【2021-2022学年山东省潍坊市安丘市八年级(上)期末英语试卷】-第5页 试卷格式:2021-2022学年山东省潍坊市安丘市八年级(上)期末英语试卷.PDF
1.  Most people don't take first aid training because they are busy. Some even think only doctors need to learn first aid. But in fact, everyone should learn first aid because it is helpful. Here are the advantages of learning first aid.
  Help to save lives
  First aid helps you save lives. Giving someone first aid can help him or her get better soon. First aid training teaches us how to keep calm in emergencies (紧急状况).
  Help someone feel better
  Not every accident or injury (受伤) needs treatment (治疗) in the hospital. But it doesn't mean you should not try to help someone injured, even though the injury isn't very serious. You can use first aid to help anyone in need, for example, a patient in great pain or a child crying because of a cold.
  Keep a situation from getting worse
  Sometimes, if a person doesn't receive first aid in time, his or her condition will get worse immediately. If you offer him or her basic medical care, you will help him or her feel better and keep things from getting worse.

2.  After a wonderful lunch, Qian Bingkun and his friends watched a worker pack leftover(打包剩菜).
  "You've changed your take﹣out boxes and they are more beautiful now, right?" Qian asked. "Yes, it's a special way to encourage (鼓励) customers to take their leftover home, " the worker answered.
  Dong Xiujie, the manager of the restaurant, told people not to order too much food. The slogan "Food is a gift from nature, so let's not waste it!" can be seen everywhere in the restaurant.
  This year food waste is serious in some places. But on the other hand, many people don't have enough food because of the bad weather and COVID﹣19.
  President Xi Jinping told us not to waste food. To follow his call, many places took action. In Hubei Province, the Wuhan Catering Association asked people to use the"N﹣1 mode (模式)". It means that if five people eat together, ordering food for four is enough. In Xi'an, restaurants were asked to offer fewer dishes to stop waste. In Hefei, Anhui Province, more than 500 people gave out leaflets (发传单) about saving food and helping poor people who need food in China.
3.  Early in 2020, our country was seriously affected (被影响) by COVID﹣19. When I look back to those months, I find that it was really a special experience for all of us.
  Many students said that they got fat during the past few months. But my weight (体重) has dropped from 63 kg to 53 kg in just three months. How did I make it?On the one hand, I went on a diet (节食). What was more, I also kept a habit of skipping rope every day. Although I felt tired at first, I didn't give up. I tried my best and finally, all of my hard work paid off.
  My hard work was shown not only in staying healthy, but also in reading. I used to only read books about animals. However, reading the same kinds of books all the time made me stubborn (顽固的) and not want to accept others' ideas. So I decided to make a change. I began to read other kinds of books. By reading different kinds of books, I found a new world and learned a lot.
  You have to work hard to improve your life. You can always make yourself a better person.
4.  A little boy always thought he was not lucky because he had polio (小儿麻痹症). (1)      One spring, the boy's father bought some seedlings (树苗) for his children to plant. The father said to the children, "(2)       " So all the children tried their best.
  A few days later, when the little boy went to see his seedling, he was surprised to find it grew better than his brothers' and sisters'. His father kept his promise and said the boy would become an excellent botanist (植物学家) in the future. (3)      
  One night, the little boy remembered his teacher once said that plants usually grow at night. Why not go to see the tree?When he went out, he found his father was watering his tree. Suddenly, he knew his father helped him take care of his tree!
  (4)       Instead (相反), he became the president (总统) of the United States. His name is Franklin Roosevelt.

