【2022年辽宁省鞍山市中考英语试卷】-第2页 试卷格式:2022年辽宁省鞍山市中考英语试卷.PDF
1.—Do you know Bing Dwen Dwen?
—Yes. It shows the______of Olympics, including a strong mind and a healthy body.
  • A. promise
  • B. spirit
  • C. value
  • D. rule
2.—Tom, is this your umbrella?
—No, it isn't. ______is on the table.
  • A. His
  • B. Its
  • C. Yours
  • D. Mine
3.—Did you watch the second "Tiangong lecture" (天宫课堂) on March 23, 2022?
— Yes, about two______students in our school watched it.
  • A. thousand
  • B. thousands of
  • C. million
  • D. millions of
4.—What's the second______river in China?
—The Yellow River.
  • A. longer
  • B. the longer
  • C. longest
  • D. the longest
5.—I called you just now, but you didn't answer.
—I______the piano at that time.
  • A. plays
  • B. am playing
  • C. was playing
  • D. will play
6.Please remember to______ the lights when you leave a room.
  • A. put off
  • B. cut off
  • C. take off
  • D. turn off
7.—Whose skirt is this?
—It______be Jane's. She is the only girl in the team.
  • A. must
  • B. can't
  • C. may
  • D. mustn't
8.—China launched (发射)the manned spacecraft Shenzhou﹣14 successfully on June 5, 2022.
—______exciting news! We are proud of it.
  • A. What
  • B. What an
  • C. How
  • D. How an
9.—What did Mary say to you?
—She asked me______.
  • A. when our teacher will come back
  • B. where Mike goes
  • C. why I liked the beef noodles
  • D. if there are new words in the article
10.—My interview for the job is tomorrow.
  • A. Never mind.
  • B. Good luck to you!
  • C. Congratulations!
  • D. Have a good time!
11.Sue: Wow!Tim, your new sweater looks so nice.
Tim: Thanks. (1)      
Sue: I see. (2)      
Tim: For about one week. And my sister bought it in a shop.
Sue: Where is the shop?I want to know.
Tim: It's on Center Street. (3)      
Sue: Do you often go there?
Tim: Yes. And it's a big shop with different kinds of clothes in it.
Sue: My mother's birthday is coming. I want to buy her a new dress. (4)      
Tim: I'd love to, but I have to look after my sister. She is ill.
Sue: I'm sorry to hear that. (5)      
Tim: Thank you.
A. en did you buy it?
B. I hope she will be better soon.
C. Would you like to go with me?
D. And it is close to a supermarket.
E. How long have you had it?
F. Best wishes to your mother.
G. My sister bought it for me.
12.  There are many great stories in Chinese history. This is one of the most educational stories.
  Kuang Heng was a very famous person in the Western Han Dynasty, and he was born in a (1)       family. He liked reading very much. He needed to work in the daytime, so he bad to read books during the night. But he was too poor to buy a (2)      .
  One day, he found his neighbor had candles, but the light couldn't go (3)       the wall. After thinking for a while, he had an idea. He (4)       a small hole in the wall in his house so that he could use the light from his neighbor's house to read books. From that day on, he read books every night (5)       the light went out. After some days, in his house there were no books for him to read. Then he went to a rich man's house and worked for him without (6)       any money. Hearing this, the rich man thought that Kuang Heng was (7)       but still asked, "You meant you would work for me for free. But why?" Kuang Heng replied, "Well, I only want to (8)       your books to read. That's enough."
  The rich man was deeply moved and he (9)       . Kuang Heng read the books in the rich man's house one by one. (10)       , he became a great scholar (学者). If you are still worried about reading books, it's necessary for you to learn from Kuang Heng.
13.Holiday Hotel — the best hotel for your holiday
Hotel rules:
◆Pay in cash (现金) or by bank card or through mobile payment (手机支付) before you stay.
◆You aren't allowed to smoke here or bring animals into our hotel.
◆You can't have visitors in your rooms after 22:00.
◆We close the front door at 23:00. Please don't forget to take your room card.
◆Breakfast: 7:00 — 10:00 Lunch: 11:30 — 13:30 Dinner: 17:00 — 20:00
◆We offer dishes from different places, so you can have many choices.
