A. When did you arrive at school?
B. I was looking for the umbrella when a car came.
C. It doesn't matter.
D. It was lucky for you that you took an umbrella.
E. Yes, I did like that.
F. I guess your teacher must be angry.
G. What's wrong?
27.填入一个适当的词补全对话, 每空一词.
A: Dear kids! (1)      your opinion about the story of Yu Gong?
B: I think it's really interesting. Yu Gong found a good way to solve his problem.
C: Really?I think it's a little bit silly. It doesn't (2)      very possible to move a mountain.
B: But the story is trying to show us that anything is possible if you work hard!Yu Gong kept trying and didn't give up.
C: Well, I still (3)       with you. I think we should try to find other ways to solve a problem.
B: But what could Yu Gong do then?
C:Well, there are many other ways. For example, he could build a road. That's better and faster than(4)      a mountain!
A:You have different opinions about the story, and (5)      of you are wrong. There are many sides to a story and many ways to understand it.
be, excite, be able to, China, sudden , he, one, change 

  In November 1979, pupils in England (1)      watch a new TV program named Monkey. Most of them were hearing this story for the (2)       time. However, this story is not new to (3)       children. The Monkey King or Sun Wukong is the main character in the traditional Chinese book Journey to the West.
  The story says that once upon a time there (4)       a magic rock. One day, it (5)       broke apart and gave birth to a monkey. To fight bad people, the Monkey King uses a magic stick. He can make the stick so small that he can keep it in his ear. Also, he is able to make it big and long. Sun Wukong can also make 72 (6)      to his shape and size, turning (7)      into different animals and objects.
  The Monkey King has (8)       the children of China for many years. Children all over the world became interested in reading this story because the clever Monkey King keeps fighting to help the weak and never gives up.
29.  Sarah started to work in a zoo three years ago. There are about 150 dangerous animals in the zoo, like lions and tigers.
  Sarah has got special training in working with these dangerous animals. She gives the animals raw (生的) meat every morning. Also, she gives milk to them in the afternoon. Besides, she takes visitors around the zoo and cleans the cages (笼子) with six other workers.
  Fariq, a six-year-old tiger, lives in a cage. One day, Sarah went in to clean his cage as usual. All of a sudden, Fariq ran to bite (咬) her leg! Sarah knew her life was in danger, but she didn't panic (惊慌). She shouted and tried to open the tiger's mouth. After several minutes, the tiger opened his mouth and Sarah could get out of the cage. Then other workers took her to the hospital quickly. She had to stay there for three weeks.
  Now Sarah can walk again, and she really wants to get back to work. "That might seem crazy, but I feel pleased and excited when I'm with animals," she says. She has never thought about leaving the zoo. For Sarah, working with dangerous animals is the best job in the world.
30.  With people paying more attention to traditional culture, hanfu has become increasingly popular in recent years. People are often seen wearing hanfu to take photos. There are different opinions on the new trend (趋势) and here are some of them.
  Wu Dake, a teacher in Shanghai, thinks clothing connects people to their cultural roots (根). According to him, everyone should be allowed to choose his or her clothing and lifestyle. He says most hanfu lovers wear the traditional dress only in special times like traditional festivals. It is a good way to show love for the country.
  Zhang Yiwen is a teacher at Peking University. In his opinion, most Chinese people are unclear about their traditional dress. With growing calls for reviving (重新流行) traditional Chinese culture in recent years, many Chinese people have taken a liking to hanfu. By encouraging more people to wear hanfu, Zhang thinks we can also help develop other traditional clothing such as tangzhuang and chi-poo.
  Zhang Bo, another teacher from Beijing, thinks it's natural that Chinese people are turning to traditional clothing and that people's love for hanfu actually shows their looking for cultural roots. But it should be made clear that this is not the revival of hanfu, because traditional dress has always been here and there.

Different (1)      on the Trend of Wearing Hanfu 
Wu Dake Everyone should make his or her own (2)      on clothing and lifestyle. 
Wearing hanfu in special times can show people's (3)      for the country. 
Zhang Yiwen Most Chinese people don't know about their traditional dress. 
Other traditional clothing can also be (4)      
Zhang Bo Chinese people are turning to traditional clothing to look for cultural roots. 
The traditional dress has always been (5)      , so it's not the revival of hanfu 
31.假如你是张鹏, 今天是 4 月 23 日世界读书日(the World Book Day), 也是周末.请根据以下信息, 写一篇日记, 并说说自己的看法.
a. 上午阳光明媚, 能透过窗户看到孩子们在操场上玩游戏, 下午大约 2 点乌云密布, 风猛烈的刮, 暴风雨来临.
b. 当暴风雨来临时, 家人和你正在做的事:
1. 妈妈:正在做家务, 姐姐正在帮忙.
2. 爸爸:正在电视上看篮球比赛.
3. 你:正在看一本你喜欢的书.
c. 说说作为中学生多读书的好处(benefits).
April 23rd
  Today was the World Book Day. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________