根据短文内容, 从下列选项中选出能填入文中空白处的最佳选项, 选项中有一项为多余选项.
A. After that, the little boy became confident.
B. His brothers and sisters didn't like him either.
C. Years later, the little boy didn't become a botanist.
D. So he was quiet and didn't like to play with others.
E. I will buy a gift for the child whose seeding grows best. 
5.阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的四个选项中, 造出可以填入空白处的最佳选项.
  When I got up in the morning, it was still snowing heavily outside. Snowplow (扫雪车)drivers were working. However, only the main roads had been cleared. So I was(1)      slowly and carefully. I was afraid that a(n)(2)      might happen in such snowy weather.
  As I was driving, a snowplow(3)      came down the street towards me. It staggered (踉跄) a little, so the snow fell to the(4)      of the road. I quickly made a right turn in order not to(5)      it. By doing so, I ran off the(6)      . Luckily, a kind man got(7)      back on the road.
  Later, I called the government office. I told them that a snowplow drove down the (8)      side of the road at 8:00 am and almost hit me. But guess what response (回应) I got.
  "Well, madam, when the roads aren't busy, we encourage our drivers to drive like that to save time to(9)      the roads. They just got a little late today(10)      the snow was so heavy;they usually stop driving like that at around 7:00 am, " a worker said on the phone.
  After that accident, I learned that we should drive carefully, especially in terrible weather.
16.阅读下面短文, 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空.
  A man fell to the ground outside Changde Railway Station on August 14th. Two young girls ran to help him (1)       ( immediate) after seeing what happened. Video (2)       (show) that they did CPR for 20 minutes till the ambulance came. (3)       (How), the man still died at last.
  The two girls were students on their way (4)       (catch) a train to Chengdu. The dead man's family thanked the two students for saving the man's life.
  This video soon went popular on the Internet. What the two girls did got much praise (赞扬) on the Internet. But to people's (5)       (surprised), someone concocted a lie (捏造谎言) that, "A day later, the family sued (起诉) the two students for doing (6)       (medicine)
aid without having a doctor's certificate (证书). "
  Later, the university where the girls studied said that although they didn't get a certificate, they received (7)       (train) on first aid at school. In fact, even the man's family thanked the two girls, but some"keypad villains (键盘侠)" tried to concoct lies just to catch people's (8)       (attend vt. 注意、照顾).
  Doctors try their best (9)       (save) lives, but they are not gods (神). It's (10)       (nature) that they can't save someone sometimes. In fact, more people should learn first aid to save more lives.
17.从方框中选择合适的动词短语, 并用其适当形式填空.
compare with;close down;take away;think about;look after 
18.  The world population in June 2019 was about 7.5 billion.The number far exceeded (超过) the world population of 7.2 billion in 2015.And now,a UN report shows the world population is over 7.7 billion.
  Only two countries have a population of more than 1 billion in the world.One is China,which is the most populous (人口众多的) country with a population of over 1.4 billion.The other is India.In 2018,India had a population of over 1.355 billion.Its population increase is expected (预计) to last at least to 2050.By 2030,India may become the most populous country in the world. This is because India's population is still growing,while China is expected To keep a low birth rate (率) .
  b.Other populous countries
  After India,the 11 most populous countries in the world each have a population of more than 100 million.These countries are the United States,Indonesia,Brazil,Pakistan,Nigeria,Bangladesh,Russia,Mexico,Japan,Ethiopia and the Philippines.The populations of these countries are all expected to keep growing except Russia and Japan,whose populations will decline by 2030.
  c.Countries with a small population
  There are also countries that just have hundreds of people.For example,the Vatican City has the smallest population in the world.Only 801 people live there.
19.突然地她落到了一些干树叶上.(and on)
20.汽车恰好及时停了下来, 但是男孩从自行车上摔了下来.(fall off)
22.你可以把它直接带走, 然后用手吃. (take away)
23.确保比赛前一定要热身.(make sure)
24.假如你是李华, 你在美国的笔友吉姆(Jim) 要来中国参观, 向你询问有关中国的天气情况以及来中国的最好时间等.请你根据提示给你的笔友写一封邮件, 介绍一下中国的气候特点, 并为他的参观提供一些建议.
How many seasons are there in your country?
What's the weather like in each season?
What's your advice?
1. 语句通顺, 符合逻辑, 可适当发挥;
2. 不少于80词.(文章的开头和结尾已给出, 不计入总词数)

Dear Jim,
  I'm very glad that you will come to visit China.
Li Hua