【2022年辽宁省丹东市中考英语试卷】-第10页 试卷格式:2022年辽宁省丹东市中考英语试卷.PDF
1.Tina and I are good friends. _____usually help each other.
  • A. I
  • B. She
  • C. They
  • D. We
2.I'm really thankful to my parents. _____their help, I have been very active.
  • A. On
  • B. At
  • C. From
  • D. With
3.There's something wrong with my_____. I can't hear anything clearly.
  • A. eyes
  • B. arms
  • C. ears
  • D. hands
4.Although he is _____, he plays basketball very well.
  • A. tall
  • B. short
  • C. handsome
  • D. outgoing
5.We can_____ourselves because we have already been old enough.
  • A. depend on
  • B. work on
  • C. get on
  • D. put on
6.—How do you like the two hats?
—_____the blue one_____the red one is my favorite. They are too ugly.
  • A. Both;and
  • B. Either;or
  • C. Not only;but also
  • D. Neither;nor
7.—Mom, flowers for you. Happy birthday!
—Thanks, my son. The flowers_____so sweet.
  • A. get
  • B. sound
  • C. smell
  • D. taste
8.—Is your toothache getting_____?
—No, it's even worse.
  • A. more terrible
  • B. more serious
  • C. better
  • D. stronger
9.The lights of Tom's house aren't on. I think he_____be at home now.
  • A. mustn't
  • B. needn't
  • C. won't
  • D. can't
10.—Mingming, where is your brother?
—Look!He_____on the playground.
  • A. runs
  • B. is running
  • C. was running
  • D. ran
11.—Why do you hardly make mistakes?
—Because I do everything very_____.
  • A. carelessly
  • B. unluckily
  • C. carefully
  • D. comfortably
12.Eric tried to_____why he was late for work, but his manager didn't believe him.
  • A. warm
  • B. explain
  • C. imagine
  • D. mean
13.—Do Chinese people like ping-pong a lot?
—Yes. It_____by people of all ages.
  • A. plays
  • B. is played
  • C. played
  • D. was played
14.If each of us makes efforts_____something meaningful, our society will become better and better.
  • A. to lose
  • B. to be lost
  • C. to do
  • D. to be done
15.—Mom, I helped a little girl find her way home.
  • A. Well done
  • B. Have a good day
  • C. What a pity
  • D. Good luck
16.Next year, _____a new road leading to the village.
  • A. there is
  • B. there are
  • C. there will be
  • D. there was
17.—Can we win the basketball game tomorrow?
— Of course, _____we try our best.
  • A. if
  • B. or
  • C. unless
  • D. though
18.—Do you know_____?
—They think it is very successful.
  • A. when the 24th Winter Olympic Games took place
  • B. what the foreigners think of the 24th Winter Olympic Games
  • C. why the 24th Winter Olympic Games took place in Beijing
  • D. how the Chinese players did in the 24th Winter Olympic Games
19.—It's a pity that there is no ticket for sale.
—Don't worry. I_____the tickets.
  • A. am buying
  • B. buy
  • C. was buying
  • D. have bought
20.—Who locked the door yesterday?
  • A. I do
  • B. I will
  • C. I did
  • D. I can
21.  Last weekend at the airport, I had some time before the airplane took off. While wondering what to do, I decided it was the perfect time and place to do something (1)       .
  Outside the waiting hall there was a girl who had (2)       for sale. I told her that I'd like to buy flowers for someone else, and she could decide (3)       she wanted to give the flowers to. At that moment, she was not able to (4)      what I meant, so I suggested perhaps she should give the flowers to someone who looked a little sad. That was because he or she might need some (5)      .
  At first, the girl answered, "That's (6)      . Nobody has ever done so, as I know." But then I explained a little more about the idea. It's just an act of kindness to a (7)       , and then she understood.
  "In fact, I'm not sure what will happen," I said. "But you will have the chance to make someone have a good day." At that time, she started to seem (8)       about it. She smiled at me with her eyes wide open.
  She went to take the flowers out of the water, and I said, "Wait!It's fine to leave them there (9)      the stranger comes. Then you can take out the flowers to cheer the person up."
  At that moment, I think she was between surprised and happy because it might be her first time to meet a customer like me. I (10)       for the flowers, said goodbye, and went away. What a nice day I had!
22.Text 1: Liu Yang, born in October 1978, was chosen as the first Chinese woman astronaut in space in June, 2012. She made history. In June, 2022, she was sent to space again by Shenzhou﹣14.
Text 2: Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. The Potala Palace (布达拉宫) in Lhasa makes Tibet famous all over the world. On the other hand, Tibet is also well-known for its beautiful natural sights. So a lot of visitors go there every year.
Text 3: Recently, short video platforms (平台) have offered a fun and easy way to show the traditional art forms, such as paper cutting, shadow play works (皮影戏) , Peking Opera. Young users know more about traditional Chinese culture from those videos.
Text 4: Hands in the pockets — This is commonly seen in daily life. In Sweden and France, putting your hands in your pockets would be considered impolite in a business meeting, even though you may wear a suit.