◆Sunday evening (19:00 — 22:00): enjoy a concert Friday evening (19:00 — 21:00): enjoy popular films The swimming pool: open all summer
◆The children's playground:open all year round Free Wi-Fi is available throughout (遍及) the hotel.
For more information, please click (点击) http://www. holidayhotel. com. cn.
14.   During the cold winter, we usually catch a cold, have a fever or a cough. There are some common and great ways that you can follow to keep yourself away from these problems.
  Never leave your house without warm clothes. It might be sunny in the morning or daytime but it is getting colder as the sun sets. So make sure you have a sweater or a coat for the colder night.
  Don't walk without shoes in your house. We have a habit of staying bare feet at home. The cold passes from feet to head in no time and that is why we need to wear shoes to stay away from the cold.
  Drinking ginger tea helps your body get warm during the colder days. Drinking green tea keeps your body healthy and solves many health problems. Green tea is even good for those who want to get thinner.
  Still if you catch a cold, do not let the cold build up in your body. It's better to take quick action against the cold through proper exercise. Do some warm﹣up exercise in the morning or rub (摩擦)your hands quickly. Jogging(慢跑) or yoga also helps your body become warm to stay away from the cold and fever.
  Follow these simple ways, and you'll enjoy the winter greatly.
15.  Two months ago, my son Eric lost his trombone(长号). We were very sad.
  We learned that telling friends about our sad things made us feel better and less worried. We received sweet messages from friends showing their care for us. Eric received the sweetest letter reminding us that although things in life can be sad and make us upset, we can still find kindness around us.
  And then, another student at a different school heard about the situation and decided to give his trombone to my son. It turned out that it was the same kind as the lost one.
  We met this young man who gave it to Eric. He hoped that Eric should never stop learning and making music.
  We were so thankful and happy. Eric had his first concert a couple of weeks ago. One thing about kindness is that to the receiver of kindness, it might not be necessary, but to the giver who wants to change things for the better, it becomes really necessary.
  We are really thankful for everyone's kindness. And we are thankful that the trombone got lost. It taught us so much about other people's healing (治愈的) power, even people we have never met before.
16.  The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games were more than a sporting event. (1)       They are helping athletes (运动员) become "faster, higher, stronger" and offering you a great game-watching experience with the support of 5 G. Let's look at some technologies behind the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The National Speed Skating Oval (国家速滑馆) is said to have"the fastest ice", as twelve new Olympic records and one world record were set there, including Chinese speed skater Gao Tingyu's Olympic record of 34. 32 seconds in the men's 500 meters.
  (2)       If the ice surface temperature doesn't change much, the ice will stay even flatter (平滑的). Liquid carbon dioxide(液体二氧化碳) is put under the ice to keep the temperature changes on the ice surface within half a degree. (3)      
  In events like freestyle skiing and ski jumping, the direction and speed of the wind can have a great influence on an athlete's performance. Some events only last a few seconds and the wind is changing all the time. A research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院) developed a system to measure wind. (4)       It allows athletes and coaches to "see" wind directly with real-time data (数据) on their pads (便携式电脑) and decide when and where to jump.
  During the speed skating race, athletes can reach speeds of up to 18 meters per second. To catch every exciting moment of the competition, we have used Lie Bao for the event. Lie Bao is a 4 K high-definition (高清) camera system developed by China Media (媒体的) Group. (5)       It closely follows the athletes' movements and catches different scenes during speed skating, according to the report.

A. The system uses AI technology.
B. They were also a show for science and technology.
C. The secret is a new ice-making technology.
D. It can record speeds of up to 25 meters per second.
E. That keeps the ice a flat surface and it is easier to skate on.
fast build in I other minute held or fall because else though 

  Everyone can be the best at something. Last week, a middle school in Beijing (1)       an activity called Guinness Campus (校园吉尼斯) to help students find their potential (潜力).
  "There are all kinds of projects you can take part in and all kinds of records for you to set," said ninth grader Lin Yan. "I chose 'Domino Tower' (2)      I have the most confidence in this."
  Students needed to (3)       a tower using dominoes (多 米诺骨牌). Whoever built the tallest tower in one minute won. Lin set the record with 33 levels. "At first I didn't do it very well, but after trying over and over again, I found some ways to do it much (4)      ," she said. "The game requires you to be both calm and patient. If you lose your temper(脾气) when the tower (5)      , you may lose the chance to win."
