【2021-2022学年广东省佛山市禅城区华英学校七年级(上)期中英语试卷】-第1页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年广东省佛山市禅城区华英学校七年级(上)期中英语试卷.PDF
1.—______ you ______ beef in your fridge?
—Yes, I have.
  • A. Has, got
  • B. Have, got
  • C. Do;have
  • D. Does;have
2.I often forget some of the ______ names at the beginning of a new term.
  • A. student
  • B. students
  • C. students'
  • D. student's
3.The chicken and fish in our school dining hall ______ my favourite food for lunch.
  • A. be
  • B. am
  • C. is
  • D. are
4.—Jane, let's_____basketball after school.
—My hands get hurt. What about ____in the school library?
  • A. play;read
  • B. playing;reading
  • C. play;reading
  • D. playing;read
5.—The noodles here smell bed. Can I try ______ food there?
—No, you can't. ____is for my dog.
  • A. that;It
  • B. those;It
  • C. those;They
  • D. this;That
6.  There is a very small town in my country. I traveled there two years ago. Only eight thousand people live there and they are really friendly. The weather changes a lot there so people often take (1)      umbrellas with them when they go out. In the center of the town, there is a long river (2)      a big bridge over it. The people there like to (3)      walk along the river. On the main street of the small town, there (4)      an old church and a cinema. The people there go to the cinema every week. People live (5)      together there.
7.  It is early in the morning. Zora Parker is up. The winter air is (1)      . She puts on her warm coat and walks outside. It's time to work. Mom and Dad need Zora's (2)       . Milking cows is one of her jobs.
  Zora's family lives on a farm. The whole (整个的) family work with the cows. Zora talks loudly when she (3)      .
  "What are you planting this (4)      ?"asks Zora.
  "I will plant corn this year," says Dad, "I will not plant potatoes."
  "Good," Zora asks. "I do not like digging (挖) up potatoes. It is (5)       work."
  After they finish their work, the whole family (6)      the tractor (拖拉机). Mom says it still makes (7)      sounds, Dad says they need a new tractor. Zora says a new tractor is good for them. At that time, Zora sees the clock. It is time for school. "The school bus will be here soon," she says.
  Zora (8)      to the house. She washes the hands, changes her clothes and gets the schoolbag. She walks down the road. The sun is up. Zora sees the (9)      driving up the road. She says goodbye to her (10)      . It is fun to live on a farm.
8.Welcome to Blue Sky Hotel end we will do all we can to make your stay an enjoyable one. We hope you will find the following useful to you.
Hotel Facilities 
Hotel √Dining room√Coffee shop√Gym centre√Outdoor swimming pool√Business Centre√ATM√Free Wi﹣Fi Room √Safe box√Air conditioner√International phone call√Hair drier√Mini﹣fridge√A private bathroom√Television 
Hotel Services (服务) 
Services 24-hour front desk, morning call, ticket service, taxi service, message and fax service, etc. 
Charges ◆A single room:¥300 per night.
◆A double room;¥480 per night.
◆Breakfast: ¥60 per adult, children under 12 years old are half off. 
Hotel Rules 
●Pets (宠物) are not allowed (允许).
●Guests should be careful with their own things and safety.
●Smoke only in the smoking area (区域) of our hotel. 
Things to remember 
♢ Check-in time: 2:00 pm ( present your ID card, passport)
♢ Check-out time:noon
♢ Meal time: Breakfast (8:00﹣9:30)
Dinner (18:30﹣﹣20:30) 
9.  Scientists (科学家) sow have a new way to help protect (保护) sea turtles. They make fake (假的) eggs with GPS. Then the "eggs" can help scientists find the missing turtle eggs and find out where people buy and sell them.
  Sea turtle eggs face many problems. In Costa Rica, many people take the eggs to sell. Kim Williams-Guillén is a scientist. She works to protect animals in Costa Rica She has the idea after watching some TV shows. She then works with other scientists to make the fake eggs The fake eggs is just like aping﹣pong ball. Inside the egg is something like a small cell phone, When it has a signal (信号), the egg can tell where it is once an hour. The scientists call it the "InvestEGGator". The scientists put 101 fake eggs in different places in Costa Rica. About 25% of them are missing. The scientists find five"eggs", and the result (结果) shows that most eggs go to the people living there. The scientists are not surprised about the result. In Costa Rica, people like eating turtle eggs and usually buy them, The scientists are excited about the results of the InvestEGGator. They believe that same ideas can help in other places too.