23.  It was a fine day. The sun was shining and the wind was gentle.
  The kids were playing in their backyard. Suddenly a little cat got stuck (卡住) under the fence (篱笆). The kids tried to free the cat, but they couldn't. So they asked their mother for help. The mother freed the cat. The cat looked so cute that the kids asked their mother if they could keep it. The mother said, "I don't mind myself, but you must ask your father, too."
  The kids waited anxiously (焦急地) for their dad back from work. When they heard their father opening the door, they both shouted loudly at the same time, "Hi, daddy!"
  "You are surely happier than usual to see me today. What's up?" their father said.
  "Nothing, daddy. We just love you so much" the girl replied. Then their mother said, "Go ahead. Ask your dad."
  The girl told her dad what had happened and asked to keep the cat. The father said, "No, you can't. We have fed five cats up till now. Your mommy and I have no time to take care of any more." Hearing this, the kids looked unhappy.
  Seeing the sad looks on the kids' faces, the father changed his mind. He said, "All right. Since you love it so much, you can keep it"
  "Hooray! Thank you, daddy!" However, the father added that they must promise to look after the cat on their own.
  The kids were so happy to have another pet friend. Then the cat was given the name "Lucky" by the kids. So the cat had a place to call home.
24.  Nanie likes reading very much. He wanted to share his love of reading with his community, so he decided to turn his home into a library. At first, his family objected. But he talked with them and finally they agreed to support him.
  His library began in 2000, with a collection of around 100 of his own books. He simply put the books outside his front door to see whether people wanted to borrow them. As a result, people borrowed and returned them. Surprisingly, they also began to give away other books to the collection. Some young men even helped to clean up the library and the books.
  Today the library has grown to two million books. Known as the Reading Club 2000, the library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People find the library does not have member cards and no identification (认证) is needed when they want to take a book. There's also no limit (限制) on the number of books, when or whether they're returned.
  Nanie encourages the sharing of books and believes that people can do things better by reading different books. Those who have not enough money to buy books are very excited because they can read as many books as possible. More and more people are interested in this library and they have learned a lot from the books. Nanie knows that, so he will never stop.
25.  In the past ten years, great progress has been made in technology. It seems like everything has been greatly improved. But there is one thing unlike them. It was invented over 100 years ago but remained unchanged until now. I'm talking about a blind walking stick.
  The white stick has been used by many blind people for a long time. However, it hasn't really been improved, until a blind engineer named Kursat decided to do something to change that. He hoped his invention would help the blind.
  He invented a smart stick called the WeWalk. The smart stick uses built﹣in speakers and different sensors (传感器) to warn about possible dangers. It helps blind people in navigating (导航) around their environment. It makes their travel much easier. The stick is priced at around $500. It is less than half the price of most smart phones. Most people can afford it. This invention is going to change life a lot for the blind.
  Kursat well understands the difficulties that the blind face. That's because he is blind himself. He decided to put his knowledge of technology into inventing something. It would not only change his life, but also the life of many others.
  "In these days, we are talking about flying cars. But the blind have been using just a simple stick. As a blind person, when I am at the bus stop, I don't know which bus is coming or which stores are around me. Now, that kind of information can be provided by the WeWalk," he said, "I believe life of the blind will be much easier and safer."
A. What are you doing?
B. I'm sorry.
C. You're welcome.
D. I can give you a ride.
E. Where are you going?
F. That's a good idea.
G. It's good that you've realized it. 

Policeman: Stop!The red light is on.
Li Lei: (1)       I was in a hurry just now.
Policeman:It's very dangerous to break traffic rules.
Li Lei:I see. I won't do that again.
Policeman: (2)      
Li Lei:Oh, it's already 8 o'clock. I'll be late for an important exam.
Policeman: (3)      
Li Lei:To Xinhua Middle School.
Policeman: (4)       So you'll be on time.
Li Lei:Really?Great!Thank you very much.
Policeman: (5)      
27.A:Wang Ping, you have many hobbies, really?
B:So I do.
A: (1)      ?
B:I like collecting stamps best.
A: (2)      ?
B:Because I can learn a lot from different kinds of stamps.
A:How long have you collected stamps?
B:Since 5 years ago. What's your hobby?
A: (3)      .
B:What kind of music do you like?
A:I like soft music and rock music. Soft music can make people relaxed and rock music can make people excited. Do you think so?
B: (4)      . Different music can bring different feelings.
A:Oh, I'm going to take a piano lesson. See you!
B: (5)      !
one much when in teach new they foot warm make on history 