  Seventh grader Wang Shuangqi set a record for the longest juggle (颠球) of a soccer ball with one foot. He did it for 4 (6)       and 34 seconds. "I have been practicing juggling for three (7)       four years, so I'm confident," said Wang. "Juggling with only one foot needs balance and stability (稳定性), and I'm talented (8)      it."
  When asked if he was afraid that someone (9)      would break his record one day, Wang said he was expecting that to happen. "During the activity, we keep reaching higher goals. If someone breaks (10)      record, I'll be even more encouraged to try harder, finding more potential with in me."
18.  As the language's global (全球的) influence continued to spread, more than 70 countries and regions (地区) had included Chinese as part of their national education system by the end of last year, the Ministry of Education said in June.
  (A)Over 20 million people are learning Chinese outside of China,and it became one of the official languages of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in January.
  An international student at Beijing International Studies University said she started to learn Chinese in the first grade at her primary school in Panama (巴拿马). Both her parents moved to Panama from Guangdong Province, and (C)she can also speak Spanish and Cantonese (粤语). "China is developing very fast, and being able to speak Chinese will give me more chances around the world " she said.   To meet some learners' need, Chinese-language teachers are using new ways such as the Global Chinese Learning Platform(平台). Started in October, 2019, the platform had attracted more than 2. 1 million users from 170 countries and regions by the end of last year.
  The platform has developed a mobile app. It supports Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Thai. In the future, it will support more languages.
  When COVID-19 broke out, (B)it was not convenient for the students at home and abroad to study in the classroom. The platform helped them to continue learning Chinese online. It has a lot of resources (资源) and offers an immersive(沉浸式的) learning experience.
  It's said that about 40 million students around the world have taken Chinese﹣language exams over the years. Chinese language learning is going global now.
19.  Everyone has their favorite food. Some might love chocolate. Some might love potato chips. Think about your favorite food. Have you ever wondered why your favorite food tastes so delicious? The answer is about your tongue (舌头) and nose. There are some taste buds (味蕾) on your tongue. They give you the sense of taste. How do the taste buds work?In fact, there are many tiny hairs on the taste buds. These tiny hairs send messages to your brain about how something tastes. In this way, you know whether it is sweet, sour, bitter or salty.
  A person has about 10,000 taste buds. They keep working all the time when we enjoy our food. The taste buds don't always stay the same. They are replaced (更新) every two weeks or so.
  However, as a person gets older, some of these taste buds don't get replaced. The old may only have 5,000 working taste buds. That's why some foods may taste stronger for you than they do for the old.
  Besides your tongue, your nose also helps you learn about the taste of food. Sometimes, strong smells can even confuse (使困惑) your sense of taste. Try holding an onion under your nose while eating an apple. What do you taste?
  So next time you enjoy salty pizza and sweet ice cream, thank your tongue and your nose. Without them, you won't have any sense of taste at all. Without the sense of taste, life will be boring.
What you said seems to       .
21.英语课上, 凯特听得比其他任何学生都认真.
Kate listened       than any other student in English class.
Parents aren't supposed to       their children.
We will       to finish the project on time.
24.说实在的, 我不太喜欢这部电影.
      , I don't like the film very much.
The weather in Kunming is       too cold        too hot all year round.
People who       their dreams will succeed in the end.
We will try our best to help people       .
I'm        going to senior high school in two months.
29.海伦已经18岁了, 她不想再依靠父母了.
Helen is already 18 years old, and she doesn't want to       her parents anymore.
30.我校对部分教科书进行了循环使用.上周三下午, 我们班同学就"教科书是否可以循环使用"展开了激烈的辩论.请你根据表格提示, 以"Should we recycle textbooks?"为题, 简述这次辩论的情况并阐述自己的观点.(提示词:资源 resource;责任 responsibility)
1. 不能出现真实的校名、人名等相关信息.
2. 根据中文和英文提示, 可以适当发挥.
3. 内容完整、意思连贯、符合逻辑、书写整齐.
4. 词数:80~100词.开头已给出, 不计入总词数.
赞同: 节约纸张;保护环境;增强责任感…… 
反对 不能在书上做标记;不能做笔记…… 
自己的观点 …… 

Should we recycle textbooks?
  Last Wednesday afternoon, our class discussed if we should recycle textbooks. Now, let me tell you something about it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________