10.左栏是五个人的饮食爱好的介切, 右栏是七家餐馆的广告, 请为左栏的每个人地择一则合适的广告.
(1)      I'm Bill. I'm in Cambridge with my grandparents now. I like to eat chicken hamburgers and drink cola for breakfast.
(2)      I'm Lucy. Noodles are my favourite food. I always eat tomato and egg noodles for lunch. After lunch, [like drinking some orange juice.
(3)       I'm Dick. I like pizza. I often eat beef and potato pizza for dinner. After dinner, I always drink some juice.
(4)       I'm Kelly. My favourite food is potatoes and chicken. I like eating them for lunch. After lunch, I often eat an apple.
(5)      I'm Alex. My favourite food is bread and eggs. I also like drinking milk. I always have them for breakfast. 
A. We have beef hamburgers, fried chicken and cola. You can have them for lunch and dinner here.
B. we have potatoes, tomatoes, beef, fish and chicken for lunch. We have apples and oranges too. But we don't have any noodles.
C. Come and have a nice breakfast here. There are noodles, bread. orange juice, apples and bananas. But there isn't any milk today.
D. we have many kinds of noodles here. You can cat tomato noodles with eggs here. You can have some orange or apple juice, too.
E. For breakfast, you can have milk and bread here. They're really fresh. We also have eggs and chips.
F. Do you like pizza?We have nice pizza with beef, chicken, potato or cheese. You can choose anything you like.
G. we have chicken hamburgers and big cups of cola for you. You can have them at any time of the day. 
11.      (星期三)is after Thursday.
12.The pizza with some cheese tastes       (美味的).
13.Mary likes       (开) the window as soon as she gets to the classroom.
14.I have something       (重要的) to say at the meeting.
15.We should brush our        (牙齿) every day.
16.Susan has three       (女儿) and one of them is a doctor.
17.      (一月) is the first month of the year.
18.The students in my class like       (科学)lessons best.
19.He tries his best to       (记住) English words after school.
20.Eating too much       (巧克力) is not good.
21.Alex is happy to be home       (再次).
22.Jack usually puts a lot of       (糖) in his coffee.
23.  Miss Green comes from New York. She is (1)      American woman. Now she works in our school and (2)       English. Her English class is very interesting so we all like her. She is very kind to us and she often helps (3)      with our English.
  She has two sons, Ben and Bob. Ben is fourteen years old and Bob is only two. Every day, Bob can stay at (4)      but Ben needs to go to school. The two boy have (5)      hobbies. Ben likes doing sports but Bob likes music.
  Miss Green likes (6)      a big T-shirt and jeans. She likes football (7)      she doesn't play it. She often watches football games on TV, and it is bad (8)      her eyes.
24.orange, got, hasn't, any, juice, in, shop, she, her (. )
25.to, homework, is, difficult, her, finish, the, it, for (.)
26.走了两个小时后, 他感觉有点累.
He feels       after taking two hours' walk.
They want to plant some trees       the house.
28.他吃很多蔬菜, 所以他保持了身体健康.
He eats a lot of vegetables, so he       .
29.  Do you feel bored in your school?Then design (设计) one yourself!Recently. students at Sacajawea Middle School, US, design their future schools.
  These students take part in the "School Next Design"competition (比赛) in the US. Their designs are wonderful. They have lots of ideas. Some want to build:planetarium (天文馆), some design:movie theater. Tom, John and Mike, from Sacajawea Middle School, win the competition. They would like to have some buildings for sports at their school. And they want lots!
  "So we have got our gym over here. It is a big gym. It has got a weight room, an aerobics (有氧健身) room, a track (跑道) and then a field for soccer and football," says Mike.
  But of course, designing a building is not easy for the students. They have to learn how to put the models together on a computer. Also, they need to make a report and videos.
  Like Tom says, it isn't just about building "It's about how to make everything, better place."
30.假设你是李明, 今年9月份刚升上初中就读初一, 你的英国网友John对你的新学校充满好奇, 请你写一封电子邮件向他介绍你的新学校.
1. 介绍学校的规模(班级数量、学生人数等);
2. 介绍学校的建筑设施(至少三种);
3. 谈谈你最喜欢的学校建筑设施及喜欢的原因.
1. 不能照抄原文;不得在作文中出现学校真实的名称和学生的真实姓名.
2. 语句连贯, 词数60个左右.作文的开头已经给出, 不计入总词数, 也不必抄写在答超卡上.
Dear John,
  How are you? I'm glad to tell you something about my new school. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  What about your school?lam looking forward to your reply.
Li Ming