  How many pairs of socks do you own?Socks keep your feet (1)      and protect them. Socks are a part of everyday life, but how (2)      do you know about socks?
  You can learn about socks at the Sock Museum. Some socks on show are produced in (3)      of the earliest sock factories in our country.
  The museum(4)      people many things about sock knitting (编织). (5)       people visit the different parts of the museum, they can find out answers to some questions, such as "How are socks (6)      ?" "What are ancient socks like?" "Who wore socks in the past?" Maybe the answers to the questions can help people appreciate (欣赏) socks in a (7)      way.
  Besides learning about the (8)       of socks, people can have some fun. There is a DIY classroom (9)       the museum, and they can see hand-crank (手摇曲柄的) machines. They can use these machines to make socks by (10)      . It must be an exciting and interesting experience!
29.  Imagine a house made of glass in the forest. You can watch the sunset (日落) in the house every night. A young artist couple made that dream come true. Nick and Lila built such a house. They made the whole thing by hand for only $500. Why did it cost so little?Because it's mainly made of old windows.
  Nick and Lila traveled around the country collecting windows from old houses and yard sales. They only had to buy a few new windows to complete the wall. Another cost saver — Nick's family happens to own a piece of land in West Virginia, so they built on that land.
  The crazy couple gave up their jobs and spent months just building this glass house in the forest. It sounds like a joke. Wouldn't we all love to drop everything and build a glass house in the middle of the forest, right?I'm crazy about the house itself and the way they made it.
  I love what Lila says about the house. "I never thought I could build such a house. When you build something like this, you feel great." Nick and Lila say the light in the house changes during the day. If you have time, you can spend the whole day just looking out of the windows, watching the light and paying attention to all those little changes. They feel a sense of satisfaction.
30.  Do you know someone who just can't make friends?Sometimes we may find it hard to connect and make friends. When we talk with others, some social habits need our attention.
  Talking about yourself
  Conversations are give-and-take. When you only talk about yourself, you're just taking, not giving. So learn to ask questions, and when you listen, don't prepare your next thought in your mind. When both are listening, the conversation becomes much more interesting.
  Looking at your phone
  Every time you stare (盯着) at your phone, you miss the chance to connect with another person. This is not just important with strangers, but even with friends, because looking at your phone tells everyone, "My phone is more important than you."
  Uninterested body language
  Some people use their hands a lot when they speak, and some of us don't. But body language isn't just about our hands. It's about our whole body. When we don't look at the person we're talking with, it shows that we don't really care. I feel bad about this sometimes, too.
  Friendships are a type of relationship, so it's not proper to get too deep too quickly. Some people share their whole life story too fast, but that will make the listener feel uncomfortable.

Social habits Shouldn't do Should do Reasons 
Talking about yourself *(1)      .
*Prepare your next thought when you listen to others. 
 Conversations are give-and-take. 
Looking at your phone Stare at your phone. *(2)      .
It may make people feel your phone is (3)      
Uninterested body language   (4)      It may show that we care. 
Rushing (5)        That will make the listener feel uncomfortable. 
31.既然时间不够了, 为什么不早点做计划呢?
      earlier since there isn't enough time?
Hong Kong       to our motherland for 25 years.
Do the children know that their parents       ?
Li Ping studies English       Chinese.
35.无论发生什么, 一定要告诉你妈妈实情.
      to tell your mother the truth, no matter what happens.
36.如果你需要, 我很乐意帮助你.
If you need, I       to help you.
41.今天早晨下雨时, 你在做什么?
42.  It is believed that short sightedness (近视) is caused by screen use, watching TV or reading in weak light. Researchers have found something different. (1)They advise children to spend two or three hours playing outside each day. It can reduce children's chance of becoming short-sighted.
  (2)The research shows that sunlight is good for people's eyes.. Playing outside can prevent people from becoming short-sighted. A famous researcher, Ian Morgan said, "Humans are naturally long-sighted, but when people begin to go to school and spend little or no time outdoors, the number of short-sighted people gets larger."
   So be outdoors. It doesn't matter if that time is spent having a picnic or playing sports.
在动物园里, 你遇到一位外国老爷爷, 他想去看熊猫.根据图示, 请你为他指出去熊猫馆的路.文中不得出现真实姓名、校名和地名;词数:30 词左右.
假如你是王阳, 收到好友Tom的一封邮件, 请根据邮件内容进行回复.
Dear Wang Yang,
  How's it going? I have good news to tell you. I'll go to your school as an exchange student. I'm interested in school activities. What activities are there in your school?Can you tell me something about them? Tom 

(1)语言表达准确, 语意通顺连贯;
(4)词数:70词左右.(开头结尾已给出, 不计入总词数)

Dear Tom,
Wang Yang